Our Ethos

We are a ‘running’ rather than an athletics club; this means that as a club we focus on endurance running events such as road races, cross country and multi terrain. We are not a track and field club (though this does not stop our members from having a go at track events!), and want to attract runners of all ability levels.

Although joining any running club will be beneficial, our club has its own particular ethos. There is no right or wrong to this nor does it make us better than other clubs – it’s just what Burgess Hill Runners is all about.

a) We have a wide range of running abilities, from those running simply to keep fit to others competing in major events. The club wants to continue to attract and cater for this “broad church”, so to cater for such a wide range we have Beginners, Improvers, Development & Performance groups.

b) Rather than just “go for a run” the club believes that a structured programme is required for our Wednesday night training. The sessions are hard but designed to help overall training particularly for those activities which are much more difficult to do on your own.

c) Variety is extremely important – especially over the long winter period. This we achieve by means of:-

    • Going to different places around Burgess Hill and elsewhere if possible

    • Coaching on a rota so that runners will experience different styles and ideas every week.

    • Rotating the training programme itself

d) Your safety and security is important particularly:

    • Road safety

    • Having first aiders if the occasional accident should occur

    • Injury prevention

    • Child protection

e) Above all else running should be fun; we want to encourage members to stay with running for life. For this to happen the training has to be demanding – but each runner puts as much into the training as he or she can manage. However, the social side of the club is important too – both informal (encouraging each other) and formal (social events).

f) In return we ask that members encourage each other, whatever their ability and fitness level and we like to encourage an “esprit de corps” within any training group as well as within the club as a whole.

g) We are often asked how fit you need to be to join the club. With the Development Group we can now accept those able to run for 15 minutes (or about 1½ miles). It really isn’t necessary to be able to do more than this – you will improve at the club anyhow! If you are unable to run for 15 minutes then you should join our Beginners Group or Daytime Running Group