Now here’s a controversial subject. This brief article will hopefully provoke some thought and allow you to make more of an informed decision as to when to replace your shoes.

The below article written by Andrea Bachand (MSc PT, BSc Kin), Physiotherapist and Clinical Lead at Run3D is very good. The opening paragraph starts: “Putting a mileage on shoes could potentially be a marketing scheme by running shoe stores to maintain sales and so I set about trying to find some evidence to back-up their claims. Given the number of resources that recommend a 300-500 mile lifespan for running shoes, I was very surprised to find such limited scientific research to support these numbers!”

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Having a couple of different makes and models of shoe "On The Go" is also worth trying. This can be quite refreshing and beneficial. It gives your body something different to think about by subtly changing the stresses & strains placed upon it.

Here's a good article on the subject from Runner Academy. It discusses having more than one pair of shoes on the go, both of the same make and different.

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So to sum up, change your running shoes when:

  • When you feel that they are just "Not doing the trick anymore"

  • They OBVIOUSLY need changing because they are falling apart.

  • You just fancy a new colour or trying a new model.

Don’t change your shoes just because they have done a certain amount of mileage if they are still “doing the trick”.