Press Releases 2016

All Press Releases are by our PR Officer James Sorbie unless otherwise stated.


With the race season dying down for the end of the year, the Burgess Hill Runners "Blue Army" were called into battle one last time at the Bovington Half and Full Marathons. Described as hilly, muddy, cold and wet was not enough to deter seven club members from making the trip to the Bovington Tank Museum in Dorset. Running the full marathon were Neil Dawson (4:46:55), Nick Dawson (5:32:17) and Philippe Ecaille (5:46:30). Completing the half were Linda Russell, Helen Pratt, Gary Foley and Jill Bennett who ran it together in 2:53.


Gary, Jill, Helen and Linda in an unusual warm up (courtesy: Helen Pratt)


Paul Sargent from Burgess Hill Runners pulled off a superb first place finish at the "Mouth to Mouth" river (slightly more than) marathon last week, completing the event in a time of 3:23:35. Also running for BHR were Gary Woolven (3:50:41), Mark Nicholls (3:58:00) and Andrew Baillie (4:55:13).

Meanwhile, Kirsty Armstrong delivered another first place for the club, winning the Worthing Sisters 10k on Worthing seafront.

Oliver Day and Martin Skeats completed the tough "Mince Pie 10" event in speedy times of 1:13:31 and 1:24:09 respectively. The club also competed at the Stanmer Park cross country event. The third of four events, the men's A-team are battling relegation from Division 2 but their hopes were kept alive by James Collins who stormed the 5 mile event in 29:16 which was a very impressive 19th place finish. Also making up the A-team were James Sorbie (34:42), Neil Grigg (35:50) and Andy Sayers (37:30). Making up a B-team were Stuart Condie (39:20), Ian Jones (39:22), Rich Neale (41:04) and Trevor Symes (42:40). Sharona Harrington and Emma Leeson competed in the 5k women's event, finishing in 23:40 and 25:14 respectively. Rosie Beckett finished strong in the U13 girls 3k - 24th place in a time of 15:18

Finally, the club ran their annual "Downslink Relay". Several teams of runners from the club competed to complete the distance along the popular Downslink route but it was a team of Keith Delderfield, Oliver Dewdney and Daniel Belton that held on for the win.


Paul Sargent leads the way at the Mouth 2 Mouth (courtesy: Jon Lavis)


Burgess Hill Runners were delighted to see one of their team complete their final race in the "Centurion Grand Slam 50" last weekend. Philippe Ecaille sadly lost his wife to cancer in January 2015, aged just 45 and Philippe decided he needed a challenging race plan for 2016 to keep him going mentally and physically. Among the races he picked, the Centurion Grand Slam 50 was possibly the most challenging and consisted of the South Downs Way 50, the North Downs 50, the Chiltern Way 50 and finally the Wendover Woods 50. To use Philippe's words, they were "all very different races and bringing their own challenges, I never thought I would have it in me to complete it but I finally finished the last race on 26 November sealed it and i was very happy to be collecting my huge dinner plate (medal) alongside 42 others - after running for 52 hours or so, I think I earned it! Long distances running has proved invaluable to me to either give me time to think or empty my head; the build up to a race, the buzz at the start and the support of the running community were all amazing." Further to this, Philippe plans to run all 4 Centurion 100 mile races in 2017!

Philippe completed the Wendover Woods 50 in 15:16:03, whilst fellow BHR team mate, Jamie Goodhead also impressed in 10:49:00.

Meanwhile, in San Francisco, club member Matt Wilson flew the flag for the club in the "Windmill 10k", completing it in 59:18.


Philippe dwarfed by his impressive medal.


Commemorating Armistice Day, the Poppy Half Marathon in Bexhill drew in a crowd from Burgess Hill Runners last weekend. Burgess Hill Runners member Leigh Smith led the club home whilst beating his PB in a time of 1:35:49. He was followed by several other superb performances from Rich Neale (1:43:07), Jay Wadey (1:51:24), Marie Carey (2:00:03), Julie Howes (2:06:34), John Carey (2:11:05), Helen Pratt (2:13:18), Malcolm Slater (2:25:53), Ann Savidge (2:30:57), Vivien Smith (2:31:10), Steve Gray (2:31:21), Garey Foley (2:31:25) and Allison Willcox (2:31:36).

Meanwhile the club was represented in three of the races at Lancing Cross Country. Up first was debutant Rosie Beckett who completed the U13 girls 3k event in 14:02. A strong women's team was up next in the 5k event with Jo Bryce (21:18), Kirsty Armstrong (22:37) and Miranda Skinner (24:04). Finally, the club fielded ten men in the senior men's 5 mile event. Paul Sargent led home the a-team in 35:16 followed by Jason Collett (36:46), Neil Grigg (37:45) and James Sorbie (38:48). Joe Beasley made his cross country debut heading up the b-team in 39:11. He was followed by Andy Sayers (40:35), John Herbert (41:26) Ian Jones (42:12), Stuart Condie (43:02) and another debutant, Nigel Cruttenden (44:55).


The Blue Army amass at the Poppy Half (courtesy: Theresa Chalk)


Burgess Hill Runners sealed their second place league finish last weekend at the final race of the West Sussex Fun Run League series, the Gunpowder Trot. 40 of the club's seniors contributed to a 3rd place finish on the day in the 4.5 mile event with top scorers Gary Woolven (28:15), Jo Bryce (30:48, 2nd female), Kirsty Armstrong (32:53), Miranda Skinner (34:55), Annette Maynard (35:14) and Alice Tellett (38:46). Five of the club's runners were also pleased to have completed every race this season: Paula Ridley, Caz Wadey, Nigel Cruttenden, Gary Woolven and Hugh Stevenage.

Meanwhile Matt Wilson achieved another 10k PB for the second consecutive week. This time he clocked 56:17 at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 10k.


Matt Wilson chips away some more at his 10k PB


It was the youngsters at Burgess Hill Runners that were snatching the limelight last weekend. As the adults were bravely battling away towards another top 2 finish in the West Sussex Fun Run League, the juniors had first place in their league sewn up with two races to spare. They were presented with their trophy at the Steepdown Challenge race in Lancing and once again were first place overall on the day with Adam Lawson (5:32), Jacob Kilkelly (5:38), Jonathan Beckett (5:41), Amy Mills (6:07), Rosie Beckett (6:37) and Laura Cooper (6:40) amongst the top point scorers in the 1 mile event. The adults were once again second to a very strong Lewes team. Top point scorers in the 5 mile run were Gary Woolven (32:06), Steve Matthews (33:15), Jo Bryce (33:49 and first female), Kirsty Armstrong (37:00), Sharona Harrington (38:24) and Miranda Skinner (39:17).

On the Saturday, the notoriously difficult Beachy Head Marathon was the punishment that several club members had inflicted upon themselves. Paul Sargent was pleased with his 27th place finish in another fast time of 3:29:45. Following Paul were: Andy Sayers (4:30:38), James Sorbie (4:44:42), Debbie Saints (4:56:46), Emma Buckland (4:56:52), Neil Dawson (5:13:17), Oliver Jones (5:14:29 - his first marathon), Sheryl Caldecourt (5:18:13), Paul Turner (5:22:48), Karen Harvey (5:48:26), John Palmer (5:48:56), Niki Roberts (6:04:05), Buster Roberts (6:04:05), Helen Pratt (6:10:20), Janet Clapton (6:25:18), Clare Payne (6:49:44), Daniel Belton (6:49:44), Hannah Sorbie (7:46:57), Caz Wadey (7:46:57), Nina Ecroyd (7:51:27) and Leanne Cleaveley (7:51:33).

Finally, Matt Wilson was pleased to crack a sub-60 10k at the hilly K2 10k completing it in 58:59.


BHR Juniors - champions of the WSFRL (courtesy: Mark Craigs)


The Great South Run in Portsmouth proved a popular choice for the Burgess Hill Runners last weekend. Steve Bird led the club home in this 10 mile event with his superb time of 1:06:06. He was tailed by Katia Hannah (1:25:20), Laura Fowles (1:26:22), Janet Sanders (1:36:48), Michelle Sutherland (1:41:02), Claire Giles (1:41:12), George Sanders (1:41:48), Jay Wadey (1:45:06), Caz Wadey (1:45:06), Steve Gray (1:45:29), Vivien Smith (1:51:36) and Ann Savidge (1:54:57).

Meanwhile, Oliver Jones took part in "Run Forest Run", a 10km event in Stanmer Park with a woodland creature theme. Oliver didn't disappoint, completing it in 54:13 whilst dressed as a bear!


Oliver "The Beast" Jones at Run Forest Run


Philippe Ecaille swapped "Le Tricolor" for Burgess Hill Runners colours last weekend at the Autumn 100 mile Centurion Running event. Unfazed by the 100 miles of trail Philippe ate up yet another ultra marathon, this time in a dizzying 27:22:24.

At the popular half marathon distance, results for the Royal Parks Half were published. Steve Bird nailed an impressive new PB of 1:28:07 and Helen Pratt followed him in 2:21:21. Also covering 13.1 miles last weekend was Keith Brown who went up to Manchester to set himself a new PB of 1:52:46. To celebrate the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings, there was the "1066 Way to Battle", a 17 mile race, which drew interest from three club members. Oliver Day completed it in 2:20:52 followed by Matt Cawthra (2:40:17) and Liz Hayward (4:28:25).

The blue army was out in force at the Bright 10 in Brighton. Ben Page continued his impressive form finishing in 1:11:03. He was followed by: Ross Wiggins (1:12:01), Leigh Smith (1:12:05), Neil Philpott (01:13:42), Jason Wadey (01:19:37), Hannah Tedman (1:22:08), Jill Craigs (1:30:13), Mark Craigs (1:30:14), Carole Mills (1:32:01), Malcolm Johnson (1:33:36), Jayne White (1:35:58), David Leen (1:36:49), Kim Gow (1:37:40), Claire Giles (1:45:22), Allison Willcox (1:56:31), Theresa Chalk (2:05:43) and Eileen Adlam (2:09:49).

The club weren't all about long distance last week as six club members turned out for the Goodwood Cross Country. The 5 miles were easily conquered by a handful of the club's elite men, Jon Boxall narrowly beating his club mates to first BHR home in a superb 30:28. Paul Sargent followed not far behind in 30:47, Jason Collett (31:48), Andy Sayers (34:35), Ian Jones (36:50) and John Palmer (39:17)

Finally, Helen Pratt completed 26.2 miles at the Winnie The Pooh Challenge and was rewarded for her speedy time of 5:53:39 with a huge bit of "bling" to add to her ever growing collection!


Philippe makes light work of the A100 (courtesy: Neil Dawson)


Burgess Hill Runners member, Jo Bryce, was second female at the Lewes 10 the weekend before last. Finishing the 10 mile event in 1:12:39 she was also first in her age category. Simon Alexander was the next club member to finish (1:18:46) followed by Jamie Goodhead (1:20:37), Trevor Symes (1:21:12), Neil Phillpot (1:21:46), Ian Jones (1:21:48), Annette Maynard (1:22:55), Stuart Condie (1:24:22), Stephen Troake (1:26:38), Oliver Jones (1:26:42), Nigel Cruttenden (1:27:39), Matthew Cawthra (1:27:44), Martin Skeats (1:30:06), Sally Symes (1:30:22), Richard Light (1:37:29), Keith Delderfield (1:38:00), Jason Wadey (1:38:17), Jill Craigs (1:39:33), Mark Craigs (1:39:33), Alice Tellett (1:40:12), Chania Hemsley-Smith (1:44:21), Diane Delderfield (1:47:25), Carole Mills (1:48:25), Caz Wadey (1:57:21), Malcolm Slater (2:09:46) and Hugh Stevenage (2:14:56).

The club finished 3rd overall at the Hickstead Gallop last weekend, the 8km West Sussex Fun Run League organised by the Haywards Heath Harriers. Contributing to the club's 83 points were: Gary Woolven (29:36), Steve Matthews (31:20), Jo Bryce (31:44 first female), Ben Page (32:13), Kirsty Armstrong (34:20) and Miranda Skinner (36:11).


The Blue Army selfie saga continues at Hickstead (courtesy: Allison Willcox).


It was another weekend of achievements and personal quests for Burgess Hill Runners this week. The popular Downlink Ultra 38 mile event was once again well supported by the famous blue army who ran and also crewed aid stations. It was Mark Nicholls that was first to conquer the event finishing in an impressive time of 5:27:01. Dan Foord was next (6:24:42), Simon Thompson (7:03:55), Gary Foley (7:24:10), Philippe Ecaille (7:40:08), Claire Tucknott (7:53:10) and Claire Giles (8:50:17).

Jonathan Leak led the club home at the Bournemouth Half in a speedy 1:48:13. He was followed by Ralph Sims (a first timer) and Jacqui Sims who clocked 2:10:03 whilst raising thousands of pounds for The Brain Tumour Charity. Ben Page was the first of the club's finishers at the Tunbridge Half with a fast time of 1:34:10. Marianne Kilkelly completed her first ever half in 2:28:12 followed by Allie Wood (2:42:15) and Hannah Brett (2:42:15).


The "blue army" awaiting their 38 mile Downslink challenge (courtesy: Neil Dawson)


The annual Barns Green Half Marathon is always a popular choice for the Burgess Hill Runners and this year was no exception. The scenic half attracted a large sector of the famous 'blue army' and this year also offered a popular 10k alternative. Gary Woolven was the first of the club's runners home in a time of 1:26:48. Also competing were: Jon Boxall (1:30:19), Joe Beesley (1:33:39), Ben Page (1:37:38), Benny Coxhill (1:48:34), Matt Cawthra (1:49:04), Alice Tellett (1:52:16), Daniel Belton (1:52:45), Steve Roberts (1:53:23), Liz Carter (1:55:19), Laura Fowles (1:56:34), Emma Leeson (1:57:02), Gill Berglund (2:11:10), Andy Carr (2:13:24), Matt Wilson (2:13:18) and Claire Giles (2:28:10). James Sorbie was privileged to join the pacing team, pacing 1 hour 50 and came in at 1:48:56. Jon Herbert headed up the club's 10k contingent with a time of 44:13. He was followed by Katia Hannah (53:31), Owain Powell (55:26), Steve Gray (1:02:05) and Eileen Adlam (1:19:29).

At the East Grinstead 10k the club also had several runners proudly sporting their colours. Gary Foley continued his impressive form with a superb time of 51:39. He was followed by Carole Mills (55:08), David Leen (55:54), Malcolm Slater (59:57) and Michelle Sutherland (1:00:03).

Neil Grigg, Richard Neale and Helen Pratt certainly weren't taking the Mickey at the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon. Neil completed it in 1:44:25, Helen in 2:38:58 and Richard in 2:38:59. Meanwhile Oliver Day completed the Winchester Half in 1:39:19 and Jan Lavis completed the Revitaflex Monster Marathon.


The "Blue Army" at East Grinstead (courtesy: Wendy Spicer)

Katia, Emma, Claire and Laura at Barns Green (courtesy: Laura Fowles)


Burgess Hill Runners member, Sharona Harrington proved what she was made of when she completed her first full Ironman Triathlon in Wales last weekend. Completing a 2.4 mile open water swim, 112 mile bike ride and 26.2 mile run she was pleased to finish with a superb time of 14:29:42.

Experienced long distance runner, Jamie Goodhead completed the Chiltern Wonderland 50 mile race in 9:29:21. He was followed by Neil Dawson (11:15:01), Philippe Ecaille (11:47:53) and Nicola Dawson (11:47:53).

There were several half marathons to choose from last weekend. Keith Brown beat his Half Marathon PB at the Belfast Half Marathon with a time of 1:55:58 whilst James Sorbie completed the Reigate Half Marathon in 1:32:05. He was followed by club members Carole Mills (2:09:01) and Hannah Sorbie (2:23:04). In the Richmond Half Sheryl Caldecourt finished in an impressive 1:58:22 followed by Helen Pratt (2:22:48) and Nina Ecroyd (2:29:59).

James Collins finished 7th in the Hove Prom 10k logging a new 10k PB time of 34:41. Also finishing well for the club were Kirsty Armstrong (44:57), David Leen (58:01) and Peter Brownings (1:05:57).


Neil, Nick and Philippe pout at their CW50 medals (courtesy: Nick Dawson)

Helen, Nina and Sheryl take in the scenery at Richmond (courtesy: Helen Pratt)


Burgess Hill Runners finished joint second at Tilgate in the latest instalment of the West Sussex Fun Run League. Top 6 point scorers in the 5 mile trail race were James Collins (30:28 and 2nd place), Gary Woolven (32:45), Steve Bird (33:28), Ben Page (35:42), Kirsty Armstrong (38:58) and Miranda Skinner (41:27). The juniors continued to do the club proud and again finished top on the day. Jacob Kilkelly finished in 4th place in 5:29 and Amy Mills took another 1st female place with a time of 6:08.

Jamie Goodhead completed the Farnham Pilgrim Marathon last weekend in a superb time of 4:09:30. Claire Tucknott and dad, Jon Lavis took on the Farnham Pilgrim Half finishing in a very close 2:25:22 and 2:25:23 respectively. Meanwhile Claire Giles completed the Surrey Bacchus Half marathon in 4:08:59 and Helen Pratt completed the Thames Path Challenge.


BHR break a new selfie record at Tilgate (courtesy: Allison Willcox)


Burgess Hill Runners finished joint first at the Fittleworth Flyers 5 mile West Sussex Fun Run League race last Sunday. Scoring maximum points for the club were: Gary Woolven (31:38), Steve Bird (32:41), Jo Bryce (34:32), Miranda Skinner (38:00), Kirsty Armstrong (38:04) and Annette Maynard (38:55). In the Junior one mile event the club also finished first. Jacob Kilkelly finished 6th overall in a time of 7:09. Amy Mills was first girl and 7th overall with her time of 7:27.

Keith Brown took on the Olympic Park 10k and conquered it in 51:26. Meanwhile the club also competed in a 26.7 mile River Relay event where runners run legs of 4-7 miles from Windsor to Kingston-upon-Thames. The club finished 65th with a total time of 4:00:28.


Keith Brown tackles the Olympic Park 10k


Burgess Hill Runners member, Jon Boxall finished 2nd at the inaugural "13 The Hard Way" at the weekend. A tough series of climbs on the notorious "tank tracks" and at Housedean Farm were no match for Jon who completed the event in 1:49:42. Several other club members were hot on his heels: Andrew Baillie (2:05:42), Andrew Bishop (2:12:24), Dan Foord (2:15:05), Daniel Belton (2:16:53), Matt Cawthra (2:20:53), Liz Carter (2:20:55), Alice Tellett (2:26:31), Emma Buckland (2:27:15), Oliver Dewdney (2:29:05), Martin Skeats (2:33:27), Sheryl Caldecourt (2:36:31), Keith Brown (2:40:04), Jason Wadey (2:40:57), Neil Dawson (2:42:23), Malcolm Johnson (2:44:48), Nick Dawson (2:50:59), Philippe Ecaille (2:51:09), Clare Payne (2:51:45), Sally Bliss (2:53:19), Helen Pratt (3:09:27), Tracy Brownings (3:20:08) and Helen Carr (3:57:32).

On slightly flatter terrain, John Palmer and James Sorbie attended the Tom Lintern Medal Open athletics meet at K2 in Crawley. Both rookies to track running, John clocked superb times of 14.94 in the 100m and 1:10.82 in the 400m. Meanwhile James completed the 1500m in 4:56.59.

Several club members also attended the "East Farm Frolic" in Dorset where they ran a 12 hour relay split into 7km chunks.


Andrew Baillie making light work of 13 The Hard Way (courtesy: Jon Lavis)


A handful of Burgess Hill Runners travelled to Dorset last weekend for the "Bad Cow" weekend. With a marathon and half marathon on the first day and a marathon and 10k on the second day, it allowed some of the more hardcore runners to run two races in one weekend. Neil Dawson took on the two marathons and finished them in impressive times of 4:25:07 and 5:07:00. Also choosing two marathons were Nick Dawson (5:05:40, 5:39:00) and Philippe Ecaille (5:29:00 & 5:39:00). Philippe also claimed a "black belt" for his completion of all six races in this long distance series. Steve Bird was able to finish 3rd in the 10k with a time of 43:25 the day after his 1:47:10 half marathon. Catherine Kempton also ran the half and the 10k with times of 2:07:30 and 54:42 along with Marie Carey (2:27:31 & 1:00:17). John Carey completed the half in 2:28:58.

Joe Beesley clocked a superb time of 1:34:59 at the Henfield Half Marathon along with Matt Cawthra in 1:55:27 and Oliver Dewdney in 2:08:45.

Burgess Hill finished joint first at the "Hornet Stinger" in Hove last Sunday. James Collins finished in first place in the hilly 9.5km trail race with an impressive time of 35:47. Gary Woolven also scored maximum points with his time of 39:31. Jo Bryce and Kirsty Armstrong were 2nd and 5th ladies respectively with times of 42:42 and 46:16. Also scoring top points were Annette Maynard (48:46) and Miranda Skinner (48:54).


Steve collects his 3rd place award at the Bad Cow (courtesy: Nat Bird)

The team at the Bad Cow (courtesy: Nat Bird)


The Dublin "Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon" was the destination this week for five members of Burgess Hill Runners. Offering some attractive race "bling" was a sure fire way to attract the famous Blue Army to Ireland and it was Lee Crow that led the club home in a fantastic time of 1:52:50. He was followed by Marie Carey (2:05:23), Linda Russell (2:11:08), Helen Pratt (2:28:37) and Steve Gray (2:30:17).

Meanwhile, club member Jamie Goodhead completed the 100 mile event "North Downs Way 100" in a superb 23:27:26.

Burgess Hill finished second again at the Highdown Hike in the West Sussex Fun Run League last week. The club's top six points contributors were Paul Sargent (22:38), Gary Woolven (23:16), Jason Collett (23:59), Jonathan Lelliott (24:27), Kirsty Armstrong (27:29) and Annette Maynard (28:37).


Steve Gray makes final alterations to his aerodynamics (courtesy: Helen Pratt)


Darren Chilcott was the lone Burgess Hill Runner at the "Enigma World Cup Marathon" last Saturday. Completing 7.5 laps of Caldecotte Lake in Milton Keynes, Darren finished with a time of 4:05:55.


Darren snaps a selfie with his medal.


Burgess Hill Runners let their lunatics loose at the Sussex Trail Events organised "Luna-Tic" Marathon last weekend. Starting late in the evening runners complete three laps totalling the marathon distance finishing in the dark. Paul Sargent devoured the course in 3:26:03 to finish in a magnificent 3rd place and not far behind him in 6th was Jon Boxall in 3:40:54. The rest of the famous blue army were in fine form too, completing the event in some excellent times were: Andrew Baillie (4:23:14), Darren Chilcott (4:24:26), Nick Dawson (5:14:42), Neil Dawson (5:14:43), Claire Tucknott (5:19:17) and Jan Lavis (5:19:18).

Paul and Jon also placed well in another of the Sussex Trail Events in the week, the "Beat The Tide 10k" along Worthing seafront and beach. Paul clocked another 3rd place with his time of 40:07 and Jon finished 4th in 40:41. Matt Cawthra finished in 45:35, Stuart Condie (47:57), Annette Maynard (50:51), John Palmer (52:30), Lara Maynard (55:23), Gary Foley (59:09), Linda Russell (1:01:14), Malcolm Slater (1:01:57), Claire Giles (1:04:01), Elizabeth Crews (1:04:10), David Clark (1:04:43), Helen Pratt (1:05:52), Steve Gray (1:06:52), Leanne Cleavely (1:09:05) and Liz Hayward (1:15:43).

Meanwhile, several club members took part in the inaugural Wakehurst Willow 8k in Haywards Heath. Jonathan Herbert led the pack in a time of 37:10 and was followed by Oliver Jones (39:05), Liz Carter (46:47), Marie Carey (48:29), Stephanie Harding (52:36), John Carey (53:29), Michelle Sutherland (54:46), Laura Walton (59:52), Jenny Nicoll (1:02:16), Anita Harris (1:03:54) and Wendy Spicer (1:03:54).

Finally, in the latest instalment of the West Sussex Fun Run League, "Henfield Seven Stiles", the club put on a good show to finish joint second. Gary Woolven's 5th place secured the club maximum points in a time of 24:52. Following him, to contribute to the club's top 6 scores, were Steve Bird (25:55), Jonathan Lelliott (26:10), Oliver Day (27:02), Miranda Skinner (30:26) and Annette Maynard (31:21).


Paul Sargent laughs off another top three place at the Luna-Tic (courtesy: Jon Lavis)


Despite the heat, there were several personal bests at the Phoenix 10k last week for Burgess Hill Runners. Gary Woolven flew along the seafront in a cracking new PB time of 36:37. Completing the team of speedy runners were Matthew Cawthra (42:23, PB), Dave Oldfield (49:51) and Claire Giles (58:59, PB).

Carole Mills ran a course PB at the Reigate Priory 10k, clocking a nippy time of 56:14.

Neil Dawson racked up the longest individual distance for the club this week, completing the 50 mile Endure 1250 ultra in a superb 10:45:02.

Several club members joined up with their local friends from Haywards Heath Harriers for the Ouse Valley Way Relay. The club were pleased to cross the line first in the event although Haywards Heath won the overall club competition.

Travelling a little further afield, Catherine Kempton and Philippe Ecaille took on the Dorset Invader Half Marathon. They finished in 2:26:53 and 3:22:49 respectively. Meanwhile Jan Lavis completed the Fairlands Valley Challenge Marathon and Jamie Goodhead swam the English channel and back!


Claire and Matt find the time for a selfie at the Phoenix 10k.


Last week started off with a trip to the Steyning Roundhill Romp for the Burgess Hill Runners. The club performed well in the provisional results. Contributing to the points were Paul Sargent (37:58), Jon Boxall (39:56), Gary Woolven (40:01), Jason Collett (40:42), Kirsty Armstrong (47:15) and Annette Maynard (51:12).

Jan Lavis took on the tricky, hilly North Downs Way Marathon and completed it in around 5 hours.

Oliver Jones travelled to London for the Bushy Park 10k and narrowly missed out on a new PB with his time of 46:51.

Vicky Connolly completed the Wyre Forest Half Marathon in 2:20:48.

Several runners dropped their pace for the High Weald Andredsweald Walking Marathon organised by the Long Distance Walking Association. Completing it were Steve Roberts, Paula Ridley, Helen Pratt, Steph Harding and Karen Harvey.


Jan tackles the stepping stones at the North Downs Marathon (courtesy: Jon Lavis)

Oliver "The Beast" Jones feeling strong at Bushy Park.


The going was heavy in surely the wettest ever conditions for the St Lawrence Fair Fun Run but the Burgess Hill Runners were not put off. The Blue Army were out in force for the course which follows the tracks and bridleways across Danny Park and up Wolstonbury Hill with the winner being Paul Prosser finishing in 35:54. He was followed by Jonathan Lelliott (39:17), Oliver Day (39:45), Garry Woolven (42:40), Stephen Troake (44:53), Catherine Kempton (48:56), Alice Birdsall (49:46), Liz Hayward (1:13:28) and Eileen Adlam (1:25:54).

The Bewl 15 was the other favourite for several Burgess Hill Runners last weekend. This 15 mile event ran largely off road on pretty, gently undulating hills around Bewl Water which nestles on the border of Sussex and Kent. First home for the Blue Army was Paul Sargent in 01:39:54. Following him were Jon Boxall (01:47:55), Gary Woolven (01:49:46), Matthew Cawthra (02:16:45), Oliver Jones (02:24:35), Laura Fowles (02:39:40) and Alice Birdsall (02:41:48).


Paul Prosser leads the way at St Lawrence Fair Fun Run (courtesy: Benny Coxhill)


Burgess Hill Runners hosted their annual league race last weekend, "The Downland Dash" which goes from Downlands school in Hassocks and also forms part of the school fair. Club member Steve Roberts had the headache of all the admin but was pleased with how things went alongside his team of club mates who volunteered to help. Several runners were also spared the time to take part in the run. Paul Prosser was the third finisher, completing the five mile course in a lightning fast time of 29:36. Not far behind, registering their points for the club, were Gary Woolven (30:49), James Collins (31:02), Jon Lelliot (32:13), Kirsty Armstrong (35:33) and Annette Maynard (38:53).

Carole and Amy Mills took part in the Race For Life 10k last weekend to raise money for Cancer Research. It was Amy's first 10k and they were both delighted to finish together in 55 minutes.

Neil Dawson, Karen Harvey, Nick Dawson and Philippe Ecaille completed the "Giant's Head" trail marathon in Dorset. They finished in excellent times of 5:55:38, 6:18:15, 6:18:15 and 6:21:59 respectively.

Andy Carr completed the North Downs Way Run, a 30km muddy trail run, in 3:46:09


Steve Roberts briefs the troops at The Dash (courtesy: John Palmer)


Last Wednesday, Burgess Hill Runners held their annual handicap race "Blackcap". Runners started in a staggered format based on previous race times and race back along an out and back course, finishing close together. Beating his prediction by over five minutes, Stuart Anderson took first place completing the approximately five mile course in 39:56.

Neil Dawson and Jan Lavis took on the Hampshire Hoppit Marathon. They finished in 5:02:44 and 5:10:11 respectively.

Helen Pratt took on the City of London Mile and was pleased with her time of 8:38.


Stuart Anderson romps to victory at the Blackcap Handicap (courtesy: Jon Lavis)


Burgess Hill Runners were scattered around the South East this weekend covering distances from 1.25 miles up to 100 miles!

Mark Nicholls, Darren Chilcott and Diane Delderfield ran through the day and night at the South Downs Way 100 which follows the whole of the popular 100 mile route from Winchester to Eastbourne. They completed the gruelling event in stunning times of 23:03:22, 24:59:57 and 29:44:11 respectively. Several club members also manned an aid station at the Clayton windmills for all of the competitors.

Burgess Hill scored maximum points at the Littlehampton Beach Run in the West Sussex Fun Run League last week. Paul Sargent was the first of the 'blue army' to finish the approximately five mile course, his time 29:08. Also scoring full points were Paul Prosser (29:21), Jon Boxall (29:27), Gary Woolven (29:29), Jason Collett (30:24), Sharona Harrington (34:33) and Kirsty Armstrong (34:54). At the second race of the week, the Hove Park 5k, the club finished joint second and just short of full points. Top point scorers were Gary Woolven (18:03), Neil Grigg (18:18), Steve Bird (19:08), Jo Bryce (19:13), Miranda Skinner (21:31) and Anette Maynard (22:49). The club were proud of several club members that made their WSFRL debuts at these races. At the Beach Run - Geoff Barbe, Lynette Brown, Oliver Day, Phil Latham, Denise Murphy, Paul Turner and George Wotton. At Hove Park - Sarah Hellier, Janella Merritt and Rebecca Norton.

The club entered several teams in the Haywards Heath Summer Relays. Four runners cover a very short, sharp 1.25 mile loop of Whiteman's Green in Cuckfield. The fastest BHR team comprised of Miranda Skinner, Richard Copeland, David Leen and Trevor Symes who covered the course in 37:55.

Elsewhere, Oliver Dewdney completed the Osterley Park 10k in 48:05 and Claire Giles completed three laps of the five mile course at the Endure 24 event.

Finally, five club members added swimming and cycling to their repertoire at the Mid Sussex Triathlon. Completing the three disciplines were Simon Alexander in a total time of 1:23:36, Emma Buckland (1:28:35), Benny Coxhill (1:30:04), Sally Symes (1:30:06) and Catherine Kempton (1:50:21).


The runners poised to take on the SDW100 (courtesy: Jon Lavis)


The South Downs Way Relay and the Worthing 10k were the popular events for Burgess Hill Runners last weekend. Two teams of six BHR set off from Beachy Head in the early hours of Saturday morning in the popular relay event covering approximately 98 miles as the South Downs Way makes its way to Winchester. Setting off at 6am was the B-Team made up of Jan Lavis, Andrew Baillie, Matthew Cawthra, Jonathan Herbert, Neil Philpott and Trevor Symes who crossed the finish line with a total time of 13:43:05. The A-Team set off at 7am with a team comprising of Jon Boxall, Neil Grigg, Glyn Merritt, Paul Sargent, Jason Collett and James Sorbie scraping under the 12 hour mark with a time of 11:59:43, the fastest time for a Burgess Hill Runners team since 2004.

Meanwhile, Gary Woolven led the blue army home at the Worthing 10k with a new PB of 37:21. He was followed by Jonathan Lelliott (41:12), Leigh Smith (44:37), Andrew Bishop (45:13), Stuart Condie (45:55), Oliver Jones (47:10), Simon Thompson (47:11), Martin Skeats (47:30), Andrew Gasson (47:35), Annette Maynard (48:40), John Palmer (49:07), Jean Leak (49:00), Nigel Cruttenden (50:56), Susan Lyle (52:23), Mark Craigs (53:59), Jill Craigs (54:00), Andy Carr (54:10), Gill Berglund (56:51), Clare Payne (57:03), Jason Wadey (57:46), Carole Mills (59:01), David Woodhouse (1:00:05), Lara Maynard (1:00:38), Malcolm Slater (1:03:32), Kim Cruttenden (1:01:37), Richard Copeland (1:04:28), Karen Sargent (1:05:37), Caroline Wadey (1:05:59), Hannah Watkins (1:06:10), Hugh Stevenage (1:06:15), Gemma Tavener (1:10:36), Kelly Tomsett (1:10:51), Sarah Harman (1:11:40), Liz Hayward (1:16:17), Eileen Adlam (1:24:13) and Jane Harle (1:37:11).


BHR cooling off in the sea after Worthing 10k (courtesy: Caz Wadey)

The teams, drivers, organisers and entourage at SDWR (courtesy: Caz Wadey)


Last weekend several Burgess Hill Runners took on the "London 2 Brighton Challenge", a 100km running event, a distance most people would usually opt to take the train for! Whilst raising money for charity they all performed superbly and crossed the finish line smiling. Karen Harvey and Nick Dawson led the way for the club, crossing the line in 17:10:59 and 17:11:02 respectively. They were followed by a larger pack of BHR consisting of Jill Bennett (20:51:56), Linda Russell (20:51:57), Marie Carey (20:51:59), Helen Pratt (20:51:59), Di Delderfield (20:52:01) and Angie Smith (20:52:02). Finally, Simon Thompson in 28:12:43.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Herbert and Steve Matthews were also shredding the miles at the Weald Ultra. They logged fantastic times of 5:27:07 (25th place) and 5:33:09 (30th place) respectively over the 50km trail route. Jason Wadey was the first club member to finish the Weald Half Marathon, run in parallel with the ultra. He clocked a speedy 2:11:34. Following him were John Palmer (2:16:38), Liz Hayward (3:17:15), Hannah Watkins (3:27:53) and Caz Wadey (3:27:53).

At the vitality 10k in London, Steve Ewens led the way for the club, finishing in 55:47. Not far behind was Michelle Sutherland who completed it in 1:00:04.


Some of the BHR team at London 2 Brighton

Nick and Karen eating up the miles (courtesy: Jon Lavis)


The Green Belt Relay occupied several Burgess Hill Runners last weekend. For the first time the club entered three teams to the 220 mile event where runners take on two legs around the perimeter of London, one on Saturday, the second on Sunday. Many other club records were broken and lots was achieved. The three teams finished 33rd, 35th and 38th out of 40 against difficult opposition along with claiming the award for "Most Supportive Club" for the second year running.

Meanwhile, Philippe Ecaille and Jan Lavis were achieving big things of their own. Philippe completed the 36 mile event "The Ox Ultra" in a superb 7 hours 49. Jan Lavis completed the Richmond Park Marathon in an impressive time of 4:29:07.


Jan Lavis tackles Richmond (courtesy: Jon Lavis)

The teams prepare for Green Belt (courtesy: Theresa Chalk)


Burgess Hill Runners member Gary Woolven streaked to second place at The Naturist Foundation 5km last weekend. Wearing only his shoes and a smile Gary beat his 5k PB with a cracking time of 17:17.

Meanwhile, a fully clothed Paul Sargent finished 2nd in the Arun River Marathon with a time of 3:22:25. Following him were Darren Chilcott in 4:23:32, Simon Thompson (4:56:43), Jan Lavis (5:23:39) and Claire Tucknott (5:23:40).

North Downs 50

Philippe Ecaille embarked on another epic adventure, completing the North Downs 50 mile event in a superb time of 12:48:16.

The club were also represented at the Horsham 10k. Carole Mills led the club home in 53:44. Not far behind were Elizabeth Crews (58:48), Theresa Chalk (1:08:23) and Malcolm Slater (1:08:24). In form Hugh Stevenage opted to run a different 10k race, completing the Bognor Prom 10k in 57:48.


Theresa Chalk & Malcolm Slater at the Horsham 10k (courtesy: Theresa Chalk)


Burgess Hill Runners Ann Savidge, Wendy Spicer and Vivien Smith travelled to London for the Hackney Half Marathon last weekend. The ladies ran together and finished in 2 hours 55 minutes, whilst spreading the famous BHR friendly ethic to other runners along the way.

Meanwhile the club retained their hold on 2nd place in the West Sussex Fun Run League, only a point behind the league leaders, as they finished joint first at the five mile Portslade Hedgehoppers event. The club scored maximum points thanks to another big turnout of 69 runners and high scores from Gary Woolven (33:06, fifth place), Jon Boxall (34:48), Steve Bird (35:10), Jo Bryce (35:29, first lady), Kirsty Armstrong (39:15), Miranda Skinner (42:12) and Gayle Tyler (42:20). Ben Page and Chania Hemsley-Smith completed their first league races for the club and finished in superb times of 43:33 and 52:21 respectively.


Ben makes his debut (courtesy: Jon Lavis)

Jo leading the ladies (courtesy: Jon Lavis)


The Mid Sussex Marathon weekend is always a big draw for the Burgess Hill Runners and as always the three races that make up a total of 26.2 miles over three days was heavily populated with the club's famous blue shirts. Two ten mile events at East Grinstead and Haywards Heath, followed by a 10k in Burgess Hill were completed by 11 club members. Jon Boxall completed the events in 1:13:13, 1:05:53 and 41:39. He was followed by Paul Turner (1:21:05, 1:16:24, 48:59), Nigel Cruttenden (1:29:01, 1:24:42, 54:31), Annette Maynard (1:29:55, 1:24:52, 54:19 and first in her age category), Gary Foley (1:43:54, 1:43:48, 1:04:30), Angela Bower (1:48:27, 1:42:08, 1:04:32), Hugh Stevenage (1:50:20 1:47:15, 1:03:11), Claire Giles (1:52:39, 1:47:53, 1:06:17), Helen Pratt (1:54:02, 1:45:43, 1:06:29), Jon Lavis (1:57:47, 1:51:25, 1:03:00) and Liz Hayward (2:10:39, 2:03:11, 1:18:39). The Haywards Heath 10 was also completed by John Palmer (1:27:56), Lara Maynard (1:31:59) and Kelly Tomsett (2:04:13). Additionally completing the Burgess Hill 10k were Kirsty Armstrong (48:15), Gordon Skeats (1:04:50), Kim Gow (1:06:38), Malcolm Slater (1:09:31), Gemma Tavener (1:15:36), Theresa Chalk (1:17:56) and Eileen Adlam (1:29:56).

At the Three Forts Marathon Mark Nicholls was the first club member to finish, in a time of 3:55:00. He was followed by Steve Matthews (4:13:05), Susan Lyle (4:31:42 - first in age category), Neil Phillpot (4:35:47), Darren Chilcott (4:43:55), Liz Carter (4:52:14), Lee Crow (5:14:06), Andrew Murrell (5:18:34) and Di Delderfield (5:27:45). In the Three Forts Half Marathon Steve Bird led the club home in 1:39:14. Behind him were Oliver Jones (1:57:12), Alice Birdsall (2:08:48), Neil Dawson (2:12:53), Sheryl Caldecourt (2:17:25), Keith Delderfield (2:17:50), Nick Dawson (2:21:22) and Clare Payne (2:21:48).

Elsewhere James Sorbie and Hannah Watkins completed the Barcombe 10k in 41:52 (2nd place) and 1:07:53 respectively. Neil Grigg and Rich Neale completed the Milton Keynes 5k and Marathon. Neil's times were 18:50 and 3:25:23, Rich's were 22:21 and 5:36:52.


The "Blue Army" in full selfie-mode at the Mid Sussex Marathon (courtesy: Helen Pratt).


Paul Sargent set an astounding new PB at the London Marathon last weekend with a time of 2:40:27. The highly televised and popular event saw many Burgess Hill Runners put in excellent performances. Jason Collett followed Paul with a fantastic PB of 2:58:53, Neil Grigg (3:10:11), Glyn Merritt (3:15:49 - PB), Gareth Brennan (3:24:32), Andrew Baillie (3:43:50 - PB), Alison Dunks (3:52:10 - PB), Sally Symes (4:19:43), Karen Harvey (4:27:26 - PB), Oliver Dewdney (4:27:43), Nick Dawson (4:29:25), Marie Carey (4:36:05 - PB), Gary Foley (5:01:13) and John Carey (5:39:25).

At the Bluebell 10 mile trail run in Angering, the Burgess Hill ladies dominated the podium. Jo Bryce was first female with a superb time of 1:08:16, whilst Kirsty Armstrong was 2nd female in 1:15:42. Paul Prosser narrowly missed out on a podium position himself, finishing 4th in 1:01:36. Following him were: Gary Woolven (1:06:34), Simon Alexander (1:17:12), Simon Thompson (1:20:49), Oliver Jones (1:20:56), Benny Coxhill (1:21:35), Nigel Cruttenden (1:23:08), Martin Skeats (1:23:24), John Palmer (1:27:34), Catherine Kempton (1:28:13), Jane Owen (1:32:33), Flic Archer (1:33:07), Jason Wadey (1:33:09), Keith Delderfield (1:35:00), Diane Delderfield (1:37:24), Laura Fowles (1:38:53), Katia Hannah (1:39:07), Clare Payne (1:41:05), Angela Bower (1:42:23), Kim Cruttenden (1:45:31), Hugh Stevenage (1:46:01), Fiona Turton (1:52:13), Hannah Watkins (1:55:14) and Malcolm Slater (2:03:49).

Finally, club member Jacqui Sims completed her first ever half marathon, the Southampton Half, in 2:19:51.


Kirsty and Jo awarded at the Bluebell 10 (courtesy: Jay Wadey)

BHR getting ready for the off at the London Marathon (courtesy: Nick Dawson)


The "Blue Army" of Burgess Hill Runners turned out in force at the annual Brighton Marathon last weekend. Mark Nicholls cracked a stunning personal best with a time of 3:04:28. He was followed by a stream of epic performances: Jon Boxall (3:05:37 - PB), Neil Grigg (3:14:36), Glyn Merritt (3:18:52 - PB), Jamie Goodhead (3:25:44), Steve Bird (3:32:52 - PB), Jonathan Herbert (3:36:38 - PB), Simon Thompson (3:43:41 - PB), Darren Chilcott (3:54:40), Sharona Harrington (3:55:57), Liz Carter (4:00:34), Emma Buckland (4:01:37), Benny Coxhill (4:02:03), Emma Goodhead (4:08:02), Andrew Gasson (4:09:23 - PB), Lee Crow (4:13:07 - PB), Ben Page (4:19:41), Alan Fry (4:20:15), Cath Beckett (4:23:00), Vicky Connolly (4:23:00 - PB), Emma Leeson (4:23:45 - PB), Oliver Dewdney (4:28:02), Matt Cawthra (4:28:02), Linda Russell (4:38:16), Mark Craigs (4:56:04), Claire Giles (4:58:53), Jill Bennett (5:10:36), Nick Dawson (5:25:31), Jay Wadey (5:25:32), Hugh Stevenage (5:33:17), Caz Wadey (5:40:54 - PB), Emma Smith (5:54:42) and Gary Foley (6:02:36).

As part of the weekend there was also a 10k event. Gary Woolven led the club home in a PB time of 37:57. He was followed by Annette Maynard (49:41), Rhian Woods (54:24 - PB), David Leen (56:06 - PB), Steven Gray (1:01:22), Stephanie Harding (1:01:49), Sabine Rowen (1:05:58 - PB), Allison Willcox (1:20:08) and Jane Harle (1:35:26 - PB).

Meanwhile, slightly further afield, Jan Lavis represented the club at the Boston Marathon and completed it in a great time of 4:01:30.

Pictured (both courtesy of John Palmer):

Mark Nicholls and Jon Boxall looking strong at Brighton

Vicky Connolly and Cath Beckett making light work of the miles


An astounding 50 miler was the challenge of the weekend for Burgess Hill Runners last weekend and three club members came back heroes from the South Downs Way 50. Emma Goodhead was the first club member to complete it (10:59:56), followed by Di Delderfield (11:57:34) and Philippe Ecaille (12:10:18).

Out in Rome for the Rome Marathon were Helen Pratt and Paul Russell. They both did the club proud with times of 5:14:15 and 5:36:25 respectively.

Closer to home, but still some way from Burgess Hill, was the Manchester Marathon. Claire Tucknott led the club home in a superb time of 4:24:26. She was followed by Andy Carr (5:11:55) and Jon Lavis (5:37:21).

Finally, the club entered two teams in the Sussex Road Relays, having never before attempted this fast, two mile team event. The ladies finished in a very respectable 18th out of 26 Senior Women Teams with Emma Leeson running the first leg in 15:17, followed by Jill Craigs (15:39) and Kirsty Armstrong (13:22). James Collins led the six man team in the Senior Men's event with a time of 11:13. He handed over to James Sorbie (12:35), Paul Sargent (11:13), John Palmer (14:46), Neil Grigg (12:15) and Jason Collett (11:59). The team finished 13th out of 15.


Di Delderfield on the SDW 50 (courtesy: Neil Dawson)


Gary Woolven was first Burgess Hill Runner home at the Paddock Wood Half Marathon last week with a snappy time of 1:27:37. Following him were Marie Carey (1:58:34), Rich Neale (2:04:29) and John Carey (2:14:42).

Keith Brown took part in the Reading Half Marathon and completed it in 2:01:07.

The results are now in for the Junior runners at the Lewes 10k. The Juniors took part in a 1 mile race and did the club proud finishing 1st as a team on the day by a huge margin. In 4th overall was Jonathan Beckett with a superb time of 7:09. He was followed by Jaco Kilkelly (7:24), Amy Mills (1st female in 7:45), Rosie Beckett (2nd female in 8:01), Sam Ridley (8:07), Benjamin Bristol (9:26), Ryan Sargent (9:41), Lily Craigs (9:56), Florence Kilkelly (9:58), Adam Beckett (10:31), Rosie Ridley (10:46), Libbie Harding (10:51), Lois Roberts (11:39), Amber Bird (11:49) and Reece Roberts (13:42).


94 Burgess Hill Runners swamped the Lewes 10k on Easter Monday for the third West Sussex Fun Run League Race of 2016. Only one point short of maximum points they retained their overall second place in the league and were third on the day. Contributing their scores for the club were: Paul Sargent (7th overall, 38:05), Gary Woolven (40:47), Jason Collett (41:29), Jo Bryce (1st lady, 43:08), Kirsty Armstrong (48:01) and James Sorbie (43:41). Representing the club in the league for the first time were: Rich Neale (49:59), Stephen Troake (50:12), Karen Lawson (1:01:30), Hayley Sherrell (1:10:38) and Gemma Tavener (1:05:25).

Meanwhile, Debbie Saint and Hugh Stevenage took part in the Cardiff Half Marathon finishing in impressive times of 1:51:41 and 2:12:55 respectively.


The huge turn out for the Lewes 10k (courtesy of Jay Wadey)


Cranleigh was the main destination for the Burgess Hill Runners last weekend. With a 15 mile and 21 mile option available, it often becomes the race of choice for those training for the upcoming marathons. Leading the club home in the 15 mile variant was Matthew Cawthra (2:08:49). Oliver Dewdney and Caz Wadey were close behind in 2:08:49 and 2:47:04 respectively. Alison Dunks was the first BHR to finish in the 21 mile event with a superb time of 2:57:20. She was followed by Jay Wadey (3:10:50), Neil Dawson (3:17:58) and Nick Dawson (3:19:53).

Four of the club's runners took part in the undulating Hastings Half Marathon. James Sorbie was first club member home in 1:38:40, followed by Owain Powell (2:04:00), Hannah Watkins (2:27:00) and Anita Harris (2:27:05).Kirsty Armstrong was the 1st female at the Balcombe Bull Run and 11th overall with a time of 34:35. Richard Copeland completed his first 10k in a time of 1:02:47 at the Eastleigh 10k.

The club also held their annual awards ceremony last Thursday. The winners were:

Junior Academy Performance - Alfie Geere

Junior Academy Most Improved Runner - David Burke

Junior Academy Coaches' Award - Abbey Trotter

Black Cap Handicap - Kevin Walker

Back Caalf Trophy - The Craigs Family

Social Award - Helen Pratt

Committee Award - Andy Sayers

Chairman's Award - Jay Wadey

Fun Run Champion Male - James Sorbie

Fun Run Champion Female - Fay Robers

Spirit of the WSFRL - Malcolm Slater

Daytime Group Most Improved Runner - Tracey Golbey

Daytime Group Coaches' Award - Jacqui Sims

Hazel Holmes Shield - Jane Harle

Beginners/Improvers Coaches' Award - Vanessa Corrick

Coaches' Award (Most Improved Runner) - Gary Foley

Coaches' Award - Neil Grigg

Club Championship Male - James Collins

Club Championship Female - Sharona Harrington

Male MSenior - James Collins

Male Vet 1 - Gary Woolven

Male Vet 2 - Simon Thompson

Male Vet 3 - John Palmer

Male Vet 4 - Andy Sayers

Male Vet 5 - Nigel Cruttenden

Male Vet 6 - Stuart Condie

Male Vet 7 - Malcolm Slater

Female Fsenior - Hannah Watkins

Female Vet 1 - Sharona Harrington

Female Vet 2 - Emma Buckland

Female Vet 3 - Catherine Kempton

Female Vet 4 - Linda Russell

Female Vet 5 - Sue Lyle

Female Vet 6 - Jenny Nicoll


Richard Copeland proud of his medal at Eastleigh

The Blue Army pouting at the Cranleigh 15/21


Burgess Hill Runners made their annual pilgrimage to the Top Gear test track at Dunsfold Aerodrome last weekend for the Spitfire 20 and Tempest 10. Completing the 10 miler were Oliver Jones (1:20:39, first time at this distance), Jill Craigs (1:20:05, first time), Marie Carey (1:28:53) and Steve Ewens (1:31:48). Paul Sargent finished 8th overall in the 20 miler with a superb new PB of 2:05:15. Following close behind were Jon Boxall (2:19:12, PB), Glyn Merritt (2:35:56, PB), Alice Birdsall (2:55:48, PB), Matthew Cawthra (3:00:32, PB), Mark Craigs (3:04:39) and Oliver Dewdney (3:06:12, first time at this distance).

Jamie Goodhead and Diane Delderfield took on the Moyleman Marathon from Lewes and completed in impressive time of 4:08:12 and 6:45:51 respectively.

Helen Pratt travelled to Bath to complete the Bath Half Marathon which she did in a great time of 2:18:13.


The Blue Army before the Tempest 10/Spitfire 20 (courtesy: Mark Craigs)


Burgess Hill Runners were clocking up the miles in style last weekend as a variety of distances and terrains were available to the eager racers. Jill Craigs triumphed at the Eastbourne Half Marathon, a road race with a tricky hill near the beginning. Undeterred, Jill clocked a new PB of 1:56:13. She finished with Mark Craigs (1:56:13 also), followed by Paul Russell 2:12:44, Kay McMenamin (2:17:54), Jon Lavis (2:27:38) and Hugh Stevenage (2:35:20).

Meanwhile, the Steyning Stinger Marathon and Half Marathon was the focus of several of their club mates. Taking in some muddy conditions and steep climbs, Mark Nicholls led the club home in the Marathon with a stunning time of 4:11:08. Not far behind were: Sharona Harrington (4:13:31), Darren Chilcott (4:20:34), Jill Bennett (5:53:10), Vicky Connolly (5:53:11), Cath Beckett (5:53:13) and Marie Carey (5:53:14). In the Half Marathon, Gary Woolven was the first club finisher with a time of 1:52:53. He was followed by: Steve Bird (2:03:38), James Sorbie (2:03:38), Trevor Symes (2:07:29), Andy Sayers (2:08:33), Simon Thompson (2:12:28), Benny Coxhill (2:16:33), Debbie Saint (2:17:36), Emma Buckland (2:18:08), Lee Crow (2:21:51), Andrew Gasson (2:23:20), Alan Fry (2:24:34), Catherine Kempton (2:24:34), Jason Wadey (2:24:34), Daniel Belton (2:37:16), Clare Payne (2:37:18), Linda Russell (2:43:36), Gary Foley (2:43:36), Philippe Ecaille (2:46:03), Karen Harvey (2:46:04), Gill Berglund (2:51:16), Helen Pratt (3:09:18), Hannah Watkins (3:09:18), Paula Ridley (3:22:54), Richard Ridley (3:22:54), Theresa Chalk (3:25:35), Malcolm Slater (3:25:37) and Jennifer Nicoll (3:47:52).

Elsewhere, Neil Grigg shattered the Milton Keynes 20 Mile Race in a time of 2:19:56, Jamie and Emma Goodhead completed the Berkhamstead Half in impressive times of 1:34:33 and 1:44:27 respectively and Jonathan Lelliott ran an awesome 40:27 at the Selsey 10k.


The "Blue Army" at the Eastbourne Half


Jon Boxall stole the show for the Burgess Hill Runners last weekend as he stormed to a stunning new PB of 1:23:34 at the Brighton Half Marathon. This popular sea-front event lured several of his club mates to tackle the flat, 13 mile road race and it was no surprise that several achieved personal bests. Following on from Jon were: Gareth Brennan (1:30:30), Mark Nicholls (1:34:44), Ross Wiggins (1:34:48), Simon Thompson (1:35:59 - PB), Matthew Cawthra (1:38:45 - PB), Susan Lyle (1:43:26 - PB), Hannah Treadman (1:45:57), Oliver Dewdney (1:46:43), Liz Carter (1:48:00), Oliver Jones (1:48:45 - First time), John Palmer (1:49:19), Emma Leeson (1:49:26 - PB), Andrew Murrell (1:50:48), Gayle Tyler (1:52:13), Mark Craigs (1:52:32), Lee Crow (1:53:40), Katia Hannah (1:53:44 - PB), Laura Fowles (1:56:01 - PB), Jean Leak (1:56:22 - PB), Jenny Nicoll (1:57:03), Keith Brown (1:57:43 - First time), Carole Mills (1:58:18 - PB), Gill Berglund (2:02:17 - PB), Jackie Osborne (2:03:59), Steve Osborne (2:04:02), Claire Giles (2:06:00 - PB), Philippe Ecaille (2:15:10), Kim Cruttenden (2:15:20 - First time), Anita Harris (2:20:20 - PB), Hannah Watkins (2:27:34), Caz Wadey (2:28:10) and Jay Wadey (2:33:16).


Some of the team soaking up the pre-race atmosphere.


It was the ever successful Burgess Hill Runners academy that flew the flag last week as ten of them attended Daley Thompson athletics camp at the K2 in Crawley. Running, high jump, long and javelin were covered and they had a great time. This weekend they attended the last Sussex Sportshall competition of the season at Lancing.


The BHR academy kids doing the club proud.


Last weekend began with a trudge in the mud at Hickstead Showground for the Burgess Hill Runners. Kirsty Armstrong was the club's sole representative in the women's race of approximately 5k in ankle deep mud and over punishing hills. Roaring home in a superb time of 23:48 Kirsty finished in 33rd place. The men almost managed two full teams of four and with an extremely strong A-Team they were first place in Division 2 on the day, taking them to a final league position of 5th. Paul Sargent led the boys home over the 5 mile course in a time of 34:20 (29th place) followed by heroic performances from Jon Boxall (36:35), Jason Collett (36:58) and Neil Grigg (39:43). Finishing for the B-Team were James Sorbie (41:58), Stuart Condie (43:29) and Trevor Symes (48:25).

Helen Pratt took her love of running to Hampshire on Valentine's Day for the Portsmouth Half Marathon. Adding to her collection of race bling, Helen completed the difficult course in a cracking time of 2:30:53.

Meanwhile, a large contingent of club members were in Worthing for the inaugural Worthing Half Marathon. Boasting a flat road course and the promise of an exciting new medal, 19 of the 'Blue Army' were unable to resist temptation. First home for the club was James Sorbie in 1:30:16 (PB), followed by Sharona Harrington (1:38:39), Matthew Cawthra (1:39:06 - PB), Jason Wadey (1:43:30 - PB), Annette Maynard (1:44:33 - PB), Oliver Dewdney (1:44:22), Alice Birdsall (1:44:25 -PB), Debbie Saint (1:47:27), Neil Dawson (1:48:08), Sally Symes (1:53:42 - PB), Nick Dawson (1:56:12), Vicky Connolly (1:57:23), Carole Mills (2:07:41), Claire Giles (2:10:05 - PB), Hugh Stevenage (2:18:03), Gary Foley (2:19:01), Caz Wadey (2:19:01 - PB) and Liz Hayward (2:43:15).


Kirsty Armstrong gallops over the mud at Hickstead (courtesy: Jon Lavis)

Jon Boxall rejoices after a tough slog (courtesy: John Palmer)


Several Burgess Hill Runners competed in the Henfield 9 last weekend, a muddy and undulating 9 mile run from Henfield Leisure Centre. Making the podium was Sharona Harrington, who finished 2nd female in a fantastic 1:11:04. Just short of a trophy himself was Gary Woolven whose time of 1:02:38 put him in 6th place overall. Other intrepid BHR were hot on their heels with Trevor Symes (1:15:31), Sally Symes (1:21:50), Jane Owen (1:39:39) and Eileen Adlam (2:13:22) also flying the flag for the club.

Four of the famous 'blue army' tackled the Chichester 10k and logging some impressive times were Oliver Jones (46:50), Tracy Brownings (58:55), Hugh Stevenage (1:03:28) and Peter Brownings (1:04:24).

Jamie Goodhead clocked up the mileage as he competed in the Thames Trot 50. Jamie ran the whopping 50 miles from Oxford to Henley in a superb time of 9:15:38.


Tracy & Peter Brownings at Chichester


No distance too short or too long for Burgess Hill Runners and last weekend saw club members compete in two very disparate races. Whilst a huge contingent of ninety ‘Blue Army’ were competing in the short, sharp Worthing Lido, a flat four mile road event on the Worthing seafront, eight others were combatting over twenty-eight miles of much tougher terrain at the Dark Star River Marathon organised by Sussex Trail Events.

Paul Sargent was the first Burgess Hill Runner to complete the River Marathon, which follows the Adur river and parts of the popular Downlink trail. He finished 5th overall in a superb time of 3:50:32. Leading the ladies was Sharona Harrington who finished 3rd female in a super speedy time of 4:26:49. Following not far behind were: Mark Nicholls (3:54:25 and 6th overall), Emma Buckland (5:14:45), Darren Chilcott (5:19:18), Jan Lavis (6:26:12), Claire Tucknott (6:26:12) and Philippe Ecaille (6:34:40).

At Worthing, BHR were only one point off maximum with top point scorers Gary Woolven (24:16), Neil Grigg (24:25), Steve Bird (25:02), Jo Bryce (25:27), Kirsty Armstrong (26:51) and Emma Goodhead (28:27) awarded the club’s top six scores. The club was also proud of the twenty runners that were new to the West Sussex Fun Run League: Joe Beesley, Alice Birdsall, Richard Copeland, Liz Crews, Claire Foord, Jamie Goodhead, Neil Grigg, Andrew Jeffries, Margaret John, Christine Jones, Genie Lowson, Tlou Mati, Jane Owen, Richard Ridley, Sabine Rowen, Abby Sutherland, Michelle Sutherland, Laura Walton and Allison Willcox.

In the Junior event Burgess Hill Runners finished 4th overall with superb performances from Jacob Kilkelly, Amy Mills, Zak Snelling, Lily Craigs, Florence Kilkelly, Rosie Ridley, Sam Ridley and Amber Bird.


The Blue Army sharing a laugh at the Dark Star River Marathon (courtesy: Jon Lavis)


Burgess Hill Runners member, Neil Grigg, crossed over to the dark side this weekend for the “Star Wars Rebel Challenge” at Disney World. This comprised of a 10k and a Half Marathon whilst dressed as a Stormtrooper and he completed them in 42:01 and 1:39:54 respectively. He also completed a Star Wars 5k and whilst official results aren’t available, he finished around 5th place out of approximately 5,000 runners.


Neil Grigg dressed ready for action


The "Winter Tanners 20/30" took place this weekend, organised by the Surrey LDWA. Taking place off road and on muddy footpaths the event is open to both walkers and runners with a 20 mile or 30 mile option. Helen Pratt, Marie Carie, Linda Russell, Leanne Cleavely and Angie Smith completed the 20 mile event whilst Di Delderfield and Karen Harvey completed the 30 mile event.

Neil Grigg was pleased to complete the "Dopey Challenge", running a huge total of 46.8 miles in the Disney World Marathon Weekend. Completing 5k, 10k, a Half Marathon and a Marathon, Neil achieved outstanding times of 19:59, 46:35, 1:37:58 and 3:44:32 respectively, along with six medals and most importantly getting to meet several Disney characters along the way.

Finally, James Collins was in his usual fine form finishing the Bexhill Cross Country Championship race in 34th place and a superb time of 46:13 in this 12k race.


Leanne helps Linda battle a log at the Winter Tanners 20 (courtesy: Helen Pratt)


Burgess Hill Runners started their season off in style on the 1st, with a maximum 85 points in the Hangover 5 league race. Carrying on the momentum of last season’s 3rd place finish, the club are aiming to challenge for the title this year and one race into the season they are already off to an encouraging start. 9 club members finished with maximum points in the extremely muddy 5 mile event: Paul Sargent (33:44 and 4th place), James Collins (34:24), Jon Boxall (35:13), Gary Woolven (36:28), Steve Bird (36:29), Joanna Bryce (37:33 and 3rd placed female), Kirsty Armstrong (42:58), Flic Archer (44:25) and Miranda Skinner (46:18). In total the club had 57 runners despite the race taking place in the early hours of New Year’s Day, including four newcomers to the fun run league: Ross Wiggins, Marianne Kilkelly, Liz Haywards and Jane Harle.

It was a good day for the Juniors in the 1 mile event as well. Contributing to a 3rd place overall for the day were Jacob Kilkelly (5:14), Amy Mills (5:27) Zak Snelling (6:00), Sam Ridley (6:07), Florence Kilkelly (6:41), Lily Craigs (7:03), Rosie Ridley (7:55) and Amber Bird (8:09).


The BHR team at the Hangover 5 (courtesy: Nat Bird)