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Burgess Hill Runners squeezed in another busy weekend of running ahead of Christmas, taking part in a range of events up and down the country. Three Burgess Hill Runners travelled over to Portsmouth to take part in the Portsmouth Coastal Waterside Events with a route that runs from the South Parade Pier to the end of the Hayling Billy Line and back. Phil McManus was first for BHR in the Half Marathon and also came 4th overall, with an incredible time of 1:21:11. He was followed by Emma Goodhead in 2:00:49. Jamie Goodhead completed the marathon event in 3:23:31.

We also had 4 runners take part in the Phoenix Running Christmas Pirates Run. This is a 6 hour timed event where runners choose to complete as many, or as few, laps as they can of the 5.3km, (3.28 mile) course, which is an out and back course along the beautiful river Thames. Helen Pratt and Matt Wilson completed 2 laps in 1:14:51 and 1:14:52 respectively, with Theresa Chalk and Ann Savidge both walking one lap in 1:03:16.

Last but not least, we also saw the welcome return of the Brighton Santa Dash, a charity 5k run with over 600 people taking part dressed as Santa. Jill Craigs, Jean Leak, Fred Sykes and Jane Owen took part for BHR.

Pictures: (Jean Leak & Jill Craigs), (Helen Pratt, Matt Wilson, Theresa Chalk and Ann Savidge)

Courtesy: (Mark Craigs), (Helen Pratt)


There's no such thing as winding down for Christmas for the Burgess Hill Runners, with another busy weekend of racing.

First up, the annual Mince Pie 10, organised by the Seaford Striders every December to raise money for local charities as well as the club itself. First for BHR was Phil Wallek (1:09:17), followed by Dylan Wallek (1:09:10), Oliver Day (1:11:08), Jamie Goodhead (1:14:15), Annette Maynard (1:20:28), Kath Wallek (1:20:33), John Palmer (1:35:00), Nicky Callus (1:40:20) and Emma Goodhead (1:48:42).

It was also another weekend of the Sussex Cross Country League, which this time took place at the Ardingly Showground. For the men, first up was Phil Wallek (32:54), followed by Ben Watts (35:33), Jack Maynard (36:50), Peter Levenspiel (39:33), Andrew Bishop (39:35), Tom Dallman (40:08), Adam Jandvell (41:43), Stuart Condie (42:01) and Steven Barrett (44:09).

For the women, first up was Florence Wolfe (23:59), followed by Kath Wallek (25:06), Annette Maynard (25:17), Mercy Dennis-Smith (27:11), Cath Beckett (28:04) and Nicky Callus (30:14).

And finally, Mark Santer took on the Weybridge 10. Described as "an eclectic mix of town-centre and rural, riverside scenery", he completed the course in 42:23.

Pictures: (Mark Santer), (Kath, Dylan & Phil Wallek)

Courtesy: (Mark Santer), (Kath Wallek)


A quieter one this weekend with just two races to report. First up, Sophie Abbott travelled to the West Sussex village of Amberley for the Maverick West Sussex race. Set in the Amberley Museum next door to Amberley Railway station, there are three different routes which "weave through the rolling hills, tranquil valleys and bustling hamlets of the quintessentially English South Downs" including some time on the famous South Downs Way. Sophie completed the course in 47:15.

Two Burgess Hill Runners also travelled up to Crystal Palace in South-East London for the Mo Run Crystal Palace, a 5k, 10k and half marathon in support of Movember. The organisers promise "great times, good laughs, fancy dress, a top run, super friendly and a load of superb entry benefits." Matt Wilson and Helen Pratt crossed the finish line of the half marathon together in 2:42:03 and 2:42:04.


As winter weather in the UK goes, Burgess Hill Runners have been incredibly lucky, with some beautiful mornings for racing featuring throughout November.

One of those mornings was also the Hampton Court Palace 10k, a flat and picturesque route which starts and ends in the grounds of the Palace, with a few miles in the middle around the historic Bushy Park. Four BHR runners took on this race, first up was Annette Maynard (47:12), followed by Ella Stanbrook (50:37), John Palmer (52:34) and Eileen Adam (1:32:32).

Two of those runners also took part in the Throney Island 15k race on the same weekend. This race is described as an "amazing trail route around Thorney Island and surrounding harbour-side paths that will take in the most stunning views of Chichester Harbour and spectacular wildlife". Special shoutout to Annette Maynard who finished the course in 1:16:07 and came first in her age group, as well as 7th woman overall. Annette was followed by John Palmer (1:23:29) and Marie Carey (1:26:45).

Also this weekend was a special race, Roly's Run, a circular route in and around the Meon Valley, dedicated to a "much loved friend", Rich who passed away unexpectedly in 2018. Karen Harvey took part in 4:32:58.

And last but not least, we had a number of runners representing us at the Crowborough 10k. First for BHR was Ben Watts (42:35), followed by Jamie Goodhead (43:25), Oliver Day (43:42), Travis Golbey (43:51) and Chris Page (56:54).

Picture: (John Palmer & Annette Maynard)

Courtesy: (John Palmer)


After a couple of quiet weekends it was back to a full race calendar this week.

Keith Brown took on the Reading Half Marathon in 2:04:19, Isabelle Henton the Regent's Park 10k in 59:36 and Matt Wilson the Remembrance Day Half in 2:32:03. A special mention to Jon Boxall who took the top podium place at the Richmond Park Half Marathon 1:20:04.

It was also another weekend of the Sussex Cross Country League. For the men, first up for BHR was Phil Wallek (34:50), followed by Chis Alden (36:02), Jack Maynard (39:19), Andrew Bishop (42:03), Daniel Belton (43:34) and John Palmer (46:09).

For the women, first up for BHR was Kirsty Phillpot (23:00), followed by Emma McManus (23:47), Emily Orr (24:02), Gayle Tyler (25:07), Flo Wolfe (25:34), Annette Maynard (26:19), Kath Wallek (26:19) and Mercy Dennis-Smith (27:56).

Pictures: (Isabelle Henton), (Keith Brown), (BHR Ladies team at Sussex Cross Country.)

Courtesy: (Isabelle Henton), (Keith Brown), (John Palmer)


Burgess Hill Runners were out in force once again this weekend, both in the UK and abroad

Sophie Abbott took on the South Downs Off Road Half Marathon, finishing in 2:17:32. Chris Maule travelled to Newport for the Newport Marathon finishing in 3:06:59. And Fred Sykes went over to Italy and completed the Venice Marathon in 3:40:42.

But it was back to Beachy Head for a big group of BHRs, with both the 10k and Marathon taking place. Joanne Stace took on on the 10k in 1:09:25. First for BHR in the Marathon was Mark Nicholls (3:26:43), followed by Oliver Day (3:56:52), Andrew Bishop (3:59:53), Flic Archer (4:11:23), Richmond Stace (4:31:39), Lee Crow (4:38:29), Karen Harvey (5:34:03), Tlou Mati (5:41:57), Clare Payne (6:33:15), Hugh Stevenage (7:04:57), Marie Carey (7:25:42) and Helen Pratt (7:25:42).

Picture: (Marie Carey and Helen Pratt at Beachy Head Marathon)

Courtesy: (Marie Carey & Helen Pratt)


The drop in temperature we've seen over the last week hasn't stopped Burgess Hill Runners with another busy weekend of races.

First up was the Sussex Cross Country League. In the U20 and Senior Women's race, Flo Wolfe was first for BHR in 22:28, followed by Kath Wallek (22:58), Amanda Jayne (25:10) and Mercy Dennis-Smith (22:58).

For the U20 and Senior Men, Phil Wallek came through first for BHR in 30:22, followed by Chris Alden (32:55), Ben Watts (33:21), Jack Maynard (34:51), Roger Beattie (37:23), Andy Sayers (39:07), Tshepo Mati (39:22) and John Palmer (42:19).

Two Burgess Hill Runners took part in the Worthing Seafront 10k. A huge congratulations to Kirsty Armstrong who was the first place lady and finished 11th overall in a speedy 38:49, followed by Mark Craigs (51:04).

Staying on the coast, it was the return of the Great South Run. Mark Santer completed the 10 miles in 1:10:36, followed by Sophie Abbott (1:33:43), Gemma Tavener (1:48:41) and David Leen (1:57:19).

Yorkshire Marathon also took place, based out of the University with a brief excursion through the town centre and past the Minster at the beginning. Richard Jerome ran it in a speedy 3:23:33. Oliver Jones ran the Cambrige Half Marathon in 1:59:54 and Ella Stanbrook completed the Cabbage Patch 10 in 1:34:37.

And last but not least was the Beachy Head Half Marathon, completed by Emma Buckland in 2:12:03, followed by Chris Page (2:14:26), Sheryl Caldecourt (2:16:31), Jayne White (2:24:20), Kim Gow (2:41:06), Helen Pratt (2:58:42), Viv Smith (2:58:44), Dawn Fahy (3:21:09), Marie Carey (3:39:27) and John Carey (3:39:27).

Picture: (Sophie Abbott at Great South Run), (Flo Wolfe, Kath Wallek, Amanda Jayne and Mercy Dennis-Smith at Sussex Cross Country), (Richard Jerome at Yorkshire Marathon)

Courtesy: (Sophie Abbott), (John Palmer), (Richard Jerome)


Yet another busy in the running calendar, with Burgess Hill Runners taking part in marathons, 10ks and everything in between up and down the country.

Mark Nicholls bravely took on the Downslink Ultra (5:30:04), a 38 mile point to point race from St Martha's Hill in Surrey to Shoreham-by-Sea here in West Sussex.

The popular Manchester Half Marathon was completed by Helen Pratt (2:27:22) and the full Marathon by Jamie Goodhead (3:19:58) and Oliver Day (3:20:22).

Back in West Sussex, it was the Worthing 10k, completed by a number of Burgess Hill Runners. First up was Jonathan Cocker (34:19, a PB!), followed by Chris Alden (38:41), Kirsty Phillpot (38:38, a PB!), Flo Wolfe (43:53, a PB!), Mark Nicholls (47:23, a PB!), Andrew David (47:46), Carole Mills (48:09, a PB!), Marie Carey (53:25), Hugh Stevenage (1:03:22), Wendy White (1:06:26), Naomi Gollow (1:14:07) and Theresa Chalk (1:14:15).

Also in Sussex, was the long-awaited return of the Brighton Half Marathon. First up for BHR was Ben Watts (1:32:22), followed by Mark Santer (1:35:01), Andrew Bishop (1:36:21), Paul Prosser (1:36:36), Gayle Tyler (1:36:39), Darren Parsons (1:42:59), Ben Ayling (1:46:38), Yasmine Alfrey (1:54:10), John Palmer (2:03:51) and Matt Wilson (2:14:38).

It was also the weekend of the Bournemouth Running Festival, with Andrew Biggs running the Supersonic 5km (20:36), the Supernova 5km (21:01) and the half marathon (1:47:19).

And finally, the Royal Parks Half Marathon in London, which takes in some of the capital's world-famous landmarks. Gary Amor from BHR took part in 1:53:04.

Picture: Worthing 10k (Carole Mills, Kirsty Phillpot, Chris Alden, Flo Wolfe and Mark Nicholls), Brighton Half (Mark Santer, Andrew Bishop, Paul Prosser and Gayle Tyler), Ben Ayling at Brighton Half, Mark Nicholls & Downslink Ultra

Courtesy: (Kirsty Phillpot, Mark Santer, Ben Ayling & Andrew Baillie)


It was a weekend like no other, with Burgess Hill Runners taking part in races up and down the country, including the world famous London Marathon.

First, it was the South Downs Half Marathon. Emma Buckland finished in an impressive 2:20:42, followed closely by Paul Kaynes in 2:27:53. It was also the weekend of the Chester Marathon, completed by Lee Crow in a speedy 3:56:20.

Next up was the Loch Ness Marathon. “Quite possibly one of the most stunning marathons in the world”, is how this picturesque marathon is described. Three brave Burgess Hill Runners made the lengthy trip to complete this bucket list race; Nicky Callus (4:27:34), Sophie Abbott (4:44:27) and Jayne Leaney (5:15:34).

And last but not least, it was the long awaited return of the London Marathon. Aside from some gusty winds, conditions were arguably spot on for running, and despite the limitations that the pandemic has bought over the last few months, the crowds still came out in their thousands to cheer on the 40,000 runners. First up for BHR was Neil Grigg (2:37:06), followed by Phil Wallek (2:54:06), Emma McManus (3:14:42), Jamie Goodhead (3:28:05), Andrew Bishop (3:31:08), Annette Maynard (3:38:53), Kath Wallek (3:44:12), Breige Toner (4:34:05), Carrie Lawson (4:43:45) and Mark Craigs (5:01:46).

Picture: (Neil Grigg at London Marathon & Lee Crow at Chester Marathon)

Courtesy: (John Palmer & Lee Crow)


It was a busy weekend of running that saw Burgess Hill Runners taking part in a range of races from 10ks to cross country relays.

Saturday saw a team of Burgess Hill Runners taking part in the Sussex Cross Country Relays at Goodwood. Phil Wallek (14:08), Jack Maynard (14:53), Howard Griffin (17:39) and John Palmer (21:37) made up the team for BHR.

On Sunday, and also in Goodwood, the Running Grand Prix Goodwood Half Marathon took place, completed by Jonathan Herbert (1:29:07) and Matt Wilson (2:15:12).

Staying in Sussex, it was the return of the Barns Green 10k and Half Marathon. Both events were flooded with Burgess Hill Runners, first up for BHR in the 10k was Flo Wolfe (44:59), followed by Oliver Dewdney (45:39), Rich Neale (52:27), Mark Craigs (55:01), Kim Gow (59:37), Ruth Day (1:06:11), Caroline Santer (1:17:44), Robyn Brotherton (1:23:57), Isabelle Adlam (1:23:59) and Eileen Adlam (1:31:09).

First up for BHR in the half marathon was Paul Prosser (1:26:30), followed by Mark Nicholls (1:27:16), Oliver Day (1:33:45), Jamie Goodhead (1:34:22), Mark Santer (1:36:23), Andrew Bishop (1:43:10), Tshepo Mati (1:49:33), Cath Beckett (1:53:55), Suse Potts (1:54:00), Steve Barrett (1:54:31), Tracey Baines (2:08:56), Claire Giles (2:11:37) and Nicola Saunders (2:21:07).

It was then up to East Grinstead for the Andy Ripley 10k, which saw great finishes from Chris Page (55:04), David Leen (1:07:42) and Fiona Leen (1:09:08). And finishing off a weekend full of running was the Windsor Half Marathon, through Windsor Great Park, which was completed by Steve Bird in an impressive 1:28:49.


It was the sights of South-West London and South-East Surrey that Burgess Hill Runners enjoyed this weekend with two fantastic races taking place.

The first, describing itself as the "only half marathon to start and finish at a historic royal palace", was the Hampton Court Palace Half Marathon. Taking part in this picturesque event was Paul Kaynes who snuck just under the two hour mark finishing in an impressive 1:59:34.

And second, the "award-winning" Run Reigate Half Marathon, also took place, featuring three Burgess Hill Runners. Leading the way for BHR was Lee Crow (1:42:38), followed closely by Carole Mills (1:56:57) and Matt Wilson (2:10:52).

Picture: (Paul Kaynes at Hampton Court Palace & Lee Crow at Run Reigate Half Marathons)

Courtesy: (Paul Kaynes & Lee Crow)

19.09.2021 (by Mark Craigs)

It was one of the biggest weekends in the local racing calendar this week with the return of the Brighton Marathon Weekend. The event which was rescheduled from April due to Covid-19 did not disappoint and Burgess Hill Runners were out on force to take part.

First up it was the U18's Mini Mile where Owen Wallek finished in 1st place with an impressive time of 4:51. Next up was the BM10k with Kath Wallek leading the club home in a time of 46:47. She was followed by Keith Brown (53:42), Sophie Abbott (101:22), Leanne Cleavely (101:43), Lucy Ager (104:26), David Clark (1:08:35), Hugh Stevenage (109:16) and Naomi Gollow (119:42).

In the Marathon event, despite the well documented additional distance, it was Paul Prosser who completed the course in an impressive time of 3:01:40. He was followed by Chris Alden (3:21:39), Stuart Church (3:29:48), Andrew Biggs (3:42:41), Annette Maynard (3:46:50), Oliver Day (3:53:53), Philippa Tidy (5:01:37), Antonia Boxall (5:13:19), Claire Giles (5:18:32), Oliver Dewdney (5:23:21), Nicola Saunders (5:29:43), Tracey Golbey (5:31:58) and Wendy White (6:24:45).

Elsewhere Sam Mayes traveled to Richmond to take on the Richmond Half Marathon and managed a PB time of 1:29:06.

Over in Windsor, Marie Carey took on the Beat The Boat 10k. This imaginative event sees runners not only racing each other but a River Thames Cruise Boat full of your friends and family to support you try to beat the boat. Marie finished in 54:53.

Dawn Fahy travelled north for the Great North Run completing it in 2:21:44.

Finally, it was the Farnham Pilgrim Marathon for seasoned marathoner Jamie Goodhead who completed the course in 4:10:45. He was joined by Fred Sykes (5:04:09) and Jane Owen (5:59:59).

Picture: (Owen Wallek in the BM U18 Mini Mile, Paul Prosser at Brighton Marathon & Marie Carey at Beat The Boat 10k)

Courtesy: (Kath Wallek, John Palmer and Marie Carey)

12.09.2021 (by Mark Craigs)

Burgess Hill Runners were out and about with a number of events this week. First up Neil Grigg travelled to Milton Keynes to take part in the MK Festival of Running where runners chose from a 5k, 10k, Half Marathon or 20 mile course. It was the 20 mile event for Neil who finished in 4th place in a fantastic time of 1:59:09.

Sophie Abbott was in London for the London Summer Run 10k event and finished in 58:42. Further South, it was the Southampton Marathon for Chris Maule who completed the 26.2 mile distance in a new PB of 3:22:31.

Next up was the Paddock Wood Half Marathon where Ann Savidge and Anita Harris both walked the 13.1 mile distance in 3:44:21.

Picture: (Sophie Abbott at the London Summer Run)

Courtesy: (Sophie Abbott)

05.09.2021 (by Mark Craigs)

The recent Bank Holiday weekend saw Burgess Hill Runners visit the village of East Hoathly for the Kings Head Canter 5k event. A family friendly event which starts and finishes from the Kings Head Pub and offers a free pint to all finishers. Jonathan Herbert completed the distance in (19:23) and was closely followed by Jamie Goodhead (19:40), Oliver Day (19:55) and Emma Goodhead (26:54).

Picture: (Burgess Hill Runners at Kings Head Canter 5k)

Courtesy: (Sam Goodhead)

29.08.2021 (by Mark Craigs)

Burgess Hill Runners were visiting the capital this week for the Vitality Big Half Marathon. More than 10,000 participants united on the streets of London for the fourth edition of event. First home for the club was Paul Prosser in (1:24:20). He was followed by Annette Maynard (1:45:43), John Palmer (1:55:54), Breige Toner (2:03:48), Jacqui Sims (2:09:43) and Helen Pratt (2:43:37).

Elsewhere Jack Maynard took on the Mud Monster Run in East Grinstead. Jack took on the 10k muddy journey across fields, up steep hills, through woods, washing off in river crossings, navigating through mud craters, fighting his way through deep muddy bogs in a time of 2:02:00.

Picture: (Jack Maynard at Mud Monsters Run)

Courtesy: (Jack Maynard)

22.08.2021 (by Mark Craigs)

This week saw the return of an old favourite when the Sussex Trail Events team provided the Downland Challenge event. The race was previously arranged by Haywards Heath Harriers until 2014 and was many locals first Ultra. In this revised format, runners take on the lung busting climb up the Tank tracks to the South Downs Way which they follow to Southease where they turn around and retrace their steps. In the provisional results Jamie Goodhead was first home for the club in (4:29:47) and was followed by Debbie Saint (5:08:00)

In the Half Marathon event known as 13 The Hard Way, Burgess Hill Runners were also in attendance with Andrew Bishop leading the team home in (2:08:35). He was followed by Trevor Symes (2:19:13) and Thomas Peel-Yates (2:31:07)

Over in the Kent countryside surrounding the Marsh Town of Lydd, it was the Brett Lydd Half Marathon for number of Burgess Hill Runners. The team were led home by Emma McManus (1:31:37) PB, followed by Jon Boxall (1:32:45) and Flo Wolfe (1:44:35)

Meanwhile, at the Eastbourne Festival, it was the 10k event for Mark Craigs (52:32).

Picture: (Emma McManus and Jon Boxall at Brett Lydd Half Marathon and Mark Craigs at Eastbourne Festival)

Courtesy: (Emma McManus & Jill Craigs)

15.08.2021 (by Mark Craigs)

This week, Burgess Hill Runners visited Cornwall to compete in The RAT – Roseland August Trail Race Series – this is a series of challenging coastal runs along the stunning South Cornwall Coastal Path. Jamie Goodhead took on the 20 mile challenge and completed the course in (3:36:21).

Picture: ()

Courtesy: ()

08.08.2021 (by Mark Craigs)

A trip to London for Burgess Hill Runners to join the London Landmarks Half Marathon. Caroline John was first for the club in (2:02:05). She was followed by Sophie Abbott (2:08:07), Jean Leak (2:09:43) and Tracey Golbey (2:25:35).

Elsewhere, Andrew Biggs travelled to Exmoor for the Exmoor Trail Half. Andrew completed this challenging course in (3:03:14).

Picture: (Andrew Biggs at Exmoor Trail Half & Caroline John at London Landmarks)

Courtesy: (Andrew Biggs & Caroline John)

01.08.2021 (by Mark Craigs)

Burgess Hill Runners were out on their travels again this week to race for the club. Mark Nicholls and Dawn Fahy ventured all the way to the Lake District to take on the Lakeland 50 mile event. Mark completed the event in a time of (11:12:43) and Dawn (22:44:03). .

Closer to home, the South Downs was the location for the Dawn on the Downs. A 10mile trail run with some of the best views around stretching far out to sea and the Norths Downs and Surrey Hills to the north. Christelle Maugiron was first home for the club in (1:39:04). She was closely followed by Oliver Jones (1:39:35).

Also David Leen travelled to London for the Asics 10k event. He finished in (1:03:18).

Picture: (Mark Nicholls at Lakeland 50)

Courtesy: (Helen Pratt)

25.07.2021 (by Mark Craigs)

A trip to Dorney Lake this week for Burgess Hill Runners. Andrew Biggs took on the Half Marathon distance on a flat course covering loops around the lake which was home to GB's Olympic Rowing success. Andrew completed the distance in (1:52:13).

Picture: (Andrew Biggs at Dorney Lake)

Courtesy: (Andrew Biggs)

18.07.2021 (by Mark Craigs)

This week Burgess Hill Runners once again were out on force as events continue to return. First up was Sophie Abbott who took on the Maverick Trail event and completed the 12k distance in (1:28:48).

Fred Sykes travelled to Bristol to take on the Tough Runner - Bristol Epic 10k finishing in (51:10).

Jamie Goodhead continued his good form as he took on the Saxons, Vikings and Normans - Smileathon Challenge where runners complete as many loops as possible in a set time limit. Jamie completed the Marathon distance in (3:44:18). Emma Goodhead completed the Half marathon distance in (2:18:30).

Next up was the Brighton Phoenix 10k event where Kirsty Armstrong was first home for Burgess Hill Runners in (39:57). She was closely followed by Emma McManus PB (40:46) and Gayle Tyler (43:13).

Picture: (Fred Sykes at the Tough Runner - Bristol Epic 10k)

Courtesy: (Fred Sykes)

11.07.2021 (by Mark Craigs)

Quite a few races this weekend with Burgess Hill Runners out in force. In Chichester a number of our runners took part in the Goodwood Running Grand Prix. Jon Boxall entered the 5k distance and finished in (17:15). Sam Mayes complete the 10k event in a PB of (36:18). In the Half Marathon, Paul Prosser led the team home in (1:25:49), he was followed by Richard Jerome (1:36:35), Gayle Tyler (136:36) PB and Darren Parsons (1:40:07).

Over at Bewl Water, a couple of Burgess Hill Runners completed the 15 mile event

largely off road on pretty, gently undulating hills. Kath Wallek completed the distance on (2:15:38) and was followed by Chris Page (2:58:19).

Next up was the Focus 10k at Borde Hill Gardens. The event run by Chailey Heritage Foundation who provide education and care services and is one of the UK’s leading centres for children and young people with complex neurodisabilities. First home for the club was Yasmine Allfrey (59:22), closely followed by Antonia Boxall (59:48), Matt Wilson (1:09:19) & Lucie Ager (1:13:56).

On Saturday Jonathan Herbert took on The Serpent trail Event and completed the 50k Ultra race in (5:20:24). The Serpent Trail is a long distance trail through some of the most breathtaking countryside in the South East.

Elsewhere, Mark Craigs travelled to Wisborough Green to complete the 10k event in a time of (51:36).

Picture: (Sam Mayes and Jon Boxall at Goodwood Festival)

Courtesy: (Sam Mayes, Mark Craigs, Gayle Tyler)

04.07.2021 (by Mark Craigs)

It has been a busy few weeks for one particular Burgess Hill Runner, Jamie Goodhead. First up was the Pilgrim Challenge 2021, A two-day, 66-mile ultra marathon over the legendary North Downs Way. Following in the footsteps of pilgrims travelling to Canterbury as they pass through stunning landscapes steeped in history. The race soaks up ancient countryside, picturesque villages and areas of outstanding natural beauty. Jamie complete the distance in a total time of (12:18:20).

If this achievement wasn't enough, it also saw Jamie join the exclusive 100 Marathon Club at this event.

Next up for Jamie was the Sussex Trail Events Marathon Madness where runners complete distances over 5 consecutive days. Jamie chosen the Half Marathon distance and achieved these fantastic times.

Day 1 - (1:35:57) - 1st Place overall

Day 2 - (1:36:21) - 2nd Place

Day 3 - (1:51:08) - 2nd Place

Day 4 - (1:37:12) - 2nd Place

Day 5 - (1:35:13) - 2nd Place

Elsewhere, Chris Maule travelled to Milton Keynes to compete in the Marathon Weekend and completed the 26.2 mile distance in a PB time of (3:23:47).

Picture: (Jamie Goodhead joining to 100 Marathon Club)

Courtesy: (Jamie Goodhead)

27.06.2021 (by Mark Craigs)

The Race To The King was the chosen event for few Burgess Hill Runners this week. This 2 day event covering over 53 miles of trails from the well known Goodwood Racecourse, the route winds along the spectacular South Downs Way, ending on the steps of Winchester Cathedral. Marianne Kilkelly completed the event in (19:20:03) and was followed by Allison Willcox in (19:49:29).

Kirsty Armstrong continued her fine form at the Eastbourne 10k event where she repeated last years third placed female and finished in a time of (40:06). She was followed by Mark Craigs (51:07).

Picture: (Mark Craigs at Eastbourne 10k)

Courtesy: (Mark Craigs)

20.06.2021 (by Mark Craigs)

A big race this week for a couple of Burgess Hill Runners. The South Downs Way 100 is a tough and gruelling 100 mile event that only the strong enter. Phil Wallek managed to finish this epic race in an amazing 8th place overall in a time of (18:00:05). He was followed by Sharona Harrington in a time of (21:33:22) shaving almost 3hrs from her previous attempt at this event. A truly fantastic achievement by both!

Next was the Crystal Palace Half Marathon where Andrew Biggs completed the distance in (01:39:39) ahead of David Anscombe who completed his first attempt at this distance in (02:04:09).

Elsewhere, some of our runners travelled to Dorney Lake to complete in the 10k event. Emma McManus was the first home for the club setting a new PB of (00:40:58). She was followed by Ian Jones (00:41:35) and Flo Wolfe (00:45:36)

Pictures: (Andrew Biggs & David Anscombe at the Crystal Palace Half Marathon & Phil Wallek from the SDW 100 challenge)

Courtesy: (David Anscombe and Oliver Day)

25.04.2021 ( by Oliver Jones)

The races are gradually starting to come back and this weekend a few of our Burgess Hill Runners decided to tackle the ‘ South Downs Way ‘ 50 mile. It starts in Worthing and follows the South Downs Way to Eastbourne and then diverts to finish at the running track. Jamie Goodhead was the first home for the club in (08:13:25), he was followed by Jonathan Herbert (08:55:31, Fred Sykes (09:12:17), Jane Owen (11:40:10) and Jayne Leaney (12:09:10). Well done everyone!. Also this week John Palmer and Annette Maynard travelled up to London to take part in the Alexandra Palace 10k. Annette finished in (48:25) and John came home in (57:04). A couple of weeks ago a few of our runners took part in the Ardingly PB 5k event. Times in order of fastest. Phil McManus (17:28), Sam Mayes (17:47), Kirsty Armstrong (18:54), Ian Jones (19:04), Emma McManus (19:52), Darren Parsons (20:11), Mark Santer (20:41), Flo Wolfe (21:04), Gayle Tyler (21:16) and Katherine Wallek (22:07).

Photo: (Jayne Leaney and Jane Owen after the SDW50)

Courtesy: ( Chania Hemsley - Smith)