Training Area

Welcome to the BHR Training Information Area.

Our aim is to ensure you are signposted to the most current and accurate information to enable you to make informed choices about all aspects of your training.

The information and links to articles may change and evolve over time.

You will see that the information is relevant to everyone, regardless of preferred running pace and distance. Topics covered include:

    • Periodisation - How to structure your training over all distances

    • Goal Setting

    • Planning

    • Pace

    • Fuelling for maximum benefit over all distances and paces

    • Shoes

    • Electrolytes & Hydration

You will also find specific information on training and nutrition for the marathon & ultra distance.

Have a look at the Marathon Biographies where there are blogs from runners who all achieved PB’s in marathons in 2014 but trained in very different ways.

Please feel free to contact any of the BHR Coaches. We all have different areas of expertise and will be happy to chat about your training.

Your feedback is welcome. Please let us know if you would like to see any additional topics covered.

We hope you will find this area useful.


The Training Area of our website has been put together with many links to good articles from a variety of resources who are acknowledged below.

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