West Sussex Fun Run League

All the Information You Need About The WSFRL

There are 18 clubs in the West Sussex Fun Run League and each club will host a Fun Run during the year (ours is the Downland Dash).

All runners enter at their own risk.

There ARE age restrictions for the races - No child under 14 for any senior race and no child under 15 in races of 5 miles or more.

There will sometimes be a 1 mile junior race, before the main race, for the under 16s - parents can run with their child (if you can keep up).

We would prefer BHR members to run in a club vest because it makes you look fantastically cool and shows that you are part of the best running club in the world! Details on how to buy yours can be found here

For the WSFRL web site please CLICK HERE

Non-members are more than welcome to run in any WSFRL race, but they have to enter themselves either online or on the day.

Entering a Fun Run

You can enter each fun run by emailing me or by clicking on ‘GOING’ on the Facebook event that will be set up for each race. I will add you to the list then send a block entry to the host club a few days before a race, or you can turn up and enter on the day. Before you register on the day, come and find me as we may have spare numbers.

I will endeavour to get to the starting line early and set up our BHR flag and have everyones numbers ready.

If you are late I will leave the numbers in the BHR clipboard under the BHR flag or in a prominent place, just grab your number and run like the wind. Your name should be on it, but if they are not named, just grab any number and we can let the hosts know after the race.

If I am late just go to the race desk and ask for the BHR numbers and take your number.

PLEASE let me know if you are NOT going to make it to the race - you may save £3 and someone else £2

Fun Run Fees

Senior races cost £3, or £5 if you enter on the day - Junior races cost £1.

If you have signed up for a run but do not show, you will still need to pay, unless someone can take your number.

There are a few options for paying for fun runs. You can pay up front say £15 or £30 if you know you will be running a few races. You can pay after you have done a few races, or just pay race by race. I will let you know if/when your fees reach £12 and will ask you to settle up.

Our preferred option is to pay by bank transfer. Our account details are :

Burgess Hill Runners - HSBC Bank.

Sort code : 40-15-16, Account number : 31528653.

Please enter a reference of WSFRL and tag with your surname.

You can also pay by cheque, made payable to 'Burgess Hill Runners’

Cash is also acceptable.


The first 10% over the line score 10 points, next 10% get 9 points and so on, down to 1 point for the last 10%

Men and women are scored separately.

Clubs get 1 point for each member who runs, up to a maximum of 25.

The 6 highest scoring members count towards the club total, so 85 is maximum points per race.

At the end of the season the club with most points wins the WSFRL Trophy.

BHR came 3rd last season, 4th in 2013, and we won in 2000 and 2001.

There will also be a trophies presented to the highest scoring male and female in BHR.

See the results tables at : http://www.bhrunners.co.uk/results/WSFRL

See you on the starting line!

Jayne Leaney