Press Releases 2019

All Press Releases are by our PR Officer Oliver Jones unless otherwise stated.. 

A big event for Burgess Hill Runners each year is the ' Worthing ' running festival. This year they added an additional 10k distance to the normal half marathon and mini mile. A large contingent from the club turned out again this year. First home for the club in the half marathon was Rob Shalloe (01:26:19) followed by Emma Leeson Mcmanus (01:34:35), Richard Jerome (01:36:10), Johnathan Herbert (01:40:33), Andrew Bishop (01:41:00), Nicky Callus (01:55:02), Matt Wilson (01:56:11), Sheryl Caldecourt (01:56:46), Jane Owen (01:58:35), Hugh Stevenage (01:58:38), Simon Lock (01:58:59), Chris Page (02:03:41), Claire Giles (02:09:41) and Patrick Maher (02:17:46). 

In the 10k distance Mark Santer finished in (48:09) and Liz Hayward (01:16:19).   

Elsewhere a few of our runners travelled to London to take on some races. In Walton on Thames, Ann Savidge (02:30:36) and Elizabeth Cooper (02:30:42) both completed 13.1 miles in the ' Doughnut Dash ' timed event.  

Over at ' Queen Elizabeth ' park in Stratford, Tlou Mati took on the half marathon. Tlou finished in a great time of (01:56:22). 

Picture:  (Ann Savidge and Elizabeth Cooper at the ' Doughnut Dash' ) 
Courtesy:  (Ann Savidge) 

Burgess Hill Runners travelled far and wide this week to take on some big running events. The ' Arc of Attrition ' is well known as a very tough race, which starts in Coverack and finishes in Porthtowan, Cornwall. A 100 mile race that goes from coast to coast. Jamie Goodhead took on this mighty race and completed it in a great time of (31:47:31). 

Also on Saturday Helen Pratt took on the ' Viking Challenge ' in Kent. Helen completed 15.75 miles in (02:29:57). 

On Sunday a group from the club travelled to London to compete in the ' Winter 10k '. Jean Leak was first home for the club in a time of (56:19) followed by Jonathan Leak (56:21), Matt Wilson (57:01), Helen Pratt (58:00), Wendy White (58:48), Angela Smith (01:01:44), Malcolm Slater (01:07:53), Dawn Fahy (01:08:04), Pauline Sutherland (01:08:04), David Clark (01:08:35), Emma Myers (01:09:50), Eileen Adlam (01:12:17) and Jocelyn Coppard (01:15:45).

Also on Sunday Hugh Stevenage took on the Chichester Priory 10k. Hugh finished in a time of (50:27).   

Picture:   (Burgess Hill Runners at the London ' Winter ' 10k) Courtesy:  (Pauline Sutherland).     

A run packed weekend for Burgess Hill Runners this week. On Saturday Neil Dawson travelled up to Walton on Thames in London to compete in the ' Pick n Mix ' movies timed event. Neil completed 26.2 miles in (04:11:01), Great time!  

Elsewhere on Saturday Oliver Jones and Mercy Dennis - Smith took on the ' Maverick Innov 8 Original ' Sussex event in Amberley. A tough course with two big hills near the start which take you up onto the South Downs Way. Oliver completed the 15km in (01:43:40) and Mercy completed the 8km in (57:04). 

On Sunday four of our runners travelled to Shoreham to take on the ' Darkstar ' marathon. First home for the club was Paul Sargent in a time of (03:51:52), followed by Sharona Harrington (04:22:26), Simon Thompson (05:19:10) and Phillipe Ecaile (06:09:18). 

Picture:  (Oliver Jones and Mercy Dennis - Smith at the Maverick event) 
Courtesy:  (Mercy Dennis - Smith). 

This week six of our runners decided to take on the ' Winter Tanners '. This is an LDWA organised event that starts in Leatherhead .You can choose between a 20 mile walk/run or a 30 mile walk/run that takes you across the beautiful surrey hills. Steve Roberts (04:41), Thomas Peel - Yates (05:37), Karen Harvey (05:37), Simon Thompson (05:38) and Sarah Thompson (05:38) all finished the 20 mile course. Jill Craigs (07:15) and Nick Dawson (07:15) finished the 30 mile course. Great effort by everyone. 

A week before our very own ultra men Jamie Goodhead and Mark Nicholls continued their good form with their first ultra marathon of the year. Country to Capital is a 45 mile event which starts in Wendover and finishes in Little Venice. Follows the ' Grand Union ' towpath into London. Mark Nicholls completed the event in (06:05:30) and Jamie Goodhead (06:20:45). 

Picture: ( Simon Thompson, Sarah Thompson, Karen Harvey and Thomas Peel - Yates at ' Winter Tanners '). 
Courtesy: (Simon Thompson).


The New year started off with a tough run up to the south downs on new years day. First race of the WSFRL season in the form of the ' Hangover 5 '. Leading Burgess Hill Runners home was Oliver Day (36:53) followed by Neil Phillpot (37:33), Glynn Merritt (38:18), Jamie Goodhead (38:26), Kirsty Armstrong (38:36), Sharona Harrington (40:36), Annette Maynard (44:07), Cath Beckett (47:35), Emma Jane Goodhead (48:50) and Chania Hemsley - Smith (49:26).   On the Saturday the cross country season resumed at Bexhill. Thomas Lawson finished in (4:50), 16th out of 43 in the junior race. In the mens Senior race (12k) 109 finishers: Philip Wallek (47:49) 52nd, Jack Maynard (01:04:57) 106th, Chris Marr (01:05:00) 107th. In the ladies U20/Senior race: Emma Leeson McManus (30:32) 44th out of 72 finishers. Well done all of you.  

Before the New year Jamie Goodhead took on the Portsmouth marathon. He finished in a time of (03:33:46). Elsewhere Oliver Jones took part in the ' Frozen Phoenix ' event. He completed half marathon distance in (01:52:26). 

Picture: (Burgess Hill Runners at the ' Hangover 5 ') Courtesy:  (Annette Maynard)