Press Releases 2020

All Press Releases are by our PR Officer Oliver Jones unless otherwise stated..

A small group of Burgess Hill Runners travelled to Lewes to take on the local Moyleman Marathon. A popular event that uses a fair amount of the South Downs. First home for the Club was Oliver Day (04:07:18), followed by Jamie Goodhead (04:11:54), Lee Crow (04:30:56), Simon Thompson (04:49:47), Neil Dawson (04:56:19), Phil Latham (05:12:31), Jane Owen (05:46:30, Fred Sykes (05:46:30), Chania Hemsley-Smith (05:51:19) and Jayne Leaney (05:56:52). 

Elsewhere in London our runners took on the Hampton Court Palace Half Marathon. Annette Maynard (01:46:38), Caroline John (01:53:24), Debbie Saint (01:54:16), John Palmer (02:01:46), Gemma Taverner (02:17:58), Mick Richards (02:20:45), Kevin Walker (02:36:15) and Andrew Rowe (02:38:44). 

Over in Hampshire Robert Shalloe took on the Fleet Half Marathon. Rob finished in a great time of (01:26:11).

Down in Worthing a couple of our runners competed in the West Worthing 10k. David Leen was first over the line for Burgess Hill Runners in  (01:01:00), closely followed by Tracey Golbey (01:01:02). 

Last week Jon Boxall took on the Surrey Half Marathon. Jon finished in a great time of (01:19:03). A massive PB on an undulating course. Well done!

Photo:   (Annette Maynard at the Palace half marathon)

Courtesy:  (Annette Maynard)

Burgess Hill Runners travelled on mass to Steyning in Sussex to take part in theSteyning Stinger races. A very popular event which consists of half marathon and marathon option. A trail course that takes you up onto the south downs and normally involves a lot of mud. First home for the club and finishing in first place overall in the marathon was Philip Wallek (03:13:44). Great time and well done! He was followed by Oliver Day (04:07:36), Jamie Goodhead (04:23:46), Jack Maynard (04:32:09) his first marathon, Lee Crow (04:37:31), Annette Maynard (04:38:24), Steven Bird (04:40:06), Tlou Mati (05:33:16), Jayne Leaney (05:59:28). In the half marathon Robert Shalloe was first home for the club (01:48:20), he was followed by Neil Phillpot (01:56:53), Kirsty Armstrong (01:57:04), Darren Parsons (01:59:02), Christelle Maugiron (02:21:22), Benny Coxhill (02:23:23), Sally Symes (02:28:54), Thomas Peel - Yates (02:33:15), Chris Page (02:33:25), Jill Bennett (02:41:37), Cath Beckett (02:41:39), Paul Kaynes (02:43:15), Karen Harvey (02:50:53), Stephanie Harding (02:51:44), Karl Richards (03:10:16) and Eileen Adlam (04:22:03). 

In London a few of our runners took on the Vitality Big Half. Jamie topping was first home for the club (01:22:37), followed by Fred Sykes (01:39:50), Malcolm Johnson (02:17:03), Charles Otto Olak (02:45:03). 

Still in London Keith Brown took on the Kempton Park Half Marathon. Keith finished in (02:02:19).

A small group travelled to Malta to compete in the half marathon. It was postponed last year due to bad storms but this year the sunshine returned and our runners were happy. Carole Mills (01:53:53), followed by Ben Ayling (01:53:57), Helen Pratt (02:15:40), Vivien Smith (02:17:37), Dawn Fahy (02:32:20), Anita Harris (02:32:57), Ann Savidge (02:33:49), Steven Gray (02:39:04). 

Last week Neil Grigg travelled to Spain to take on the Seville marathon. Neil finished in an excellent time (02:49:47). Smashing his PB and also the sub 3hr marathon time. Well done!

Photo:  (Burgess Hill Runners in Malta)

Courtesy:  (Helen Pratt)

On a windy Sunday morning lots of Burgess Hill Runners took on the Brighton Half Marathon. First home for the club was Jamie Topping in a great time of (01:23:27), followed by Oliver Day (01:26:51), Steven Bird (1:28:49), Andrew Biggs (01:30:10), Ross Wiggins (01:31:47), Neil Phillpot (01:33:19), Richard Jerome (01:36:10), Kirsty Armstrong (01:36:46), Darren Parson (01:39:03), Andrew Bishop (01:39:46), Alan Fry (01:41:33), Mark Santer (01:42:13), Flo Wolfe (01:43:07), Annette Maynard (01:47:05), Luke McMahon (01:47:49) Douglas Cooper (01:50:42), Carole Mills (01:55:12), Jonathan Lane (01:55:40), Gary Amor (01:57:18), Paul Kaynes (01:57:28), Jamie Goodhead (01:57:33), Emma Goodhead (01:57:34), Mark Craigs (01:57:41), Nicky Callus (01:57:47), Jill Craigs (01:57:58), Keith Brown (02:00:09), Cameron Cooper (02:03:46), Phillipe Ecaile (02:06:02), Steve Osborne (02:08:56), Claire Giles (02:10:32), Debbie Saint (02:11:37), Matt Wilson (02:11:55), Nicola Saunders (02:16:40), Jane Sykes (02:17:54), Nina Ecroyd (02:20:49), Hayley Sherrell (02:21:03), Simon Lock (02:21:42), Karl Richards (02:33:38), Ruth Day (02:41:23).

Elsewhere in Essex Daniel Belton took on the St Peters Trail Ultra. A winding route of 43 miles along trails and pathways. Daniel finished in a great time of (08:30:19).

Sian Harrison took on the Gunpowder Run in Eastbourne. Sian finished in (01:04:41).

Picture: (Burgess Hill Runners at Brighton Half Marathon)

Courtesy: (Mark Craigs)

A couple of weeks of awful weather did not stop Burgess Hill Runners club members competing. On Saturday our Cross Country teams went to Bexhill for the last race of the season. In the womens' 3 mile event: Kirsty Armstrong (23:35) 25th overall, Emma Leeson McManus (24:33) 33rd, Flo Wolfe (25:46) 39th and Suse Potts (29:32) 60th. The women's team ended the season finishing in 10th place in division 2. In the mens 5 mile event: Kevin Cross (41:31) 94th, Stuart Condie (41:41) 97th, Daniel Belton (41:42) 98th and John Palmer (54:04) 114th. The men’s team finished the season in 9th place in division 3. 

On Sunday Flo Wolfe travelled to Kent to take on the  Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon. Flo finished in a great time (01:47:08). Well done!

Earlier in the month Breige Toner travelled to Spain and competed in the Torremolinos Half Marathon. Breige got herself a PB (02:06:00) and best in age category. Great going!

Picture:  (Mens and Womens Cross Country teams at Bexhill)

Courtesy: (John Palmer)


A few races over the last couple of weeks saw Burgess Hill Runners enjoy themselves. This week saw a couple of our runners travel to Chichester to take part in the 10k race. Sally Symes finished in (51:31) and Louise Fox (01:01:07).

Last week saw four of our runners take on the ‘Darkstar Marathon’. A tough local marathon that can be very muddy in places. First home for the club was Phillip Wallek (03:33:59) and second place overall. Followed by Paul Sargent (03:34:22), Andrew Bishop ((04:25:25), Simon Thompson (05:11:45). 

Elsewhere in London Keith Brown took on the ‘Leo Valley’ Velo park 10 mile race. Keith finished in (01:29:11). 

Sally Symes took part in the ‘Queen Elizabeth Park’ 10k. Sally finished in a time of (52:02) and first place in her age category. Well done!

Picture: ( Phillip Wallak and Paul Sargent at the Darkstar Marathon)

Courtesy:  (Andrew Baillie)

Lots of different events for Burgess Hill Runners this week. On Saturday some of our runners took part in the Sussex Masters Cross Country. In the men's V60 team: Stuart Condie (37:47) 18th, Nigel Cruttenden (39:16) 29th and Benny Coxhill (40:16) 31st. Did a good job finishing in 5th place on the day. In the women's V45 Katherine Wallek (44:24) finished in 25th place in her first event. In the men's V40 race Philip Wallek (29:27) finished in 9th place, great job! In the V50 men's race John Palmer (47:20) finished in 56th.

On Sunday up in the Surrey hills some our club members took on the LDWA Winter Tanners event. A lovely event through some stunning countryside. In the 20 mile event Daniel Belton finished in (04:20:00) and Karen Harvey was not far behind in (04:35:00). In the 30 mile event Mark Nicholls (05:20:00) and Oliver Day (05:20:00) both finished in a good time. Well done everyone!

Elsewhere in London Helen Pratt and Matt Wilson took part in the Zeus run at Walton on Thames. Both completed the half marathon distance in (02:31:26).
In Crystal Palace Keith Brown took part in the 10k race. Keith finished in a time of (54:10).

Photo:  (Benny Coxhill, Stuart Condie and Nigel Cruttenden at the Sussex Masters XC)

Courtesy:  (John Palmer)

Burgess Hill Runners travelled a fair distance to compete  in races this week. Oliver Day took on the Country to Capital. This starts in Wendover and finishes in Little Venice, London. This 43 mile race takes in some stunning countryside as well as the the Grand Union canal path. Oliver completed this event in a good time of (07:16:49). Well done!

Elsewhere in Dorset Helen Pratt and Stephanie Harding took on the Dark Moors'10 mile event. An evening/night event that takes you round the Moors Valley country park. Helen finished in a time of (01:56:34) and Stephanie (01:56:35). Well done ladies!

Photo:  (Oliver Day after the Country to Capital race)
Courtesy: (Oliver Day)

A new year and lots of new running goals for Burgess Hill Runners club members. The Hangover 5 was the first WSFRL event of the year. This always takes place on New Years Day. The race starts just opposite Worthing college and is a nice but muddy run up onto the downs and back down again. The top ten point scorers were: Rob Shalloe (36:44), Kirtsy Armstrong (37:16) also 2nd lady, Neil Phillpot (37:56), Jamie Goodhead (38:56), Fred Sykes (42:16), Brian Kilkelly (42:37),Emma Jane Goodhead (46:44), Nicky Callus (47:53), Sally Symes (48:53), Jill Bennett (50:36).

Also a mention to Finlay Kilkelly who got a medal in the junior race.

Picture: (Burgess Hill Runners at 'Hangover 5')

Courtesy:(Douglas Cooper)