Covid Restrictions

Following the confirmation from the UK Government on the changes to Covid Restriction from Monday 19th July, I wanted to confirm what this means to us at Burgess Hill Runners.

  • The advanced booking process has proven popular and useful from both a covid perspective and also a coaching perspective so is currently planned to remain in place as we go forward. We will also continue to record runners' details in case another participant tests positive.

  • Future access to Burgess Hill Girls School has not been agreed yet and due to the School Holidays, this will not happen until September at the earliest so for now, we will continue to meet at different locations each week. This does give the coaches greater flexibility and variety in the sessions so again will be something we review regularly.

  • Session group sizes are currently capped to 20 per group and this will remain from coaching perspective rather than anything Covid related.

  • We will no longer need to be in a Covid secure environment but a common sense approach should be used when using public areas.

  • Distance yourself wherever possible

  • Minimise the amount of time in close proximity to others

  • Respect other people’s personal space

  • No spitting

  • No non-essential contact – high fiving, hugs etc

  • Stay Home if unwell or showing any symptoms

If you have any questions on this please contact us at


Covid Update - 17th May 2021

Following the latest changes in Covid restrictions, our Covid Co-ordinators have reviewed the guidelines from England Athletics and the following process will continue to be in place.

With effect from 17th May, groups of up to 30 people can meet outdoors. This means we can reintroduce ad hoc sessions including Sunday Runs, Pub Runs or other ad hoc groups. (pub runs may have their own restrictions depending on individual pubs requirements).

For the next few Saturdays, Oliver will arrange his ad hoc Non parkrun events with official parkrun events planned for Saturday 5th June.

Club sessions will continue to be booked in advance and is a process we are likely to retain going forward and the group sizes are currently planned to remain at a maximum of 15 people.

There is currently no change to our access to "Burgess Hill Girls School' so meetings points will continue to be around town.

All sessions must be booked in advance. Please look out for the details shared in a weekly email confirming the session timings and meeting places.

Non Members can be added to this list by contacting us at

The location for each session will be in and around Burgess Hill and the meeting point will be shared each week.

We will aim to have multiple coaches available. Each coach will be able to take a group of 15 people. We will provide a 45 minute coached session comprising 10 minutes of drills and technique training and around 35 minutes for a coached session.

Runners and Coaches should clean their hands prior to arrival.

Runners will need to use the booking request email address - to book their slot for each session.

Runners attend at their own risk and by attending agree to abide by the Covid-19 social distance guidance and respect all other users of any roads, parks or fields that we may attend.

Runners must arrive at the meeting point already warmed up, we recommend at least a 10 minute warm-up run and dynamic stretches. Do not gather in groups. The coach will approach the group. At the end of your session please move to a different area for your cool down so that the next group can start.

A risk assessment is available and it is recommended that runners familiarise themselves to ensure they comply with all the measures necessary to minimise risks.

Here is some guidance that we ask all those attending to follow:

  • Runners to wear bright visible clothing, to dress appropriately for the weather, and to bring warm / waterproof clothing for after session or if an emergency occurs.

  • Runners are to observe at least 2m social distance at all times and must not touch anyone else’s belongings.

  • Runners are to face away from all other people when deep breathing.

  • No spitting to be allowed.

  • No physical interaction between each other.

  • No equipment to be shared / handled.

  • Water bottles and clothing to be personalised clearly and not shared.

  • Training is to be conducted in groups of 1 coach and up to 15 runners.

  • Bring hand sanitising products for use in case you touch anything.