Press Releases 2018

All Press Releases are by our PR Officer Oliver Jones unless otherwise stated..

Burgess Hill Runners continued with local races this week as a few club members traveled to Henfield to compete in the Half Marathon. Ross Wiggins finished in a time of (01:34:48), he was followed by Shawn Lainchbury (01:36:04)and Sharona Harrington (01:46:24).

Last week the WSFRL continued with the 'Highdown Hike'. The club's top ten point scorers were: Oliver Day (26:21), Leigh Smith (26:59), Rob Shalloe (27:29), Rod Catton (27:49), Shawn Lainchbury (27:54), Jack Maynard (29:07), Andrew Bishop (30:32), Annette Maynard (33:20), Chania Hemsley - Smith (36:32) and Jayne Leaney (37:14). 

Elsewhere Kevin Cross traveled to London to compete in the Wimbledon Half Marathon. He finished the distance in (01:55:03). 

Picture:  (Burgess Hill Runners at Highdown)
Courtesy:  (Jay Wadey)

Burgess Hill Runners traveled far and wide this week to race for the club. Mark Nicholls and Jamie Goodhead ventured all the way to the lake district to take on the 'Lakeland 50' mile. Both completed the event in times of (09:32:00) and (11:25:09) respectively.
Also on Saturday Keith Brown traveled to Leo Valley park in London. He completed 10 laps of the course in (01:30:09) to finish the 10 mile event.
On Sunday the WSFRL returned to Henfield in the 'Seven Stiles ' race. The top ten points scorers were: Gary Woolven (25:06), Oliver Day (25:49), Rod Catton (26:36), Leigh Smith (26:44), Rob Shalloe (27:00), Shaun Lainchbury (27:35), Jack Maynard (28:35), Annette Maynard (31:51), Christelle Maughan (33:16)and Chania Hemsley - Smith (33:47).

Elsewhere on Sunday the 'South Coast Run' took place. Ross Wiggins completed the half marathon distance in (01:37:39) and Matthew Cawthra finished the 10k in (46:47). 

Picture:  (Burgess Hill Runners at Henfield)
Courtesy:  (Ledge Cats)

The hot weather continued this week as Burgess Hill Runners travelled to Ardingly for the annual ' Wakehurst Willow '. A great race set in the grounds of Wakehurst place, a challenging course as well. First home for the club was James Collins (29:53) followed by Jonathan Herbert (35:43), Kirsty Armstrong (36:09), Flic Archer (37:45), Rich Neale (38:05), Kevin Cross (38:43), Gayle Tyler (39:39), Douglas Cooper (40:04), Annette Maynard (41:51), Hugh Stevenage (44:16), Jason Wadey (45:47), Karl Richards (45:47), Elizabeth Carter (45:59), Jane Owen (46:08), John Palmer (49:20), Carole Mills (50:16), Claire Giles (51:11), Clare Payne (51:30), Sarah Fagg  (51:30), Tracey Swaffer (53:48), Dawn Fahy (54:46), Wendy White (55:15), Pauline Sutherand (56:13), Meredith Macdonald (59:05), Marianne Killkenny (01:00:11), Linda Hulley (01:01:36) and Liz Parker (01:06:32).

Elsewhere this week on the south coast the ' Luna-tic Marathon ' took place in Shoreham by Sea. This is a day/night event running up one side of the 'Adur ' river and back down the other. Each lap is about 9 miles , one lap in daylight, one at dusk and one at night. Paul Sargent continued his winning form as he finished first in a time of (03:13:43), Oliver Jones also completed the distance in (04:26:45). 

Picture:   (Burgess Hill Runners at Wakehurst)
Courtesy:   (Claire Giles)

A busy couple of weeks for Burgess Hill Runners with some challenging races. A midweek race for two of our as they took on the Phoenix 10k. Katie Hannah finished in a time of (54:22) followed by Claire Giles (01:00:26). 

Elsewhere Christelle Maugiron travelled to her native France to compete in the' Trail des Passerellas de Monteyard'. this was a tough 15km event which included a 700m single climb as part of the race. She finished the distance in a time of (02:18:40). Meanwhile in Wales Nick Dawson took on the 'Scott Snowdonia Trail Marathon'. This is a very tough event and she completed the distance in (08:23:00). 

Closer to home in Worthing a lot of our runners took on 'Beat TheTide' 10k. First home for the club and winning the event was Paul Sargent in a time of (38:31), followed by Rod Catton (44:08), James Sorbie (45:04), Oliver Jones (46:58), Liz Carter (56:42), Karl Richards (57:27), Carole Mills (01:00:56), David Leen (01:02:24), Clare Peake (01:07:23), Wendy White (01:08:59), Karen Sargent (01:11:20), Vivien Smith (01:11:29), David Clark (01:14:01), Jocelyn Coppard (01:19:26), Dawn Fahy (01:19:30), Theresa Chalk (01:19:34), Allison Wilcox (01:22:05), Karen Harvey (01:33:20) and Helen Pratt (01:33:20). 

Last week the WSFRL season continued with the 'Roundhill Romp'. the top 10 point scorers for the club were: Mark Nicholls (41:10), followed by Leigh Smith (43:16), Shawn Lainchbury (43:20), Rob Shalloe (43:26), Rod Catton (44:35), Kirsty Armstrong (45:28), Andy Sayers (46:27), GayleTyler (52:02), Annette Maynard (53:17) and Sue Ledger Catton (56:59). 

Also Oliver Jones and Nick Dawson traveled to Petersfield to take on the 'Serpent Trail' 50k. A beautiful event that is well worth doing. Both runners completed the distance in times of (06:23:26) and (07:22:31) respectively.

Photo:  (Burgess Hill Runners at Beat the Tide)
Courtesy:  (Theresa Chalk)

A busy week of running that started off with 'Marathon Madness' on Monday. This is an event where runners choose to do 5 marathons in 5 days or 3 marathons in 3 days or enter a single event on its own. Paul Sargent opted to do the 5 in 5 and he managed to get the best overall time with some tough and amazing running. He completed all five marathons in an overall time of (18:51:21). He also won three of those marathons and completed his 50th marathon in the process.  Jamie Goodhead completed the marathon on the Friday in a time of (03:52:03).
On Saturday three of our ladies travelled to Kent to compete in the 'Ranscombe Challenge'. This is a lapped event so you can do as many laps as you like.  Katie Laa (06:44:18), Sarah Fagg (06:44:23) and Clare Payne (06:44:25), all completed the marathon distance of 26.2 miles. Also on Saturday the St Lawrence fair fun run took place. First home for the club was Gary Woolven in (39:33) and fifth place overall, he was followed by Robert Shalloe (41:30), Jonathon Herbert (42:12).

On Sunday a few Burgess Hill Runners travelled to Wadhurst in Kent to compete in the annual 'Bewl Water 15' event. Ross Wiggins was first home for the club in a time of (02:10:03), followed by Richard Jerome (02:12:37), Flic Archer (02:18:10) and Chris Page (02:48:48).
Picture:  (Clare Payne, Sarah Fagg and Katie Laa at the Ranscombe Challenge)
Courtesy:  (Sarah Fagg)

An annual club event started things of this week with the ' Blackcap ' handicap race. This is a five mile event that starts from Ditchling Beacon and goes to the Blackcap Trig point on the South Downs. Each runner is handicapped by a certain time depending on how fast they are. It is a complicated formula worked out by our organiser. Congratulations to Louise Backler who was first home in a time of (57:39), followed by Jack Maynard (58:10), Trevor Symes (58:35).

The WSFRL continued with the ' Downland Dash ' on Saturday. The top ten points scorers for the club were: Leigh Smith (34:11), Jack Maynard (35:27), Kirsty Armstrong (35:34), Annette Maynard (41:51), Keith Richards (46:19), Jayne Leeney (47:03), Tlou Mati (50:12), Carole Mills (52:39), Tracey Swaffer (54:10), Louise Backler (55:05).
Elsewhere a small group from the club traveled to Dorset to do the ' Giants Head ' marathon, a tough and popular event. Fred Sykes was first home for the club in (05:02:07), followed by Nick Dawson (06:03:35), Karen Harvey (06:31:58), Helen Pratt (06:50:26) and Chania Hemsley - Smith (06:50:26).
Last week a couple of our runners traveled to Eastleigh to compete in a 10k. Richard Jerome finished in a time of (42:53)PB , followed by Richard Copeland (01:10:21). Also last week Oliver Jones traveled up to ' Bushy Park ' in London to compete in the 10k. He finished in a time of (44:46).
Picture: (Oliver Jones at Bushy Park)
Courtesy: (Oliver Jones)

A big race this week for a few Burgess Hill Runners. The South Downs Way 100 is a tough and gruelling event that only the strong and some might say bonkers enter. Three of our ladies managed to finish this epic race, Sharona Harrington was first home for the club in a time of (24:11:47), followed by Karen Harvey (27:30:34) and Stephanie Harding (28:50:32). A truly epic achievement by all!

Hove Park was next on the list for the WSFRL season for Burgess Hill Runners and they took a big team to compete in this race. The top ten point scorers were: Leigh Smith ( 21:58), Rob Shalloe (22:21), Kirsty Armstrong (22:47), Rod Catton (23:15), Jack Maynard (24:27), Gayle Tyler (25:31), Annette Maynard (26:47), Ledge Cats (27:25), Chania Hemsley - Smith (28:19), Suse Potts (28:28).
Elsewhere Oliver Jones traveled to do the St Albans Half Marathon.He completed the distance in (01:44:02). Alex Rickman took on the Weald Challenge 50k and completed the distance in (05:51:21). 

Last week there were a few races on the bank holiday Monday that the club took part in. A popular local one was the Lindfield 5 and 10K. A fair amount of the club turned out for this one and it turned out to be a hot day. First home for the club in the 5k was Kirsty Armstrong in a time of (22:09). Kevin Cross was the first home in the 10k with a time of (57:32). Elsewhere Amanda Duplock and Elizabeth Parker both completed the Vitality London 10,000, (59:57) and (01:18:18) respectively. 

Pictures: (Sharona Harrington, Karen Harvey and Stephanie Harding all with their SDW 100 medals)
Courtesy: (Simon Thompson and Helen Pratt)


An eventful weekend for Burgess Hill Runners this week. It all started early Saturday morning as the club sent two teams to compete in the annual South Downs Way Relay. This is an event where a team of six runners each do three legs that encompass the entire length of the South Downs Way. Team A was Neil Grigg, Alistair Carter, Oliver Day, Paul Prosser,  Rob Shalloe and Jon Lelliot. They finished the relay in a time of (12:30:38). Team B was Matthew Cawthra, Andrew Baillie, Andy Sayers, Gayle Tyler , Alex Rickman and James Sorbie.They completed the relay in a time of (14:00:00). Must not forget the drivers that got them to there legs, Daniel Belton and Tony Radmall. 

On the Sunday the club favourite and also club championship race ' Worthing 10k ' took place. Lots of club members turned up to compete is this popular event on the south coast. Leading the club home was Phil Mcmanus in a time of (36:10), followed by Gary Woolven (37:53), Jamie Topping (38:03), Oliver Day (39:53), Leigh Smith (41:30), Ross Wiggins (42:05), Emma Leeson Mcmanus (43:18), Oliver Jones (44:28),  Flic Archer (44:48), Alan Fry (45:39), Andrew Bishop (45:41), Fred Sykes (45:49), Lee Crow (46:16), Benny Coxhill (47:20), Jack Maynard (48:39), Oliver Dewdney (49:04), Hugh Stevenage (49:25), Martin Skeats (49:35), Tshepo Mati (49:32), John Palmer (49:32), Annette Maynard (50:15), Jane Owen (53:53), Malcolm Johnson (54:03), Jayne White (54:08), Mark Craigs (55:30), Chris Page (55:45), Jill Craigs (56:40), Paul Hampshire (57:10), Simon Lock (57:11), Gill Berglund (57:19), Angela Bower (57:34), Laura Walton (57:55), Jayne Leaney (59:38), David Leen (59:43), Natalie Banbury (01:00:02), Andrew Rowe (01:00:13), Tlou Mati (01:00:56), Laura Bibby (01:01:13), Wendy White (01:01:28), Kim Gow (01:01:30), Bev Navesey (01:01:40), Sarah Mclelllan (01:04:35),Andy Car (01:05:11), Richard Copeland (01:05:13), Gene Lawson (01:05:55), Dawn Duffy (01:06:09), Kelly Tomsett (01:06:40), Tracey Golbey (01:08:59), Giles Mason (01:09:51), Helen Carr (01:11:44), Fiona Mitchell (01:18:38), Ellie Dallson (01:23:17) and Liz Hayward (01:28:53). 

Picture: (South Downs Way relay team B)
Courtesy: (John Palmer)

A trip to Chichester this week for Burgess Hill Runners as they took on ' Trundle Hill ' in the WSFRL. The top ten points scorers were : Mark Nicholls (41:58), followed by Oliver Day (44:09), Leigh Smith (44:38), Shawn Lainchbury (46:27), Oliver Jones (50:19), Andy Bradford (50:34), Gayle Tyler (53:27), Annette Maynard (54:16), Chania Hemsley - Smith (58:51 and Sally Symes (60:52). On the Saturday Sarah Thompson took on the 100km London to Brighton challenge. She completed the difficult challenge in a time of (22:58:23), Great going! Claire Giles travelled all the way to Dorset to compete in the Dorchester Marathon. She completed the distance in (05:19:35). 

Photo: (BHR at Trundle Hill)
Courtesy: (Jay Wadey)

The WSFRL is in full swing this month. Burgess Hill Runners descended on Littlehampton for the second race in the space of four days. Always a favourite with the club as you can enjoy some fish and chips after the race. The top ten point scorers were: Mark Nicholls (30:14), Oliver Day (30:36), Leigh Smith (31:40), Rod Catton (31:57), Rob Shalloe (32:07), Shawn Lainchbury (33:42), Oliver Jones (34:45), Annette Maynard (38:31), Chania Hemsley-Smith (39:57) and Cath Beckett (40:15). The club finished in sixth place with 114 points. The Juniors did well in the mile race. Jonathan Beckett first home for the club in (4:20) followed by Rosie Beckett (4:26), Amy Mills (4:30) and Freddie Shalloe (4:48). The club took three teams to the annual Green Belt Relay this year. This is an event where teams complete 22 legs in total and 11 on each day that encompasses the entire green belt around London. Each person on your team doing one leg each day.  Burgess Hill finished in 48th, 49th and 50th. It is always a great event for the club and you get to see stunning scenery and run with your fellow club members. Elsewhere Paul Sargent continued his winning form as he won the 'Arun River' marathon in a time of (03:07:59), Sharona Harrington also completed the event in (04:02:02). A few more Burgess Hill Runners competed in the re-arranged 'Bognor Regis' 10k. First home was Emma Leeson Mcmanus (42:54), followed by Marie Carey (51:45), Richard Copeland (01:08:35) and Helen Carr (01:14:12). Jamie Goodhead completed the North Downs Way 50 in a superb time of (09:26:12). Briege Toner travelled north and completed the Leeds half marathon in (02:07:28).

Picture: Green Belt Relay teams 
Courtesy: John Palmer

Burgess Hill Runners traveled far and wide across southern England this week. Milton Keynes weekend has proved popular with club members and so it proved again this year. Neil Grigg was first home for the club in the Half marathon
in a time of (01:35:35), followed by Alice Tellet (01:50:55). Rich Neale completed the Marathon distance in (05:00:54). The Saturday after bank holiday a small group of BHR traveled to the beautiful Bewl water to do the Half marathon. First home was Richard Jerome in a time of (01:50:29), followed by Cath Beckett (02:07:44), Sheryl Caldecourt (02:12:09), Jane Owen (02:12:45), Clare Payne (02:16:54), Wayne Caldecourt (02:30:50) and Marianne Kilkelly (02:53:20). 
Elsewhere on the Friday a small group traveled over to Dorset to compete in the Ox races. The first race was the Dark Ox (10k). Karen led the team home in (01:26:45), followed by Jason Wadey (01:26:46), Nick Dawson (01:26:46), Jill Bennett (01:27:14), Helen Pratt (01:27:14) and Gary Foley (01:27:14). On the Saturday it was the Ox 50 mile. Stephanie Harding (12:43:38) and Helen Pratt (14:08:24) completed 8 laps (54 miles). Nick Dawson (09:27:48) and Karen Harvey (09:27:48) completed 6 laps (40.5 miles). Jason Wadey (07:46:00), Jill Bennett (08:21:38) and Gary Foley (08:21:38) completed 5 laps (33.75 miles). Helen Pratt had not had enough and got up Sundaymorning to do the Light Ox, She finished in a time of (01:24:28). Well done all of you!

A busy Sunday for the club as a lot of BHR headed up to the 'Run Gatwick' half marathon. Jon Boxall was the first home in a time of (01:21:42), followed by
Oliver Day (01:26:45), Kisrty Armstrong (01:35:14), Emma Leeson Mcmanus (01:36:19), Miranda Skinner (01:36:20), Lee Crow(01:42:35), Alan Fry (01:45:02),
Matthew Cawthra (01:46:41), Stephen Payne (01:49:14), Emma Buckland (01:51:37), Liz Carter (01:51:50), Mark Davies (01:54:55), Marie Carey (01:57:31),
Carole Mills (01:57:32) and Matt Wilson (02:07:49).

Also going on was the Hedgehopper 5 WSFRL in Portslade. The top ten points scorers were: Jonathan Herbert (34:45), Rob Shalloe (34:47), Rod Catton (35:00), Leigh Smith (35:22), Douglas Cooper (38:11), Oliver Jones (39:41), Andrew Bishop (40:20), Annette Maynard (42:21), Chania Hemsley - Smith (46:26), Katia Hannah (47:11).

Last but not least was an amazing run by Hugh Stevenage in the Eastbourne Trackstar marathon. A great time of (03:57:43), also earning himself a PB.

Picture: (Burgess Hill Runners at the Ox races.)
Courtesy: (Jay Wadey)


A lot of running this Bank Holiday weekend for Burgess Hill Runners. It all started on Saturday with the ' Mid Sussex Marathon '. It is an event held every year over the first May bank holiday weekend where you do a marathon over three days.

The first race was the East Grinstead 10 mile. First home for the club was Flic Archer in a time of (01:25:21), she was followed by Oliver Jones (01:31:45),
 Martin Skeats (01:32:27), Annette Maynard (01::33:16), Fred Sykes (01:35:19), Jack Maynard (01:35:20), Gayle Tyler (01:37:02), Jean Leak (01:40:48), Elizabeth Carter (01:43:20), John Palmer (01:45:36), Jonathan Leak (01:46:19), Chania Hemsley-Smith (01:49:15), Jill Craigs (01:51:37), Chris Page (01:53:12), Jane Owen (01:53:42), Malcolm Johnson (01:53:43), Alex Pomorski (01:57:17),Megan Maughan (01:57:18), Jayne Leaney (01:59:51), Claire Giles (02:03:44), Karl Richards (02:04:35), Clare Payne (02:10:18), Ben Page (02:19::53), Malcolm Slater (02:25:15) and David Woodhouse (02:25:57).
The second race was the Haywards Heath 10 mile. 
First home for the club was Jamie Topping (01:08:23), He was followed by Oliver Jones (01:22:18), Flic Archer (01:22:52), Gayle Tyler (1:27:09), Annette Maynard (01:28:03), Jack Maynard (01:28:30), Nikki Bryan (01:28:53), Matthew Cawthra (01:29:29),Martin Skeats (01:30:53), Fred Sykes (01:31:52), Oliver Dewdney (01:31:59), Hugh Stevenage (01:34:03), Elizabeth Carter (01:34:58), Jean Leak (01:35:15), Chania Hemsley - Smith (01:41:21), Megan Maughan (01:43:11), Alex Pomorski (01:43:11), Jill Craigs  (01:45:29), Chris Page (01:45:36), Jonathan Leak (01:46:06), Malcolm Johnson (01:49:54), Laura Walton (01:51:09), David Leen (01:52:06), Claire Giles (01:53:08), Malcolm Slater (01:54:19), Karl Richards 
(01:59:45), Andy Carr (02:01:33), Ben Page (02:02:31), David Woodhouse (02:04:14), and Helen Carr (02:14:33).

The last race of the series was Burgess Hill 10k. 
First home for the club was Paul Prosser (43:29), he was followed by Oliver Day (45:20), Oliver Jones (50:55), Flic Archer (51:08), Fred Sykes (52:48), Martin Skeats (53:39), Gayle Tyler ((54:03), Annette Maynard (54:36), Jack Maynard (55:33), Jean Leak (59:44), Elizabeth Carter (01:01:18), Chris Page (01:04:24), Megan Maughan (01:04:54), Alex Pomorski (01:04:54), Jonathan Leak (01:05:25), Chania Hemsley - Smith (01:06:22), Helen Pratt (01:07:44), Jill Craigs (01:09:05), Malcolm Johnson (01:09:08), Matt Wilson (01:09:10), Claire Giles (01:1024),
Karl Richards (01:10:30), David Woodhouse (01:10:31), Malcolm Slater (01:13:53), Ben Page (01:15:51), Anna Radilo Montiel (01:27:30), Nikki Davies (01:27:30), Lousie Backler (01:27:37), Etta Wheeler (01:28:08) and Jonathan Lane (01:48:22).

Burgess Hill Ladies won the Team event at Burgess Hill and Martin Skeats won the OV65 and David Woodhouse on the OV60 for the whole weekend.

The overall Marathon results are Flic Archer in first place with a time of (03:39:32), followed by Oliver Jones (03:45:28), Annette Maynard (03:56:04), Martin Skeats (03:57:43), Gayle Tyler (03:58:31), Jack Maynard (04:00:39), Fred Sykes (04:01:13), Jean Leak (04:16:14), Elizabeth Carter (04:20:29), Jonathan Leak (04:38:10), Chania Hemsley - Smith  (04:38:36), Chris Page (04:44:14), Megan Maughan (04:46:41),  Alex Pomorski (04:46:41), Jill Craigs (04:47:19), Malcolm Johnon (o4:54:00), Claire Giles (05:08:23), Karl Richards (05:16:07), Malcolm Slater (05:35:15), Ben Page (05:39:25) and David Woodhouse (05:41:58). 

Elsewhere three of our runners competed in the Three Forts Challenge Marathon. Paul Sargent won the event in an awesome time of (03:25:56) he was followed by Oliver day (04:19:23), Sharona Harrington (05:23:07) and 
Andrew Murrell (06:02:58).

Further a field Simon Thompson and Sarah Thompson took on the ' Isle of Wight ' Challenge, 106 Kilometers around the island. they completed the event (25:08:29) and (25:08:27) respectively. 

Photo: Ladies team with there trophy.
Courtesy: Claire Giles.

by Oliver Jones

London Marathon weekend and a few of the Burgess Hill Runners traveled up to London to compete in the Marathon everyone wants to do.
Tough conditions on the day as temperatures reached the mid twenties. First home for Burgess Hill Runners was Paul Sargent in an awesome time of (02:52:38), he was followed by Mark Nicholls (03:22:42), Gary Woolven (03:39:17), Susan Lyle (04:24:42), Jonathon Lane (04:41:16), Carole Mills (05:10:08), Gary Foley (05:27:38), Nina Ecroyd (05:43:29), Ben Crampton (06:05:02), and Caroline John (06:15:49).

Elsewhere lots of club runners did the 'Bluebell 10 mile and 10k' in Angmering this week. This event always attracts a lot of runners, beautiful scenery and bluebells in the woods and it also happens to be a club championship race.
First home for the club in the 10k was Gordon Skeats in a time of (51:51) he was followed by David Leen (01:03:52) and Gillian Emiy (01:08:42).
The 10 mile race seems to be the more popular with the club and first home was Kirsty Armstrong in a great time of (01:15:19), she was followed by Rob Shalloe (01:16:34), Richard Jerome (01:20:05), Flic Archer (01:21:05), Gayle Tyler (01:25:15), Sophie Barton (01:31:27), Hugh Stevenage (01:32:50), Liz Carter (01:33:30), Jayne White (01:34:27), Jason Wadey (01:36:11), Rich Neale (01:36:13), Chania Hemsley - Smith (01:38:18), Mick Richards (01:38:56), Jill Craigs (01:39:01), Chris Page (01:39:07), Christelle Maugiron (01:39:31), Richard Light (01:42:08), Mark Craigs (01:48:12), Simon Lock (01:49:56), Kim Gow (01:55:19), and Eileen Adlam (02:26:58). 

Also travelling this week to races were Sharona Harrington who completed the ' Fox Ultra ' 60k in a superb time of (06:42:00) and Oliver Jones who completed the Southampton Marathon in a time of (04:19:32). 

Photo: (BHR at Bluebell 10)
Courtesy: (Chania Hemsley - Smith)

by Oliver Jones

A big weekend down on the south coast saw the 'Brighton Marathon and 10k' take centre stage. Lots of Burgess Hill Runners descended to the coast to compete.
The BM10k was the first race to start on the Sunday. First home for the club was Kirsty Armstrong in a time of (41:13), she was followed by Leigh Smith (41:15), Emma Leeson McManus (43:49), Annette Maynard (49:16), Gill Berglund (55:27), David Woodhouse (57:15), Karl Richards (01:00:13), Raymond Speck (01:01:19), Wendy White (01:02:12), Allison Willcox (01:19:58) and Caroline John (01:21:26).

The Marathon was next up and lots of our runners were amazing and got some PB's in the process.
Stuart Church was the first home in a time of (03:10:21), he was followed by Rob Shalloe (03:11:09), Jon Boxall (03:11:12), Jonathan Cocker (03:12:58), Jonathan Herbert (03:25:08), Steve Bird (03:26:28), Alistair Carter (03:27:16), Sharona Harrington (03:43:41), Jos Jacobs (03:58:02), Nigel Cruttenden (04:00:56), Simon Thompson (04:04:22), Fred Sykes (04:04:39), Chania Hemsley-Smith (04:30:13), Hugh Stevenage (04:32:52), Helen Pratt (04:35:53), Jane Owen (04:43:21),
Jayne Leaney (04:46:31), Claire Michelle Giles (04:57:47), Keith Brown (04:58:27), Katie Laa (05:02:36), Gemma Tavener (05:16:30), Paddy Maher (05:34:14), Michelle Sutherland (05:34:40), Malcolm Slater (05:40:25), Kim Cruttenden (05:45:40) and Angie Bower (05:45:40).

Picture: (Simon Thompson at the start of the Marathon)
Courtesy: John Palmer

by Oliver Jones

Burgess Hill Runners had a busy Easter period and it all started off on Easter Monday at the Lewes 10k. This year it was a bit wetter and muddier than last year but still a great event to start the WSFRL season.
First home for the club was Oliver Day (41:33), he was followed by Jonathon Herbert (43:55), Rob Shalloe (44:06), Leigh Smith (45:40), Kirsty Armstrong (46.29), Sharona Harrington (48:16), Flic Archer (49:51), Gayle Tyler (53:03), Annette Maynard (54:30) and Chania Hemsley-Smith (55:47). The club finished third overall with 118 points.
The Juniors did really well with Jacob Kilkelly first home in (6:16), he was followed by Freddie Shalloe (6:56), Jake Armstrong (7:08), Aaron Smart (7:09), Josh Buckland (7:24) and Amy Mills (7:32). The club finished in second place with 62 points overall.

On the Saturday after Easter it was the South Downs Way 50. A group of six Burgess Hill Runners entered this tough event. First home for the club was Jamie Goodhead in an awesome time of (08:21:16), he was followed by Simon Thompson (10:02:42), Dan Ford (10:06:07), Steve Roberts (11:01:11), Karen Harvey (11:24:43), and Stephanie Harding (11:36:08). All heroes!

While the South Downs Way 50 was going on the club had entered a V50 team for the Sussex road relays. On the first leg for the club was Oliver Day (12:32), He handed over to Rainer Hirt (16:52), and the final leg to Trevor Symes (13:45).  A great effort by the team as they managed to finish in 16th place. Also at this event Mr Stuart Condie picked up his award for finishing 3rd in the O60 Men’s category in the Sussex Cross Country league 2017/2018. Congratulations!
A few more club runners travelled further afield to compete. The lure of the Greater Manchester Marathon saw three of our club members travel north for this race. First Home was Kevin Cross in a great time of (03:46:24), he was followed by Jacqueline Sims (04:48:35), Ralph Sims (04:48:41).

Bev Navesey travelled all the way to Germany to compete in the Berlin Half Marathon. She completed the distance in (02:31:29).

Pictured: (Stuart Condie picking up his award and BHR at Lewes 10k)
Courtesy: (John Palmer and Richard Copeland)


The landmarks of London were treated to some special guests last weekend, in the form of a visit from Burgess Hill Runners. The inaugural London Landmarks Half Marathon attracted several of the club's runners. Meanwhile in Lancing, Alan Fry led the club's runners in the Lancing College 10k with his time of 49:06. He was followed by Hugh Stevenage (54:00), John Palmer (59:35), Sally Symes (1:00:24), David Leen (1:04:09), Dave Woodhouse (1:05:21) and Tracey Golbey (1:13:44).

Elsewhere, Oliver Jones completed 13.1 miles of the SVN Hedgehog Challenge in 1:48:15 and Carole Mills completed the Cranleigh 21 in 3:29:39. The previous weekend, Kirsty Armstrong once again put her name in lights finishing first female at the Balcombe Bull Run with her time of 35:11.

The Blue Army at the London Landmarks Half (courtesy: Helen Pratt)


Burgess Hill Runners seem to consistently represent the club at the annual Moyleman Marathon and this year six more plucky club members did again last weekend. Mark Nicholls continued his fine form, leading the club home in 3:40:54. He was followed by Oliver Day (4:11:03), Jamie Goodhead (4:40:37), Nick Dawson (5:53:42), Stephanie Harding (5:53:43) and Karen Harvey (5:53:43). 

At the Hastings Half, Hugh Stevenage represented the club with his time of 1:55:25 and Sally Bliss completed the Surrey Half in 2:02:53

A quick pre-race selfie from Mark, Nick, Jamie and Oliver (courtesy: Oliver Day).


It was a weekend of 'firsts' for Burgess Hill Runners last week. In the first ever Southend Pier Marathon, which Sussex Trail Events believe to be the first ever marathon held on a pier, it was club runner Paul Sargent that pulled out all the stops for another 1st place. He finished in 2:48:35 and was followed by: Jamie Goodhead (3:28:08), Jonathan Herbert (3:35:02), Andrew Baillie (4:05:43), Darren Chilcott (4:12:17), Steve Roberts (4:33:55), Jill Bennett (4:54:28) and Gary Foley (5:21:46).

At the West Worthing 10k, Oliver Jones was 1st in his age category with his time of 43:46.

The team ready to take on the pier (courtesy: Jon Lavis)


The Steyning Stinger is always an attractive prospect for members of Burgess Hill Runners and the 2018 staging was no exception. Jamie Goodhead led the club's runners this year in the full marathon, with his time of 3:58:19. He was followed by Oliver Day (4:02:49), Rob Shalloe (4:09:39), Steve Bird (4:27:13), Simon Thompson (5:15:46), Jill Craigs (5:15:47), Lee Crow (5:32:20) and Chania Hamsley-Smith (6:00:15). In the half marathon were: Paul Prosser (1:52:41), Oliver Jones (2:10:03), Benny Coxhill (2:15:58), Flic Archer (2:18:05), Fred Sykes (2:18:57), Nigel Cruttenden (2:21:05), Emma Buckland (2:39:29), Liz Carter (2:31:21), Mark Craigs (2:32:20), Catherine Laybourn (2:36:04), Daniel Belton (2:41:19), Phil Latham (2:48:06), Vicky Connolly (2:49:32), Clare Payne (2:49:32), Chris Page (2:50:52), Jane Owen (2:51:20), Bev Navesey (2:51:47), Karen Harvey (2:53:35), Trevor Symes (2:53:35), Katia Hannah (3:15:44), Claire Giles (3:15:51) and Clare Peake (4:06:21).


Burgess Hill Runners were out in force again at the Brighton Half Marathon last Sunday despite the cold weather and strong winds. Phil McManus was the first of the club's finishers, with a scorching time of 1:18:41. He was followed by: Gary Woolven (1:24:58), Jonathan Cocker (1:26:17), James Sorbie (1:31:49), Emma McManus (1:35:55), Richard Jerome (1:36:25), Ross Wiggins (1:36:49), Andrew Bishop (1:40:05), Gayle Tyler (1:44:40), Alice Tellett (1:48:09), Jean Leak (1:49:37), Mark Davies (1:51:07), Phil Latham (1:51:51), Jonathan Lane (1:51:56), Matt Cawthra (1:52:11), Emma Buckland (1:52:55), Liz Carter (1:53:42), Mark Craigs (1:58:02), Rebecca Norton (1:56:22), Hugh Stevenage (1:56:27), Keith Brown (2:00:15), Simon Thompson (2:03:05), Annette Maynard (2:03:05), David Leen (2:05:01), Christel Mooney (2:07:00), Jacqueline Sims (2:08:14), Helen Pratt (2:09:18), Ralph Sims (2:11:19),Kim Gow (2:12:03), Lilly Morgans (2:12:22), Claire Giles (2:14:25), Gemma Tavener (2:15:49), Sally Bliss (2:16:17), Nina Ecroyd (2:16:47), Owain Powell (2:18:08), Jackie Osborne (2:21:11), Steve Osborne (2:21:11), Kelly Tomsett (2:21:28), Allison Willcox (2:29:05), Karl Richards (2:31:07), Richard Copeland (2:39:43) and Alan Fry (2:41:25).

Meanwhile, Richard Neale and Oliver Jones completed the Mods vs Rockers Marathon with Richard coming in at 3:53:12 and Oliver at 4:05:59. Jon Boxall and Carole Mills completed the Thorpe Park Half in 1:21:11 and 1:57:10 respectively. The previous weekend Angie Bower and Jeff Grey completed the Wokingham Half in 1:59:47 and 2:33:00 respectively.


The Cross Country season came to an end last weekend for Burgess Hill Runners. The club were pleased to retain Division 2 status in the mens with another battling performance in the 5 mile event. Neil Grigg led the way once more for the club, finishing in 36:30. He was followed by: Kevin Cross (39:52), Richard Neale (40:38), Andy Sayers (42:23), Stuart Condie (43:12) and Phil Latham (52:00). In the ladies, Suse Potts completed her 100% record in the season, completing the women's event (official time not yet published). Sam Fearnley represented the under 13 boys, completing the event in 13:38.

Last week the Worthing Half Marathon was also as popular as ever, with many club members logging fantastic times. Neil Phillpot was first club member over the line with his time of 1:26:15. He was followed by: Robert Shalloe (1:27:00), Alistair Carter (1:27:53), Jonathan Herbert (1:31:50), Leigh Smith (1:34:19), Kirsty Armstrong (1:35:09), Oliver Jones (1:36:37), Emma McManus (1:37:56), Oliver Dewdney (1:41:12), Lee Crow (1:47:42), Annette Maynard (1:51:34), Hugh Stevenage (1:52:27), Katia Hannah (1:55:59), Jane Owen (2:00:45), Chris Page (2:03:19), Gill Berglund (2:03:57), Christel Mooney (2:04:11), David Leen (2:04:22), Megan Maughan (2:08:21) and Alex Pomorski (2:08:23).

Hugh Stevenage and David Clark represented the club in the Chichester 10k. They completed the course in 48:12 and 1:07:09 respectively. 

Finally, looking back to the weekend before, Jean Leak led the club home in the Winter 10k with her time of 52:39. She was followed by Malcolm Slater (1:00:07), Vivien Smith (1:06:50), Ann Savidge (1:06:51), Anita Harris (1:10:00), Theresa Chalk (1:30:30), Sarah Harman (1:14:47) and Elizabeth Parker (1:19:44).


Paul Sargent from Burgess Hill Runners added another 1st place to his list of victories last weekend, this time leading the line at the Darkstar Marathon. Crossing the line in an impressive 3:40:48, he was followed up by team mates Simon Thompson (5:47:01), Liz Carter (6:11:48) and Emma Buckland (6:11:49).

The weekend before saw several club members turn out for the Sussex Cross Country Championships at Lancing Manor. Kevin Cross led the club over the line in the over 50s with his time of 40:32. He was followed by Phil Latham (48:08), John Palmer (50:54) and Hugh Stevenage (51:17). Stuart Condie represented the club in the over 60s, finishing in 42:51. In the over 40s, Oliver Jones completed the event in 51:41.

Emma and Liz tackle the mud at Darkstar (courtesy: Jon Lavis)


A trio of Burgess Hill Runners made their way to the Farnborough Winter Half Marathon last weekend. Neil Grigg led the team to the finish with his time of 1:30:44. Andrew Biggs was not far behind, racing in club colours for the first time and completing it in 1:36:39. Rich Neale followed them up with his time of 1:53:15.

Several club members also took part in the Winter Tanners event. Completing 20 miles was Sarah Thompson in 7:40. Completing 30 miles were: Stephanie Harding (8:39), Karen Harvey (8:39), Nick Dawson (8:40) and Steve Roberts (8:40). Completing 40 miles were Simon Thompson (9:14) and Diane Delderfield (12:54).

Simon Thompson completing 40 miles with a smile on his face (courtesy: Sarah Thompson)


Burgess Hill Runners traveled around a bit this week to compete in races.

Jamie Goodhead traveled to Wendover in Buckinghamshire to compete in the 'Country to Capital ' Ultra marathon. He completed the 45 miles in a time of 06:19:32. Finishing 19th overall and 1st category.

Next up was Claire Giles, who went to Dorset to compete in the 'Dark Moors 10' event. She was the club's only competitor and completed the 10 mile event in a time of 01:52:00.

A big group from the club made the journey to Kent to compete in the 'Chocathon Challenge'. Completing 13.1 miles distance were Marie Carey in a time of 02:21:50. She was followed by Helen Pratt (02:27:45), Ann Savidge (02:42:28) and Malcolm Slater (02:42:28). Theresa Chalk and Anita Harris completed 3.25 miles in 0:55:28. 

Attached: Claire Giles at the finish of Dark Moors 10 (courtesy: Claire Giles)


Another strong performance from the Burgess Hill Runners Junior Academy on New Year's Day sealed a final position of 1st place in the West Sussex Fun Run League. Competing for the academy were Jacob Kilkelly (5:36), Amy Mills (6:29), Obakeng Mati (6:52), Florence Kilkelly (7:45) and Finley Kilkelly (11:15). The adults also finished in a respectable league position of 3rd place for the season in their league. The top points contributors at the aptly named "Hangover 5" were: Oliver Day (36:27), Jamie Goodhead (37:59), Jo Bryce (40:21), Stuart Condie (41:38), Oliver Jones (42:15), Fred Sykes (43:55), Benny Coxhill (45:52), Annette Maynard (46:38), Emma Goodhead (50:15) and Chania Hemsley-Smith (52:47).

Oliver Jones was the sole club representative at the Tadworth 10 last week, completing it in 1:18:16.


The final weekend of 2017 marked the end of a 'century' for Burgess Hill Runners marathon extraordinaire, Jan Lavis. She took on the Frozen Phoenix Marathon last weekend to complete her 100th marathon. Several of her club mates joined her to marvel at her achievement whilst also fitting in a run of their own. Completing the marathon distance were: Andrew Baillie (4:37:50), Steve Roberts (5:02:40) and Jan Lavis (5:21:29). Karen Harvey completed 19.7 miles in 3:52:09 whilst Jon Lavis completed it in 4:19:42 . Completing 13.1 miles were Neil Dawson (2:29:50), Sue Baillie (2:30:08) and Nick Dawson (2:35:41). Finally Claire Tucknott completed 6.6 miles in 1:30:40.

Darren Chilcott and Lee Crow entered the year with a stiff test as they tackled the Brown Willy Run in Cornwall. The boggy seven mile run climaxed at the famous Jamaica Inn.

Just before Christmas several club members took part in the tricky Mince Pie 10 in Seaford. Oliver Day continued his fine form to top the Veteran 50 category with a superb time of 1:12:31. Not far behind were Liz Carter (1:33:02) and Ian Jones (1:35:07). 

Lee Crow tackles the puddles on the Brown Willy Run (courtesy: Bridget Funnell)