Oh my, what a way to start 2016! That was a gruelling muddy 8.5k. Everyone was asking me how my first club race went, well, the first 1k was okay (around the field), then it started to get interesting and I think the next 3k were all up a very muddy never ending hill, and at this point I started to wonder what the hell was I doing and pretty much hoping to be abducted by aliens then and there, but no such luck. The rest was pretty much downhill, again very muddy but more enjoyable than the uphill. Just as I was starting to think that I couldn't possibly go any further, I came round the last corner, and then I saw you, it was an amazing sight and I couldn't believe how wonderful you all were, I came round that corner and there was the entire team, all 50-odd of you all waiting for me to finish, all shouting and cheering! I felt like I was about to win a gold medal at the olympics! Thank you so much, that really did it for me, you are a great team and fantastic supporters, just sorry I made you wait so long! Thank you to the organisers and the helpers and to the marshals and everyone who made it a great event and especially to the person that made the rain hold off until after we finished! You are all wonderful and amazing, thank you. My backside is now firmly attached to my sofa as I now feel 100 years old and I think my calves are broken as I can't walk properly! Have a very happy 2016 x

Jane Harle - January 2016

When I wore a younger man's shoes (name that song?) I rejected running in favour of team sports - football and rugby, none of which I was all that good at but I loved the camaraderie of team events. Looking at this photo brings home to me the mistake I made. Running with a club like Burgess Hill Runners is a team sport. Love it. Blue Army.

Andrew Bishop - April 2015

I am a fairly new member of BHR and I attended my first session in the last week of January and became a full member in mid February. I joined the running club to get back in to running, improve my fitness and meet new people. I thought I should take the time to write and express my thanks and appreciation at the friendly welcome I have received at every Wednesday session that I go to as well and lots of encouragement, support and advice from the individual coach running a session and members, not only at the sessions but also on the club Facebook site that I use a lot. It is clear that BHR is a vibrant and progressive club and has a solid and consistent philosophy of being a friendly and welcoming one.

What has surprised me is how well the club, and the sport of running in particular, is driving and increasing participation and encouraging people to be active and take up the sport. I play, coach and work in a different sport and as a Licensed Tennis Coach I am working hard, as is the LTA (the governing body) to drive participation and get more people playing tennis more often. This is, however, often with limited success and there is clearly not the atmosphere and club ethos at all tennis clubs that I have experienced in my short time as a member of BHR. Cost is obviously an issue and one could argue that tennis is an expensive sport, which it is compared to running, but the main hurdle for all sports clubs and coach's is to get people out of their homes and participating in sport. This is clearly happening in the sport of running and I have been amazed at how many people attend the parkruns of which I have done two now and the numbers present at the Wednesday club nights.

In summary, please keep up the great work of welcoming and encouraging new members to running, the organisation of sessions and enthusiasm of coach's that run these sessions. Well done and hope to meet many more members of the club over the coming months.


Keith Brown - March 2015

The gawjus BHR's celebrated lots of fantasic running and supporting tonight. Along with many others I celebrated my first (of hopefully many) marathons. I simply would never have done it without them and I'm grateful for all the fantastic friends I have made along the way. Thanks guys, u r the flippin' nuts :-)

Paula Ridley - May 2014

Almost 4 years ago I responded to an advert in the Middy that BHR were setting up a Beginners Group. I joined up the very first week thinking I would just do a little bit of jogging round the town and improve my fitness levels. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would be running marathons. I obviously didn't realise that I was to become a member of a club that would offer support, encouragement and the most amazing coaching possible to help achieve any goal. So to each and every one of you at BHR thank you for enabling me to succeed at my goals. Impossible to put into words what it felt to be out there today taking part in a London Marathon and thank you BHR for giving me that opportunity via a club place. A huge thank you to all of you who were there supporting today. I did try and look out for you but it was actually quite busy really! Finally, the perfect ending to a spectacular day I finished in 4.37.09 a PB by 20 mins.

Linda Russell - April 2014