Club Sessions

The Club is based in the gym at Burgess Hill Girls School, Keymer Road, Burgess Hill and meets at the school on most Wednesdays.  There are some exceptions to this (see below) so please check this website/ social media or phone another member to be sure. Changing facilities are available at the School.

In addition to Wednesday evening sessions, the club also runs a Daytime Running Group.

Wednesday Sessions:

Walking Group




As a rough guide, sessions will usually be as follows:

Beginners 30 mins 2-3 miles
Improvers 45 mins 3-4 miles
Development 60 mins 5-6 miles
Performance 75 mins 7-9 miles

Winter (mid August - May) 

From Burgess Hill School out to a variety of destinations in Burgess Hill (well lit and quiet where possible)There are monthly sessions at the track at Lewes Leisure Centre, Mountfield Road, Lewes (1945-2100 hrs). These are usually the first Wednesday in the month but this is confirmed by email/website/Facebook/Google Groups. Track sessions are primarily for speed or speed endurance. Changing and showering facilities are available at the Leisure Club. We also meet afterwards at The Swan, Southover High Street, Lewes. 

Summer (May – mid August) 
From Burgess Hill School, out onto footpaths to a variety of destinations in the countryside surrounding Burgess Hill.Meet at the school but then drive to a variety of countryside locations 5-10km from Burgess Hill.There are usually three or four WSFRL races held on Wednesday evenings, and, on these occasions only Beginners and Improvers’ sessions are held to try and encourage runners to participate in the fun run and also enable coaches to do so.  

The format for groups will usually be: 

A 10-15 minute full warm up during which time club announcements are made; this is followed by a gentle/steady run.The training session itself; this will usually consist of two or three components followed by a run back to the school.A ten minute stretch/warm down during which time any (reminder) announcements are made.