Junior Academy Coaching Team

Carole Mills

Athletics Coach

When I was growing up I wanted to be a primary school teacher. Unfortunately for a number of reasons I never managed to persue that career. Two years ago I began running so that I could run brighton marathon. Then I got "the bug". To date I have completed parkruns, 10k, half marathons and full marathons. My youngest daughter often joins me running. It was in July a request was made for help with the junior athletics academy. Here was the great opportunity I had been waiting for. Combining my love of athletics/running with a childhood dream of being a teacher. I qualified as a coaching assistant in November - my journey starts here!

Bryony Monnery

LIRF & Athletics Coach

As someone who can’t sit still, I’ve always been a sporty person although I have only been with the running club since 2009, when I joined the beginners “Run in England” group that was newly set up. I love a challenge both mentally and physically along with a bit of competition. Running and coaching gives me a huge Buzz and provides the challenges that I crave. As a young mum of 2 I’m aware of how difficult it is to get out and exercise with today’s daily pressures and commitments but I’m here to show it can be done and I hope my presence will encourage others to get their trainers on and get out there! My true sporting passion is the development of youngsters and getting them familiar and confident in taking part in sporting activities and the benefits that being active can bring to their lives. I consider the opportunity that BHR have given me to coach others as a privilege, If I can in anyway help a person then I want to, it’s amazing being able to share and be part of someone’s journey when training for a race, just trying to get fit or learning a new skill and achieving goals. I hope to further my coaching and running knowledge and ability by attending lots more courses!!!!!

Dave Oldfield

LIRF & Coaching Assistant

I have worked in the fitness industry for many years, but only started running seriously in about 2008. While I enjoy running a wide range of races and distances, including ultra-marathons, recent injuries mean I now tend to stick to 5-10k and I am a particularly keen supporter of parkrun and what it has to offer new and experienced runners alike. I joined BHR in 2011 and became a LiRF in 2012,helping out when I can with the daytime beginners group. When the Junior Athletics Academy was set up a year later I started to help with those sessions, becoming an Assistant Athletic Coach in October 2013.

Head Coach

Liz Cooper

UK Athletics L2

I was introduced to running around sixteen years to add to my then current sporting interests of netball, tennis and cycling. I only started to take running more seriously when I was challenged to compete in my first half marathon in Stroud by a friend, who is now my husband!! I then moved to Sussex and became a member of BHR and loved the support, encouragement and friendly nature of the club. I have competed in races up to marathon distance and became a coach around eight years ago and love seeing the progress people can make with a little encouragement and self belief. In 2011, I started the daytime running group for the club which continues to go from strength to strength and in 2014 became the Head Coach.

Jill Bennett

Assistant Coach

I started running as I figured it would fit around my life with three children and be free. What I discovered is that a) not only would it fit around my life but would change my life and b) it's far from cheap!! Trainers, running belt, GPS watch, clothes, water proofs, race entry the list goes on......

I took the brave step of joining the Tuesday morning section of the club and haven't looked back since. I have meet some of the loveliest most amazing people on my running journey and gained a wealth of fabulous friendships. Four years on my mind and body are both fitter and stronger as a result.

As this is a running club I best mention my running. I will not ever win a race, gain a 'good for my age' or break any records (other than my own) but I am having fun clocking up the miles. I amaze myself to say I have run, loosely using the term 6 marathons including London. Whilst my 2016 challenge was completing all 100km of the London to Brighton with the best group of ladies and massive support from the club, an adventure I will never forget.

So why am I here, why are you reading my ramblings? Running for me is also about setting an example for my children that life should be active. I also wanted to give something back to the club that had done so much for me. What better way to do both then to get involved with the children's section of the club. I started volunteering in 2014 and become an assistant coach 2015. We have a lot of fun and I get to meet some great kids along the way. I can highly recommend it to anyone with an hour to spare on a Thursday.

Thanks for reading and thank you to BHR for being 'the friendliest running club' around.