Press Releases 2017

All Press Releases are by our PR Officer James Sorbie unless otherwise stated.


Running was a game of three halves for Burgess Hill Runners last weekend. Well, three half marathons. Tackling the hilly Hastings Half were Jason Collett and Hugh Stevenage. They completed it in very impressive times of 1:26:50 and 1:57:13 respectively. At the Fleet Half, Robert Shalloe beat his PB with a superb time of 1:30:59, followed by Oliver Jones in 1:41:52. Finally at the Reading Half, Neil Grigg's time of 1:24:36 paved the way for the travelling 'blue army'. He was followed by Susan Lyle (1:50:26) and Keith Brown (2:00:22).

Oliver Jones showboats at the Fleet Half.

Oliver Jones showboats at the Fleet Half


Several of the Burgess Hill Runners members made the trip to Dorset last weekend for the Larmer Tree running events. On the Saturday Neil Dawson led the club home in the Larmer 10 with a time of 1:43:51. He was followed by Nicola Dawson (1:52:09), Stephanie Harding (1:57:04), Karen Harvey (1:58:11) and Helen Pratt (2:12:07). Stephanie Harding went on to run the 20 mile event on the Sunday, finishing in 4:22:09, whilst in the Marathon Oliver Jones recorded a new PB of 5:09:53 as the first of the club's finishers. He was followed by Neil Dawson (5:18:05), Nicola Dawson (5:50:21), Karen Harvey (5:50:21) and Helen Pratt (6:25:18).

Meanwhile, several other club members took part in events far and wide. Paul Sargent was third overall at the Moyleman Marathon, completing it in 3:10:37 along with Mark Nicholls (3:43:18), Jamie Goodhead (4:02:01) and Diane Delderfield (6:14:38). Completing the Lydd 20 were Jon Boxall (2:20:15), Alice Tellett (2:46:52) and Gillian Welch (3:56:47). Marie Carey and Phil Latham completed the Surrey Half Marathon in 1:55:16 and 1:58:11 respectively. Richard Neale and Carole Mills completed the North London Half in 1:39:32 and 2:13:17 respectively. Meanwhile David Leen completed the West Worthing 10k in 54:15.

Phil Latham with his medal at the Surrey Half. 

Phil Latham with his medal at the Surrey Half


Mud, hills and fried breakfast were on the menu for hardy members of Burgess Hill Runners last weekend as many took on the Steyning Stinger half and full marathons. Gary Woolven was the first club member to conquer the difficult half marathon course this year, completing it in 1:48:06. He was followed by Neil Phillpot (1:58:42), Simon Alexander (1:59:06), Simon Thompson (2:05:05), Benny Coxhill (2:19:19), Matt Cawthra (2:19:48), Oliver Jone (2:20:20), Alice Tellett (2:20:26), Sally Symes (2:21:43), Trevor Symes (2:21:45), Debbie Saint (2:22:07), Chris Page (2:24:10), Richard Light (2:25:04), Laura Fowles (2:27:11), Nigel Cruttenden (2:34:06), Dave Oldfield (2:35:43), Keith Delderfield (2:37:13), Stephanie Harding (2:38:10), Mark Craigs (2:39:27), Jill Craigs (2:39:44), Chania Hamsley-Smith (2:42:13), John Palmer (2:44:06), Dave Woodhouse (2:50:31), Andy Carr (2:51:55), Angela Bower (2:52:31),Kim Cruttenden (2:53:00), Jay Wadey (2:58:01), Katia Hannah (2:58:59), ClaireGiles (2:59:01), Jon Lavis (2:59:12), Philippe Ecaille (3:04:21), Liz Hayward (3:43:38), Eileen Adlam (3:45:09), Theresa Chalk (3:59:25), Caz Wadey (3:59:29) and Malcolm Slater (3:59:29). In the full marathon, Oliver Day led the club to the finish in a superb time of 4:06:25. Not far behind were: Steve Bird (4:10:09), Sharona Harrington (4:15:14, second female), Steve Matthews (4:18:12), Dan Foord (5:02:25), Neil Dawson (5:07:06), Susan Lyle (5:09:38), Nick Dawson (5:39:46) and Diane Delderfield (6:22:21). 

The club were also represented at the Milton Keynes 20 Miles. Neil Grigg completed it in 2:17:31 and Richard Neale in 3:00:19. Hugh Stevenage was the sole member of the club at the Eastbourne Half. He finished in an impressive 1:58:35.

Steve and Oliver out-race the mud at Steyning

Steve and Oliver out-race the mud at Steyning


The Brighton Half Marathon and the Thorpe Park Half Marathon were the popular choices for Burgess Hill Runners last weekend and there were great performances all round including many club members completing their first events of this distance.

Jon Boxall was first BHR to complete the Brighton Half. His time of 1:22:21 was a PB and he was followed by: Mark Nicholls (1:26:16), Neil Phillpot (1:32:35, PB), Emma Leeson (1:36:45, PB), Ben Page (1:38:34), Oliver Jones (1:40:34), Dan Foord (1:41:19), Annette Maynard (1:45:49), Susan Lyle (1:46:11), Steve Roberts (1:47:16), Benny Coxhill (1:49:20), Katia Hannah (1:49:51), Keith Brown (1:54:16), Alice Tellett (1:51:36), Mark Craigs (1:57:26), Jackie Osborne (2:00:41), Steve Osborne (2:00:41), Gill Berglund (2:02:59), Alex Pomorski (2:02:29), Megan Maughan (2:02:29), Hugh Stevenage (2:03:40), Angela Bower (2:06:19), Claire Giles (2:09:35), David Leen (2:11:53), Caz Wadey (2:07:30), Jay Wadey (2:07:28), Jonathan Lane (2:08:00, PB), Michelle Sutherland (2:09:08), Hayley Sherrell (2:13:47), Bev Navesey (2:13:56, first time), Louise Sweeney (2:14:18, first time), Carole Mills (2:16:24), Vivien Smith (2:18:50), Nina Ecroyd (2:20:57), Leanne Cleaveley (2:26:06), Anita Harris (2:28:37), Allison Willcox (2:29:58), Gemma Tavener (2:35:02, first time), Anna Wooller (2:36:03), Lizzie Ungless (2:43:13) and Jane Harle (3:48:36).

Meanwhile Neil Grigg rushed around the Thorpe Park Half in 1:25:26, perhaps eager to get on the teacup ride. Not far behind were: Matt Cawthra (1:41:42), Oliver Dewdney (1:42:17), John Connolly (1:54:13), Marie Carey (2:02:25), Vicky Connolly (2:02:18), John Carey (2:18:05), Matt Wilson (2:23:24), Lynette Brown (2:24:41, first time), Helen Pratt (2:27:40), Ann Savidge (2:28:22) and Vivien Smith (2:28:23, PB).

Meanwhile, Paul Sargent took on the 71 lap multi-storey carpark marathon organised by Sussex Trail Events and came 1st with a time of 3 hours 4 minutes, an impressive time for any 26.1 mile event. In a more scenic environment was Neil Dawson who completed the Heartbreaker Marathon in the New Forest in a time of 4:39:27. 

The previous week four club members completed the Hampton Court Half. Leading the club home was Annette Maynard (1:44:59) followed by Nigel Cruttenden (1:49:05, first timer), Kim Cruttenden (2:08:32, PB) and Karl Richards (2:11:50, first timer).

Paul parks himself in 1st place (courtesy: Jon Lavis)

Paul parks himself in 1st place

The Blue Army take on a different kind of park (courtesy: Helen Pratt)

The Blue Army take on a different kind of park


Last weekend was a quiet one for Burgess Hill Runners, but it didn't stop Darren Chilcott flying out to Spain to complete his 50th Marathon in Seville. Darren was pleased to complete it in an impressive 3 hours 57 minutes. 

Darren lies partially unwrapped in Seville

Darren lies partially unwrapped in Seville


The Worthing Half Marathon is always a popular event for Burgess Hill Runners as it is a flat course, perfect for beating personal bests. Sure enough, 27 club members completed the event this year, led home by Gary Woolven in 1:25:33. Following him were Mark Nicholls (1:27:10), Matt Cawthra (1:36:31, PB), Kirsty Armstrong (1:36:34), Simon Thompson (1:36:53), Sharona Harrington (1:37:05), Richard Neale (1:37:17), Emma Leeson (1:40:14, PB), Oliver Jones (1:40:14, PB), Annette Maynard (1:43:59), Alice Tellett (1:43:32), Chris Page (1:48:18), Lee Crow (1:48:45), Jay Wadey (1:55:50), Caz Wadey (1:55:11), Malcolm Slater (1:58:49), Hugh Stevenage (1:59:53), Claire Giles (2:04:49), Andrew Carr (2:05:25), Matt Wilson (2:05:30),  Patrick Maher (2:08:04), Jacqui Sims (2:15:04), Ralph Sims (2:15:05), Jane Owen (2:15:24), Gillian Welch (2:20:02), Liz Haywards (2:41:54) and  Helen Carr (2:42:14).

Meanwhile, the BHR Men's Cross Country team were facing potential relegation on the last day of the season. Whilst results are still to be confirmed, the club are hopeful that they did enough to survive at the Hickstead event, this year reduced to 5k. James Collins stormed it again, this time finishing in 11th place with a time of 17:04. Also competing were: Jon Boxall (19:05), Neil Grigg (19:19), Jason Collett (19:24), Andy Sayers (22:12) and Oliver Jones (22:47). In the U13 girls, Rosie Beckett competed once again and completed the 3k event in 13:48. 

Around other events, Jamie Goodhead completed the Pilgrim Challenge which totalled 66 miles over two days. He completed the two days in 5:33:00 and 5:45:11 respectively. Richard Neale and Hugh Stevenage completed the Chichester 10k in 55:05 and 55:13 respectively. Helen Pratt completed the Punchbowl 20 event. 

The Blue Army celebrating their success (courtesy: Jay Wadey)

BHR Worthing Half Marathon 2017


Burgess Hill Runners were once again well represented at the Sussex Train Events organised "Darkstar Marathon" last week. Leading the club home in 5th overall was Paul Sargent who tackled the 28.5 miles of mud and trail along the Adur and Downslink paths in a superb time of 3:30:26. Sharona Harrington was the club's first female, with an impressive time of 4:36:01. James Sorbie, Simon Thompson and Steve Bird crossed the line together in 4:54:51 followed by Steph Harding (5:54:37) and Helen Pratt (6:30:37).

Meanwhile Gary Woolven was pleased to finish 5th in the Vale Gallop 10k with a time of 41:23. 

Smiles all around before the Darkstar 28 (courtesy: Jon Lavis)

Darkstar Marathon Picture


Several of Burgess Hill Runners' more mature gentlemen travelled to Lancing last week to take part in the Sussex Masters Cross Country event. Stuart Condie led the way in the over 60s category, completing the 5 mile course in 39:53, 11th place. Not far behind were Martin Skeats (41:50, 17th), Nigel Cruttenden (41:54, 18th) and Richard Light (45:56, 28th). Andy Sayers was the lone over 50 finishing 31st in his age category with a time of 38:38. 

BHR showing the youngsters how it's done (courtesy: Martin Skeats)


Jamie Goodhead was the first Burgess Hill Runner to complete the Country to Capital 45 mile race last weekend with a superb time of 6:29:33. The scenic ultra-marathon begins in Wendover before picking up the Grand Union Canal for the final stretch. Following in Jamie's footsteps were three more of the cub's experienced long distance runners: Neil Dawson (8:16:47), Nicola Dawson (9:30:51) and Philippe Ecaille 9:30:51.

The weekend before, Oliver "The Beast" Jones continued his tour of running events, completing the Tadworth 10 miler in 1:21:40.

BHR preparing for Country to Capital in a pub (courtesy: Neil Dawson)


Whilst many people choose to rest over the festive period, several resolute Burgess Hill Runners continued to take part in the handful of races that were on offer.

On New Year's Day, Goring Road Runners hosted the first race of the West Sussex Fun Run League calendar and the club were out in force once more continuing their momentum of the 2016 season. Under the new points system the first ten runners from each club contribute their score to the club's overall score on top of the attendance points. James Collins and Jo Bryce were right in the mix again, finishing 2nd overall and 2nd female respectively. James' time of 32:03 for the hilly 5-miler and Jo's time of 37:05 were joined by Gary Woolven (35:37), Steve Matthews (36:00), Simon Alexander (38:46), Jonathan Lelliott (39:29), Robert Shalloe (40:05), Sharona Harrington (41:05), Annette Maynard (42:50) and Miranda Skinner (45:09) as the top 10 point scorers.

Before Christmas Oliver Jones took part in the Olympic Park 10k coming in at an impressive time of 44:54, a new PB for him.

Several club members also enjoyed the festivities of the local parkrun events in Haywards Heath, Hove, Crawley, Horsham and some even further afield, as many of them offering additional events on Christmas day and New Year's Day.

Burgess Hill Runners looking beautiful even with a hangover (courtesy: Richard Copeland)