South Downs Way Relay

The South Downs Way 100 Mile Relay is an invitation event and BHR are normally lucky enough to be invited to enter two teams, each comprising six runners and a driver.

Held annually in early June the event begins at Beachy Head, Eastbourne and finishes at Chilcomb Sports Ground near Winchester where the presentations are held and, at least as importantly, where there is a bar and hot food to help you refuel.

Each runner is allocated 3 of the 18 legs, each run some time apart giving you chance to recover between legs, and you can expect to run between 12 & 18 miles on the day depending on leg allocation. Prior recce of the legs is very strongly advised as getting lost on the day can be disastrous for a team! In the lead up to the event various reccying trips will be made, and if you're unsure there are usually others willing to come along to help you - teams will be confirmed a few weeks before the event to give runners time for that all-important reccying.

Due to the cut off times implemented by the organisers for safety reasons each team needs to aim for an average 8.5 min/mile pace over the course of the day to make sure they finish in daylight. This doesn't mean slower runners can't take part, but as a club we need to ensure the balance of the team makes this achievable.

The club also provide the Marshals for the handover point on the A283 at Upper Beeding.

Below are some photographs of the event to show what its all about.

If you are interested in taking part either as a runner, driver or marshal, please contact Steve Roberts

"For me, the race is one big adrenaline rush from start to finish. Even when you're not running yourself, there's so much going on in between. The day goes so fast, with everyone in the team being so supportive of each-others efforts. It's the best event of the year!" - Andrew Baillie

"You will hear various club members wax lyrical about what a truly fabulous day out this is - you'll be picked up early, as our teams typically start around 6.30am from Beachy Head, and it'll be around midnight by the time you get home, but the day will have passed so quickly you'll wonder where the time went. The weather is usually gorgeous, the views are stunning (every leg is blessed with great scenery) and the laughs you'll experience with your fellow team mates will stay with you for a long time, along with the satisfaction you'll get from knowing you've taken part in a true running experience and one of the very best events in the calendar." - Darren Chilcott

South Downs Way 100 Mile Relay (Website link)