Membership Renewal

As mentioned in my recent update, we will be processing our membership renewals from 1st April 2021. Due to the recent Covid Restrictions and the lack of Club activity in the last year, we are continuing our agreement to NOT increase any fees and will be going further in offering a reduced rate for the upcoming year.

We know that some members may have been affected financially by the restrictions and we want to try and support these people where we can.

Therefore our first ask, is that if anyone wants to, there is an option to pay a voluntary contribution and pay the 'normal' rate. Any funds generated in this way, will be matched by the club which will go towards supporting those affected.

Secondly, if anyone has been financially affected and wants to renew their membership but is unable to pay at this time, then all we ask is that you drop me an email with the title of "2021 Membership Renewal Support". All we need is your name (if it's not obvious from your email address), nothing more is required and nothing will be asked. We will then contact you to advise how to process your renewal.

We have tried to smooth the whole process to make things as easy as possible, but by renewing promptly, you can help save a great deal of work!

Here are the agreed 2021 membership rates:

  • Seniors: £30 (comprising £10 club, £5 legacy, £15 EA membership)

  • Juniors (under 18), senior citizens (65 and over), associates and students: £20 (comprising £5 legacy, £15 EA membership)

  • Second club claim members £20 (£15 club, £5 legacy)

  • Active Coaches/Leaders: £15 (EA fee only)

  • Walking group: £10 (£5 club, £5 legacy)

There are just two quick steps to follow:

Step 1. Complete and submit the simple Online Form - (Click Here)

NB: Responses to the Online Form are not made public and will only be shared with club officials as necessary to facilitate your renewal and ongoing membership in accordance with the Burgess Hill Runners' Privacy Policy.

Step 2. Pay your renewal fee.

Instructions are on the Online Form, the preferred method is a bank transfer to HSBC 40-15-16 - 31528653 (with your name and 'Renewal' as reference to aid identification). NOTE - this is our new bank account and has changed from previous years, please ensure this is paid to the correct account.

Please Note:

    • The Online Form/renewal fee payment is due on 1st April but can be made earlier.

    • Renewals will not be processed until BOTH the Online Form has been submitted AND the renewal fee payment has been received.

    • Anyone who joined on or after 1 January this year will not need to pay anything BUT will still need to submit an Online Form.

If you have any questions regarding your renewal, please contact me or our Membership Secretary - Gayle Tyler (