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The race calendar has quietened slightly over the summer, but that's not stopped some of our runners finding a range of races to take part in.

First up was another West Sussex Fun Run League race, this time hosted by Henfield Joggers. First up for BHR was Oliver Day who finished in 25:48. He was followed by Oliver Dewdney (28:39), Emily Orr (29:37), Rob Shalloe (30:09), Annette Maynard (30:39), Andrew Bishop (31:19), Andy Sayers (31:56), Steve Barratt (32:30), Stuart Condie (33:26), Thomas Peel-Yates (36:12), Sheryl Caldecourt (36:15), Richard Light (36:27), Chris Page (37:26), Rainer Hirt (39:12), John Palmer (40:40), Hugh Stevenage (40:42), Nicola Saunders (40:49), George Wotton (41:30), Ruth Day (45:02), David Clark (54:18) and Eileen Adlam (55:11).

Annette Maynard and John Palmer took part in the Cancer Research UK Race for Life 10k in Crawley, where Annette finished 1st woman and 6th overall with a time of 46:48, and John in 1:03:18. Chis Maule came third overall in the Dorney Lake 10k, finishing in a speedy time of 38:45.

Finally, Antonia Boxall completed the Dawn on the Downs 10k, "a mid-summer breakfast run on the South Downs in a picturesque location with stunning panoramic views across Sussex & Surrey", in 1:28:37.

Photo: (BHR Team at WSFRL), (Annette Maynard and John Palmer at Race or Life)

Courtesy: (Oliver Day), (Alison Ellis)


A variety of races to report this week from fun runs to ultra-marathons. Firstly, Jamie Goodhead, Andrew Biggs and Annette Maynard took on the Beat The Tide 10k, a scenic coastal run along Worthing and Lancing beaches. They finished in 46:41, 47:45 and 49:38 respectively.

BHR were also heavily involved in the St Lawrence Fair Fun Run, with Benny Coxhill in charge of the organisation. almost all 25 marshalls from BHR and 8 BHRs taking on the 5 and a half mile course. Mark Nicholls was first up for BHR in 38:51. He was followed by Andrew Bishop (45:18), Richard Jerome (45:32), Ben Ayling (47:05), Trevor Symes (49:11), Sally Symes (51:20, who was also first lady overall!), Andy Starling (51:29) and Chania Hemsley-Smith (1:02:11).

Three BHRs took part in The Bewl 15, a 15 mile race around Bewl Water "with the challenging and multi terrain route taking runners around the reservoir and some of the surrounding tracks and quiet lanes". Annette Maynard was first up for BHR in 2:11:26, and also took home the Female V50 top spot. She was followed by Sharona Harrington (2:41:37) and Chris Page (2:49:21).

It was also the return of a popular West Sussex Fun Run League race, the Steyning AC Roundhill Romp. Mark Nicholls was first for BHR in a speedy time of 42:59. He was followed by Kirsty Phillpot (44:10), Oliver Dewdney (46:27), Emily Orr (47:04), Neil Phillpot (48:23), Rob Shalloe (48:34), Andrew Bishop (48:39), Annette Maynard (49:23), Fred Sykes (50:22), Luke Dixon (50:25), Trevor Symes (50:26), Thomas Peel-Yates (54:14), Steve Barratt (54:32), Sally Symes (55:29), Stuart Condie (55:45), Phil Latham (58:38), Sheryl Caldecourt (1:00:10), Chris Page (1:00:14), Nicky Callus (1:03:16), Sophie Abbott (1:05:09), Ella Stanbrook (1:05:49), George Wotton (1:06:52), Hugh Stevenage (1:10:42), Genie Lowson (1:26:14) and Eileen Adlam (1:36:22).

Finally, Ella Stanbrook completed the Race to the Stones 50km ultra marathon, described as the "UK's favourite ultramarathon along the UK's oldest path", in 7:30:58.

Photos: (Richard Jerome, Ben Ayling, Trevor Symes, Sally Symes, Chania Hemsley-Smith, Andy Starling - St Lawrence Fair Fun Run), (Annette Maynard and Andrew Biggs, Beat the Tide 10k), (Sally Symes at St Lawrence Fair Fun Run)

Courtesy: (Theresa Chalk), (John Palmer), (Colin Hannant)


After months of tough training in all weathers, it was finally time for a brave group of BHRs to travel to Scotland for the start of their Three Peaks Challange. The Three Peaks Challenge is one of the most popular trekking challenges in the UK, and involves climbing the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales (Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon), one after another within 24 hours, 48 hours or 3 days. Unfortunately the summit of Snowdon ended up being out of reach due to poor weather, with two teams having to turn around mid-ascent. Nevertheless all teams put an immense effort in and made it up and down Ben Nevis and Scafell Pike. More importantly they raised over £1100 for The Association for Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Disorders. Well done to Jack Maynard who not only hiked but organised the event and lead the training so deserves the greatest thanks! Also well done to the BHR members of the team of Annette Maynard, Andy Biggs, Jayne Leaney, Sharona Harrington, Daniel Belton, Neil Phillpot, Emma Leeson McManus, Tlou Mati, David Anscombe and Kevin Walker. And also to the many drivers, cooks and support crew!

Another group of BHRs had a weekend away and travelled down to Dorset for the Giants Head Marathon, Half Marathon and Sydling Hill 10k. In the marathon, Jane Owen and Fred Sykes finished in 5:55:03 and Claire Giles in 6:31:06 In the half marathon, Chania Hemsley Smith finished in 2:39:01 and Wendy White and Marianne Kilkelly in 3:41:20. In the Sydling Hill 10k race, Helen Pratt finished in 2:09:22.

In the inaugural Brighton Trail Marathon, Phil Wallek was first for BHR in 3:21:34, he was followed by Chris Alden in 3:58:56, Ben Watts in 3:59:52, Andrew Bishop in 4:27:20, Kath Wallek in 4:41:30, Emma Buckland in 5:13:33 and Hugh Stevenage in 7:05:00.

Kirsty Phillpot finished the Eastbourne 10k in 41:49 and came in second overall female, and Ella Stanbrook took on the Ranelagh Harriers Richmond 10k in 54:09.

And last but not least BHR also held our own West Sussex Fun Run League race, the Downlands Dash. Whilst most of our runners were volunteering and cheering on the 171 runners and 25 juniors, BHRs Trevor and Sally Symes took on the 4.5 mile route in 40.02 and 39:40 respectively.

Photos: (Kirsty Phillpot), (Chris Alden, Phil Wallek, Andrew Bishop, Ben Watts, Kath Wallek), (Emma Leeson McManus, Tlou Mati, David Anscombe, Kevin Walker, Teresa Lewis

Courtesy: (Kirsty Phillpot), (Kath Wallek), (John Palmer)


A whole range of races to report on this week in all parts of the world! First up, Nicky Callus travelled to Tenerife to take on the Tenerife Blue Trail Ultra. Not one for the faint hearted, the route starts at sea level and climbs up to 3,500 metres and takes runners through beautiful scenery including Teide National Park, a World Heritage Site. Nicky completed the 73km course in 14:49:40.

Also doing some travelling was Jay Wadey who completed the Oyster Classic 5k in New York in 29:37.

In other races, Chris Page completed the Bedgebury 10k in 56:08 and Nic Reay the Dorking 10 mile in 1:11:40. Polly Bancroft and Chris Page also took on the Weald Trail Half Marathon. Polly finished 5th female overall in a time of 2:02:56, and Chris in 2:35:24.

Doing something a little different was Jack Maynard and John Palmer who completed the 10km Mud Monsters Run, an “amazing muddy journey across muddy fields, up steep hills, through woods… with up to 65 obstacles and many more muddy surprises along the way”.

Last but not least it was also the weekend of the Mid Sussex Triathlon. A number of BHRs took on the 400m swim, 26km bike ride and 5km run out of the Triangle Leisure Centre in Burgess Hill. First up for BHR was Flo Wolfe who finished the course in 1:29:37. She was followed by Sally Symes (who came first in her age group) in 1:30:31, Benny Coxhill (1:38:33) and John Schofield (1:54:49).

Photos: (Jay and Caz Wadey at the Oyster Classic 5k), (Jack Maynard at Mud Monsters Run)

Courtesy: (Jay Wadey), (Epic Action Imagery)


This week saw another West Sussex Fun Run League race take place, the Trundle View 5 hosted by Chichister Runners. Starting at Goodwood Race Course, BHR took a team of 8 runners, led by Mark Nicholls who finished the course in 34:08. Mark was followed by Oliver Day (36:12), Jamie Goodhead (37:53), Andrew Bishop (40:42), Benny Coxhill (48:10), Sophie Abbott (48:45), Chris Page (50:00) and Ruth Day (57:51).

Recently, three BHRs also took on the Out of the Blue Battle 10k, a multi-terrain route which offers runners a rare opportunity to run in the unique setting of Ashburnham Place. Jacqui Sims was first up for BHR in 1:06:06, followed by David Clark (1:22:27) and Malcolm Slater (1:23:07).

And last but not least, it was the weekend of the Edinburgh Marathon Festival, with BHRs taking part in both the marathon and half marathon events. In the half marathon, Kirsty Phillpot was first up for BHR in a PB time of 1:27:25, she also took first place in her age category. Kirsty was followed by Neil Phillpot (1:35:36), John Palmer (1:50:03), Phil Latham (1:59:39), Jane Owen (2:02:45), Simon Lock (2:36:35) and Eileen Adlam (3:07:50).

In the marathon, Kath Wallek was first up for BHR in a PB time of 3:37:41. She was followed by Annette Maynard (3:45:39), Susan Wintle (4:00:48). Nigel Cruttenden (4:13:02), Laura Walton (4:34:06), Chania Hemsley-Smith (4:39:42) and Kim Cruttenden (4:49:27).

Photos: (Eileen Adlam), (John Palmer and Annette Maynard at Edinburgh Festival), (Oliver Day, Ruth Day, Benny Coxhill, Sophie Abbott, Andrew Bishop, Jamie Goodhead, Mark Nicholls, Chris Page at the WSFRL at Trundle View )

Courtesy: (Helen Pratt), (John Palmer), (Sophie Abbott)


Another busy week in the BHR calendar with a range of races from local 5ks to marathons and even ultra marathons! First up BHR took part in another West Sussex Fun Run League event, the Arunners Becah Run in Littlehampton. BHR came 6th overall with Oliver Day first for BHR in 30:53. He was followed by Mark Nicholls (31:10), Kirsty Phillpot (31:55), Oliver Dewdney (33:42), Andrew Biggs (34:06), Luke Dixon (34:39), Gayle Tyler (34:57), Neil Phillpot (35:14), Andrew Bishop (35:29), Annette Maynard (35:56), Jamie Goodhead (36:23), Stephen Drivers (37:28) Steve Barratt (38:42), John Palmer (39:23), Cath Beckett (40:00), John Schofield (40:37), Anontia Boxall (41:44), Sheryl Caldecourt (42:33), Chris Page (42:44), Jane Owen (43:19), Stuart Condie (43:28), Karen Harvey (44:09), Hugh Stevenage (44:47), George Wotton (45:57), Ruth Day (49:35) and David Clark (60:36).

At the Chailey Heritage Foundation's Focus 10k, Oliver Day was first up for BHR, and 4th male overall, in 44:26. He was followed by Flo Wolfe (50:45), Trevor Symes (50:58), Yasmine Allfrey (57:28) and Martin Skeats (1:03:46). In the 5k, Sally Symes was first for BHR in 28:57, and second female overall! She was followed by Ruth Day (36:12) and Rosanna Allfrey (38:28).

In another local 5k and 10k, we had a group of runners take part in the Lindfield Village Run. In the 10k, Annette Maynard was first for BHR, and 4th woman overall, in 57:15. She was followed by Tschepo Mati (1:04:31), Chris Page (1:10:05), Hugh Stevenage (1:19:41) and Tlou Mati (1:20:31). In the 5k, Leigh Smith was first for BHR in 22:03 and was followed by Kim Gow in 32:36.

Further afield, Lee Crow took on the Windermere Marathon, an undulating route but with some spectacular views. He finished in 4:19:33.

And last but certainly not least, we had two BHRs take on the North Downs Way 50, a 50 mile ultra marathon along the North Downs Way national trail from Farnham in Surrey to Knockhold on the outskirts of London. Jonathan Herbert finished this incredible feat in 9:24:43, followed by Dan Belton in 10:24:16.

Photos: (Oliver Day, Martin Skeats, Ruth Day, Yasmine Allfrey, Rosanna Allfrey, Trevor Symes, Sally Symes, Flo Wolfe), (Dan Belton).

Courtesy: (Flo Wolfe), (Dan Belton)


This week it was the long awaited return of the Green Belt Relay, a 22-stage 220 mile running relay around the outside of London, organised by The Stragglers running club. BHR have taken part since 2014 but with it being cancelled in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic, we were raring to go this year. BHR entered three teams of 11 this year captained by Oliver Day, Miranda Skinner and Glyn Merritt. BHR's teams came 41st (Oliver's Army), 42nd (Miranda's Mob) and 43rd (Merritt's Ferrets) overall, with many runners breaking club records.

We also held our annual AGM this week, where Chairman Mark Craigs provided club members with an update on various aspects of the club. During the AGM awards were also given out to celebrate some successes over the past year. The award winners were as follows:

  • Committee Award: Kim Gow

  • Chairman's Award: Viv Smith

  • Coaches' Award (Most Improved): Gayle Tyler

  • Coaches' Award: Mark Craigs

  • Hazel Holmes Award: Ruth Day

  • Newcomer Award: Chris Maule

  • Newcomer Award: Sue Bucksey

  • Overcoming Adversity: Jacqui Sims

  • Special Recognition: Nicola Saunders

  • Race Performance: Philip Wallek

  • Race Performance: Breige Toner

  • Memorable Coaching Session: Martin Skeats

  • Coach of the Year: Viv Smith

  • Outfit of the Year: David Leen

  • Golden Moment: Lee Crow

Elsewhere, Jamie Goodhead travelled to Copenhagen to complete his 110th Marathon - finishing in an impressive 3:23:11.

Photos: (Simon Lock, Mick Richards, Ella Stanbrook, Chania Hemsley-Smith, Phil Latham, Mark Craigs, Sally Symes, Jay Wadey, Stuart Condie, Neil Dawson, Annette Maynard, Andy Sayers, Keith Brown, Richard Jerome, Trevor Symes, Oliver Jones, Glyn Merritt, John Palmer, Alan Fry), (Adam Jandrell, Chania Hemsley-Smith and Bill Whitehead)

Courtesy: (Chania Hemsley-Smith), (John Palmer)


Burgess Hill Runners took on a range of races this week including an international marathon, a local running festival and another fun run.

The local festival was Run Gatwick, a popular one for the club again this year, featuring a 5k, 10k and half marathon. Set in the beautiful West Sussex and Surrey countryside on fully closed roads around Gatwick Airport, "a unique and exciting running experience is promised". In the 5k, Neil Grigg was first for BHR in 16:11, followed closely by Jon Boxall in 17:06. In the 10k, Tom Dallman took the top spot for BHR in 42:28. He was followed by Linda Beattie (58:53), Joanne Dallman (1:00:36) and Caroline Santer (1:20:44). And finally in the half marathon, first for BHR was Mark Santer in 1:33:41. He was followed by Oliver Dewdney (1:43:37), Kevin Cross (1:43:43), Florence Robinson (1:45:32), Christelle Maugiron (1:58:25), Carole Mills (2:11:08), Michael Shipp (2:26:49) and Wendy White (2:49:59).

We had a number of runners take on the West Sussex Fun Run League Hedgehopper 5 organised by the Portslade Hedgehoppers. First for BHR was Rob Shalloe in 37:34. He was followed by Andrew Bishop (39:48), Annette Maynard (40:29), Trevor Symes (41:36), John Palmer (44:55), Richard Light (46:12), Antonia Boxall (46:42), Sally Symes (47:20), Thomas Peel-Yates (49:27), Chris Page (49:39), Karen Harvey (50:46), George Wotton (51:28), Nicola Saunders (54:01), Hugh Stevenage (56:28), Genie Lowson (1:09:00) and Eileen Adlam (1:12:20).

And last but not least, Oliver Day travelled to Prague to take on the Prague Marathon. He completed the cobbled stone course in 3:20:35.

Photo: (Mark Santer, Caroline Santer, Kevin Cross and Christelle Maugiron)

Courtesy: Mark Santer


It was a weekend featuring another staple in the BHR running calendar, the Mid Sussex Marathon Weekend. Spread across three days, the MSM comprises of the East Grinstead 10 mile, Haywards Health 10 mile and finishes with the Burgess Hill 10k. Runners can opt to take part in one, two, or all of the races.

In the East Grinstead 10 mile, first up for BHR was Phil Wallek in an impressive 1:09:59. He was followed by Chris Alden (1:11:13), Oliver Day (1:16:07), Neil Phillpot (1:19:23), Annette Maynard (1:20:07), Jack Maynard (1:22:41), Kath Wallek (1:22:45), Kevin Cross (1:30:03), Yasmine Allfrey (1:30:38), John Palmer (1:30:39), Mark Craigs (1:32:26), Ella Stanbrook (1:32:31), Antonia Boxall (1:34:31), Tshepo Mati (1:34:31), John Schofield (1:34:32), Thomas Peel-Yates (1:43:21), George Wotton (1:45:43), Tlou Mati (1:49:18), Nicola Saunders (1:49:27), Kim Gow (1:51:06), Jill Craigs (1:59:49), Viv Smith (1:59:49), Scarlett Macdonald (2:06:01), Eileen Adlam (2:41:22).

In the Haywards Health 10 mile, first up for BHR was Chris Alden in a speedy 1:10:28. He was followed by Ben Watts (1:11:14), Annette Maynard (1:18:48), Florence Robinson (1:19:18), Jack Maynard (1:21:38), Kevin Cross (1:22:59), Kath Wallek (1:23:04), John Palmer (1:31:31), Yasmine Allfrey (1:31:34), Ella Stanbrook (1:32:42), Mark Craigs (1:33:01), John Schofield (1:33:11), George Wotton (1:47:49), Nicola Saunders (1:47:53), Tlou Mati (1:52:26), Scarlett Macdonald (2:00:34).

And finally in the Burgess Hill 10k, first up for BHR was Jon Boxall in an amazing 37:42, which also meant he took the second place spot overall! He was followed by Phil Wallek (40:40), Chris Alden (42:43), Kirsty Phillpot (43:13), Travis Golbey (43:59), Tom Dallman (45:14), Roger Beattie (45:37), Mark Santer (45:49), Gayle Tyler (46:21), Emily Orr (46:37), Neil Phillpot (47:48), Kevin Cross (48:21), Annette Maynard (48:56), Jack Maynard (50:01), Kath Wallek (50:34), Andy Starling (53:28), Tshepo Mati (54:50), John Schofield (55:19), Mark Craigs (55:52), Yasmine Allfrey (56:03), Sam Chislett (1:00:57), Ella Stanbrook (1:01:01), Jason Wadey (1:01:22), Clare Giles (1:02:20), Nicola Saunders (1:05:06), Tlou Mati (1:07:50), Scarlett Macdonald (1:11:08) and Caroline Santer (1:39:48).

Elsewhere, Adam Jandrell, Hugh Stevenage and Carole Mills took part in the London Vitality 10k, an iconic 10k that takes runners past some of London's most famous landmarks. They finished in 52:28, 53:41 and 59:18 respectively.

Last but not least, it was also the return of the Three Forts Challenge, a marathon and half marathon event which include parts of the South Downs Way, the River Adur and Devil's Dyke. Phil Wallek finished the marathon in an unofficial time of 3:53:56. Chania Hemsley-Smith finished the half marathon in 2:12:05, she was followed by Sheryl Caldecourt (2:16:33) and Chris Page (2:22:08).

Photos: (Phil Wallek), (BHR Team at the Burgess Hill 10k)

Courtesy: (Phil Wallek), (Allison Willcox)


This week our runners had two local and popular race festivals to chose from, and it was a choice between sea views at the Worthing Festival Half Marathon and 10k or scores of bluebells at the Angmering Bluebell 10 mile and 10k.

In Worthing, Kirsty Phillpot was first for BHR in the Half Marathon with a PB of 1:30:39. She was followed by Andrew Biggs (1:33:02), Nic Reay (1:36:52, a PB!), Neil Phillpot (1:41:40), Emma Buckland (1:52:29), Claire Giles (2:17:23), Matt Wilson (2:22:59), Scarlett MacDonald (2:38:56) and Wendy White (2:45:16).

In the 10k, Mark Santer was first for BHR in 42:07. He was followed by Mark Craigs (54:14), Isabelle Henton (56:46) and Caroline Santer (1:24:58).

The Angmering 10 mile and 10k routes take runners along ‘The View’ and down the private tracks to the foot of the South Downs before returning through rows of bluebells. In the 10 mile race, Polly Bancroft was first for BHR in 1:17:26. She was followed by Ben Ayling (1:19:38), Kath Wallek (1:26:58), Cath Beckett (1:27:39), Sheryl Caldecourt (1:32:01), Jayne White (1:34:56), Chris Page (1:37:09), Rebecca Norton (1:37:37) and Jane Owen (1:37:32).

In the 10k, Michelle Walkhouse was first for BHR in 1:03:12. She was followed by Kim Gow (1:04:21), David Clark (1:16:22) and Eileen Adlam (1:29:33).

Last but not least, Neil Grigg travelled to Malaga and took part in the Malaga 5k Superate, finishing in a speedy 16:09.

Picture: (Nic Reay)

Courtesy: (Nic Reay)


First up, this week the third of the West Sussex Fun Run League events took place, this time in Lewes hosted by Lewes AC. Held at the Lewes Athletic Club track, it was the 10km race that a whopping 33 Burgess Hill Runners took part in, and first up was Oliver Day who finished in 40:38. The remaining top 10 for BHR included Andrew Biggs (44:25), Oliver Dewdney (45:16), Luke Dixon (45:57), Tom Dallman (46:22), Gayle Tyler (46:31), Robert Shalloe (46:40), Flo Wolfe (46:55), Andrew Bishop (48:28) and Annette Maynard (49:12).

The second race to mention is the world famous Boston Marathon, which three brave BHRs travelled across the Atlantic to complete. Inspired by the success of the first marathon competition in the 1896 Summer Olympics, the Boston Marathon is one of the world's oldest annual marathons and also ranks as one of the world's best known road racing events. Emma McManus was first up for BHR finishing the 26.2 miles in 3:27:00. She was followed by Jamie Goodhead (3:33:43) and Breige Toner (4:29:36, a PB!).

Photos: (BHR team at the West Sussex Fun Run League Lewes AC 10k), (Emma McManus and Jamie Goodhead)

Courtesy: (Oliver Dewdney), (Emma McManus)


It was the return of multiple staples in the BHR running calendar this weekend, with the Brighton Marathon, Brighton BM10K and South Downs Way 50 all taking place.

But first, a huge shout out to Simon Thompson, Neil Dawson and Sarah Thompson for taking on the Crawley A.I.M Charity 24 Hour Track Race. A 6, 12, and 24 hour race around the K2 leisure centre track in Crawley. They completed 4:15:48, 5:55:36 and 12:01:21 hours respectively.

Another one not for the faint hearted, Mark Nicholls and Nicola Saunders headed to Worthing for the South Downs Way 50. A 50 mile race along the South Downs National Trail finishing in Eastbourne. Mark finished in 8:16:47 and Nicola in 11:59:09.

BHR were out in force at the Brighton BM10K. First up for BHR was Kirsty Phillpot (39:29), followed by Dylan Wallek (40:59), Travis Golbey (41:06), Jamie Goodhead (41:56), Andrew Biggs (42:12), Neil Phillpot (45:36), Kath Wallek (46:41), Keith Brown (52:36), Benny Coxhill (53:41), Emma Goodhead (57:27), Hugh Stevenage (1:01:55) and Wendy White (1:12:32).

A similar sized BHR army headed to the seafront for the Brighton Marathon. First up for BHR was Phil McManus (2:45:08), Chris Maule (2:55:40), Phil Wallek (3:00:39), Sam Mayes (3:16:15), Rob Shalloe (3:21:43), Ben Watts (3:27:11), Andrew Bishop (3:31:34), Annette Maynard (3:37:18, PB!), Carole Mills (3:58:36, PB!), Laura Walton (4:24:21, PB!), Nic Robinson (4:27:51), Isabelle Henton (4:40:10) and Oliver Jones (4:48:39).

Photos: (Nicola Saunders), (Sarah Thompson), (Andrew Bishop), (Phil Wallek)

Courtesy: (Chania Hemsley-Smith), (Simon Thompson), (John Palmer)


This week BHR took a trip to the capital for the return of the London Landmarks Half Marathon. Starting at Pall Mall and finishing at Downing Street, the London Landmarks Half Marathon is a central London route and the only half marathon to take participants through both the City of Westminster and the City of London. Andrew Biggs was first up for BHR finishing in 1:31:56, followed by Annette Maynard (1:40:38, a PB!), Oliver Dewdney (1:43:34) and Jo Dallman (2:20:57).

Gayle Tyler and Paul Kaynes travelled up to Manchester to take on the Manchester Marathon. Gayle completed the 26.2 miles in 3:25:40, followed by Paul in 4:18:23. And Keith Brown travelled to Reading to complete the Reading Half Marathon in 2:01:17.

It was also the weekend of the Sussex Road Relay Championship 2022, a 2 mile run around Preston Park. The BHR F60 team came 4th out of 10 with Antonia Boxall finishing in 16:10, followed by Nicky Callus in 16:28 and Jacqui Sims in 17:37. In the Senior Male category, Leo Watts finished in 12:30, followed by Tom Dallman (13:04), Jack Maynard (13:28) and Adam Jandrell (14:00). In the M40 category, Ben Watts finished in 12:12, followed by Richard Jerome (12:51) and John Palmer (14:43). Finally, in the M60 category, Stuart Condie finished in 14:31, followed by Richard Light (15:41) and John Schofield (15:53).

Photos: (Andrew Biggs, Annette Maynard and Oliver Dewdney), (Richard Jerome, John Palmer and Ben Watts)

Courtesy: (John Palmer)


It was a weekend of local runs this weekend and BHR were out in force. First up was the return of the ever popular Moyleman Marathon, a challenging off-road run. Starting from Landport Bottom on the western end of Lewes, the run takes in the peaks of Black Cap, Castle Hill, Firle Beacon, and Mt Caburn. First for BHR was Mark Nicholls (3:34:24), followed by Jamie Goodhead (3:52:45), Oliver Day (3:55:30), Chris Alden (4:03:22), Andrew Bishop (4:16:05), Stephanie Harding (5:47:56) and Karen Harvey (5:47:57).

A group of BHRs also took part in the Balcombe Bull Run. Starting and finishing at Balcome Primary School, it is a tough 7.1km cross country run on tracks, footpaths and lanes. First up for BHR and also taking the first female position was Kirsty Phillpot (32:55), followed by Neil Phillpot (36:49), Trevor Symes (38:29) and Sally Symes (44:19).

In other races, Neil Grigg and Nicky Callus completed the Hastings Half Marathon in 1:16:01 and 2:04:55 respectively. Richard Copeland took on the Eastleigh 10k in 1:16:32, Rob Shalloe the Fleet Half Marathon (1:28:18) and Annette Maynard the West Worthing 10k (48:03).

Photos: (Richard Copeland), (Neil Grigg), (Annette Maynard)

Courtesy: (Richard Copeland), (Neil Grigg), (Annette Maynard)


After a few busy weekends in the BHR race calendar, a quieter one this week with three races to report.

Jill Bennett took part in the YHA Southease Trail Run, a 14 mile course starting at Southease that takes runners up and over the South Downs Way. Jill completed the course in 2:59:15 and was the third place female runner.

Isabelle Henton travelled up to Milton Keynes to take part in the Milton Keynes Festival of Running. The festival includes four running events, a 5k, 10k, half marathon and 20 miler, with flat routes and beautiful scenery. Isabelle competed in the 20 mile race finishing in 3:16:45.

And finally, Richard Jerome took to the streets of Battersea, London, to complete the Battersea Half Marathon. A lapped route which takes runners around the edge of Battersea Park's beautiful Boating Lake. Richard finished in 1:34:46.


This week it was the 20th anniversary of the historic Steyning Stinger, a firm favourite in the BHR race calendar. With both a half marathon and marathon option, the Steyning Stinger is a hilly cross-country run through the South Downs between Steyning, Storrington and Shoreham-by-Sea.

Taking on the marathon and first home for BHR was Mark Nicholls in 3:32:54. He was followed by Chris Alden (3:45:19), Oliver Day (4:09:52), Nicky Callus (5:15:25), Nicola Saunders (5:37:58) and Tlou Mati (6:08:43).

Kirsty Phillpot was first home in the half marathon finishing in 1:51:50 and taking the first female place. She was followed by Jamie Goodhead (1:58:52), Andrew Biggs (2:14:52), Emma Buckland (2:18:56), Mercy Dennis-Smith (2:26:04), Richard Neale (2:28:41), Chris Page (2:33:18), Jane Owen (2:36:32), Fred Sykes (2:36:34), Chania Hemsley-Smith (2:42:33), Suzy Yassa (2:45:04), Thomas Peel-Yates (2:45:06), Jayne Leaney (2:46:22), Rainer Hirt (2:48:15), Emma Goodhead (2:50:19), Sarah Thompson (3:22:13), Simon Thompson (3:22:16).

Also this weekend was the Eastbourne Half Marathon, which was completed by three BHRs. First up was Annette Maynard (1:47:22), followed by John Palmer (2:11:57) and Hugh Stevenage (2:31:46).

Photos: (Oliver Day), (John Palmer & Annette Maynard)

Courtesy: (Oliver Day), (John Palmer)


One of the biggest races in the BHR calendar took place this weekend, the Brighton Half. BHR turned out in their masses on what was a wonderfully sunny, albeit windy, morning down on the seafront. First up for BHR was Phil Wallek who completed the 13.1 miles in 1:21:49. Phil was followed by Mark Nicholls (1:26:12), Paul Prosser (1:27:51), Oliver Day (1:29:07), Chris Alden (1:29:08), Jamie Goodhead (1:29:40), Laura Smith (1:32:14), Travis Golbey (1:33:39), Mark Santer (1:33:51), Andrew Biggs (1:36:25), Richard Jerome (1:37:43), Gayle Tyler (1:39:30), Andrew Bishop (1:40:11), Katherine Wallek (1:40:33), Nic Reay (1:40:48), Fred Sykes (1:42:18), Polly Bancroft (1:43:05), Ben Watts (1:46:37), Leo Watts (1:46:38), Christie Matthews (1:50:54), Adam Jandrell (1:50:54), Ella Stanbrook (1:51:55), Gary Amor (1:52:35), Luke McMahon (1:53:56), Yasmine Allfrey (1:54:20), Ben Ayling (1:55:38), Roger Beattie (1:55:58), Carole Mills (1:56:56), Paul Kaynes (1:57:17), Mark Craigs (2:02:15), Jean Leak (2:02:15), Keith Brown (2:03:11), Emma Goodhead (2:05:54), Jane Owen (2:08:22), Claire Giles (2:10:16), Steve Osborne (2:19:37), Fiona Leen (2:20:38), Ruth Day (2:35:23) and Carrie Lawson (2:46:02).

The Tunbridge Wells Half also took place, famed for its scenic and challenging route. Florence Wolfe was first up for BHR in 1:42:55 followed by Steven Barrett in 1:55:15.

And finally, Angie Bower took part in "one of the best kept secrets of the running world" - the Wokingham Half Marathon, finishing in 2:09:59.

Picture:(Mark Craigs & Jean Leak)

Courtesy: (Simon Thompson)


After a few quiet weeks in the running calendar, this week Burgess Hill Runners have been out in force taking place in races around Sussex and even further afield.

First up, this week the second of the West Sussex Fun Run League events took place, this time in Crawley hosted by Crawley Run Crew. A fantastic 29 Burgess Hill Runners took part, with the top 10 BHR runners being led by Oliver Day in 33:48. He was followed by Kirsty Phillpot who also took the first female spot in 33:53, Jamie Goodhead (34:31), Travis Golbey (34:50), Fred Sykes (37:18), Rob Shalloe (37:24), Oliver Dewdney (37:55), Lee Crow (39:36), Neil Phillpot (40:03) and Andrew Bishop (40:08).

Staying local, Jamie Goodhead and Hugh Stevenage took part in the Chichester 10k. They finished in 41:09 and 1:06:51 respectively. Mark Nicholls took part in the Goodwood Running Grand Prix 10k in 48:19, and Gayle Tyler the 20 mile race in 2:37:58.

We also had a team of runners take part in the Sussex Cross Country League in Bexhill. For the men, first up for BHR was Phil Wallek (31:14) followed by Jack Maynard (39:59), Andy Sayers (40:02) and Stuart Condie (40:53). For the women, first up for BHR was Emma McManus (23:18), followed by Katherine Wallek (25:40), Annette Maynard (26:20) and Mercy Dennis-Smith (28:06).

In other races, Daniel Belton took on the Marriott Way Trail Marathon in 4:09:19 and Karen Harvey the 30 mile Punchbowl Marathon in 6h43. Simon and Sarah Thompson took part in the Phoenix Runners Runificent half marathon event, in some fun fancy dress, in 2:47:10.

Photo: (Simon and Sarah Thompson), (WSFRL team)

Courtesy: (Simon Thompson), (Ella Stanbrook)


It was one race that dominated the calendar this week - the Winter Tanners. BHR was represented by a whole host of runners who made the trip to Leatherhead in Surrey, to take part. This challenge is not for the faint hearted, with the options of a 20 mile or 30 mile walk or run, which does not follow a marked route, along cross country footpaths and bridleways.

Nine brave Burgess Hill Runners took on the 20 mile route. First up for BHR was Daniel Belton in 4h32, followed by Nick Dawson (6h06), Steph Harding (6h05), Thomas Peel-Yates (6h43), Sarah Thompson (6h54), Simon Thompson (6h54), Oliver Day (7h06), Ruth Day (7h06) and Errol Curling (7h09).

A further five Burgess Hill Runners took on the 30 mile route. First up was Jane Owen (8h01), followed by Karen Harvey (8h02), Nicky Callus (8h55), Chania Hemsley-Smith (8h56) and Jayne Leaney (8h56)

Pictures: (Nicky Callus, Chania Hemsley-Smith, Sarah Thompson, Jayne Leaney & Simon Thompson at the Winter Tanners)

Courtesy: (Chania Hensley-Smith)


Two post-Christmas races to report. First up, the Darklink 10k. A headtorch run starting in Shoreham and heading north up the Downslink, over the Southdowns Way bridge towards Bramber and back. Jamie Godhead was first up for BHR in 43:38, followed by Emma Goodhead (56:54), Nicola Saunders (1:02:53), Claire Giles (1:05:16) and Clare Payne (1:15:52).

Next up was the Country to Capital Ultra. Now in it's 14th year, and established as the opener to the Ultra race calendar, the route takes in stunning countryside around Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire including following the Grand Union Canal tow path to the finish in Little Venice, London. Jamie Goodhead finished the course in 06:40:42, followed by Mark Nicholls in 06:48:42.