Club Awards

The following awards are presented annually.

➢ Coaches’ award for the most improved runner or the runner who has triumphed over adversity

➢ Committee’s award for services to the club

➢ Chairman’s award for outstanding contribution to the club

➢ Social award to club members who have helped the club socially.

➢ Blackcap Handicap Champion

➢ Fun Run League Top Scorer (male & female)

➢ Back Caalf Trophy – this award was kindly donated to the club by Andy Brock and Nancy Lawton

when they relocated from Burgess Hill to Cumbria. It is awarded to the family who has scored the most

points in the West Sussex Fun Run League.

Club Championships

➢ Burgess Hill Runners Male Champion

➢ Burgess Hill Runners Female Champion

Plus age category winners:

➢ Female Senior

➢ Female Vet 1

➢ Female Vet 2

➢ Female Vet 3

➢ Female Vet 4

➢ Male Senior

➢ Male Vet 1

➢ Male Vet 2

➢ Male Vet 3

➢ Male Vet 4

➢ Male Vet 5

➢ Female Junior Champion

➢ Male Junior Champion