Beginners’ and Improvers’ Groups

The Beginners’ Group meet each Tuesday (daytime) and Wednesday (evening). We cater for Beginners & Improvers. In all groups, we always go at the pace of the slowest runner and no-one is ever left behind.


The Beginners’ session is for people who can run for approximately two miles at a slow pace and is made up of jogging / walking if necessary. We are out for about 40-45 minutes maximum and we can cover around 2-3 miles. This time is made up of games, relays, efforts or just running etc with recovery breaks and so is not all constant running.


After a few weeks / months, you may well discover your running legs. If this is the case, you can try our Improvers group. This group is out for around 45-50mins and can cover around 3-4miles. The games / drills within the session are a little bit faster and longer but still nothing to worry about. It is also suitable for new members with a little bit more running or fitness background or those returning to running or coming back from injury.

Testimonials from previous joiners.

"I was never sporty at school, and always did my utmost to avoid the weekly cross country sessions across the fields around my home town. As recently as two years ago, I didn't "get" running and couldn't understand the draw of running around in Lycra, especially for 26.2 miles! I thought running clubs were for elite athletes who talked in strange tongues about pacing, skins and fartlek! Then my husband Neil cajoled me into joining him at Burgess Hill Runners. I was so anxious that I would be the slowest plodder and would hold everyone up, puffing, panting and turning red at the back! How wrong was I? The beginners class I joined made me feel instantly welcome. My fellow runners, and the enthusiastic and encouraging coaches made me feel as though I was a proper runner no matter what. No-one gets left behind at BHR! The coaches are skilled, and know how to get the best out of a group of runners. The sessions consist of different efforts which are challenging, but not beyond the capabilities the range of runners there. Perhaps more importantly, the sessions are fun and sociable. Over the last two years, I've gained so much confidence in my ability to run, and enjoyment from running, that I've completed two marathons, six half marathons and many fun runs - all with the massive support and companionship of the brilliant people I've met at BHR. There's nothing like running with my friends at the club and BHR has become a massive part of my life now." - Nichola (Nick) Dawson

"Picture this in your mind if you can - a Wednesday night stuck in front of the television; or a chance to socialise, make new friends and exercise. What else could you ask for? When I joined Burgess Hill Runners last August – 15 months on, I never would have believed I would still be running and more to the point enjoying my Wednesday nights as much as I do. Whether you are a non-runner, someone who just wants to get fit, or someone who is taking up running after injury etc., then this could be the place for you.No abilities are turned away – all are welcome and that means everybody. Yes it means you. The 6:30p.m session focuses on the beginners & the improvers. An hour come rain, snow, hail or shine of superbly led training by great coaches who really motivate you to do well and achieve more for yourself. The only targets you have are the ones you set yourself. No one is left behind on a run, everybody’s needs are catered for. For all those of you out there who think, I can’t do it, you can. Come along to a session, no commitment to sign up if you don’t enjoy it – but you will. I wasn’t sure I would, but I did and still do. Once you have the running bug, Wednesday nights or Tuesday mornings (another beginners group – running from the Triangle at 9:30a.m) will never be the same again. They will have been changed for the better. Why not give it a try? – make it your New Year’s resolution. Before you know it you will be signing yourself up for one of the West Sussex Fun Run League races and then you’ll really know that the running bug has well and truly bitten you!!" - Elaine Scott

"A year ago I hated running! After the Olympics last year, my husband decided to get fit and took up running. He dragged me along a couple of times but I struggled to get into it. This summer, to help with motivation, we thought we would try our local running club. I was impressed with their website and the range of sessions that they offered on a Wednesday evening, from a Beginners group all the way through to a Performance group and there was no commitment to sign up straight away. As much as I knew it would benefit me to run with others, I was really nervous about the whole thing. Going along to that first session was the best thing I could ever have done! One of the runners ran alongside me the whole time so that I was never alone. Within 20 minutes of that session I was hooked!! I tend to go between the Development and the Improvers group, depending how I feel and that is the beauty of it. You can move between groups at anytime and the coaches are so welcoming and helpful. 3 months on from that first session, I have gone from PB to PB! I have made a whole new circle of friends, my confidence is growing and I have signed up for a few races. Although I class myself as a slow runner, I have taken inspiration from many different people in the club, who are always happy to answer questions and share knowledge and experiences. It is an amazing running support network that would benefit anyone who wants to run but lacks confidence, or who is already running but just needs some motivation and guidance. A year on from that girl who hated running, she is aiming to run 2 marathons next year proudly wearing the vest of her running club, Burgess Hill Runners!" - Caz Wadey