Club Championship

The idea behind the Club Championship is to find the best male and female runners in the club over different distance events. In this annual event, we use a wide selection of races to decide the crème de la crème! You simply enter each race and we collate your times against other Burgess Hill Runners in the same race.

The first BHR to finish will get 1 point, 2 for the second and so on.

Out of those races, your top five finishing positions, against your fellow Burgess Hill Runners, will count towards the Club Championship.

To qualify for the Championship you must have run at least five of the races listed below. If you have run more you’ll have more races to choose from, which may increase your odds! After the final race, your top five finishing positions are selected, added together and the runner with the lowest number will be declared the overall winner in both male and female categories. The prize – an impressive looking shield to place on your mantelpiece or other prominent position in your home!

As well an overall Club Champion, we also award each age category too so there is plenty to achieve for everyone.

Age categories are based on age at 31/03/22.(England Athletics year end)

Seniors - up to 34

V1 - 35 - 39

V2 - 40 - 44

V3 - 45 - 49

V4 - 50 - 54

V5 - 55 - 59

V6 - 60 - 64

V7 - 65 - 69

V8 - 70 - 74

V9 - 75 - 80

For example: Finishing Positions by runner

Mark Craigs is the winner!

Age category winners will also be awarded (your age at the end of the year will dictate which category you fall in).

Updates will be shared to the Results page after each race.

The aim is to make the Championship a fair competition and accessible for all club members. With a choice of different races over the course of the year we hope it is seen as a fun event with a slightly competitive edge to spice things up!

2022 Club Championship races:

Race 1 - Steyning Stinger Half Marathon - 6th March 2022

Race 1 - Steyning Stinger Marathon - 6th March 2022

Race 2 - WSFRL Lewes 10k - 18th April 2022

Race 3 - East Grinstead 10 miles - Saturday 30th April 2022

(part of the Mid Sussex Marathon Weekend but only this race counts towards the Club Championship)

Race 4 - WSFRL Hornets Stinger 10k - 10th July 2022

Race 5 - Barns Green 10k - Sun 25th Sept 2022

Race 5 - Barns Green Half Marathon - Sun 25th Sept 2022

Race 6 - Worthing 10k - Sun 9th Oct 2022

Race 7 - WSFRL - Steepdown 5 miles - 30th Oct 2022

Race 8 - Clair parkrun 5k (every Saturday) - Best time between 1st January 2022 and 31st Dec 2022)

Race 9 - Preston Park parkrun 5k (every Saturday) - Best time between 1st January 2022 and 31st Dec 2022)

Any competitors who have a joint score at the end of the Championship season will be awarded positions based on the fastest time at Clair parkrun