Club Scrapbook 2013

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Lewes 10k (Photo by Nick Dawson)

Lewes 10k
(Photo: Nick Dawson)

EA Accreditation Certificate Presentation
(Photos: Steve Bishopp)

Kjell & Gill Bergland - Isfield 10k
(Photo: Jon Lavis)

Blackcap Handicap 2013 (Abandoned!)
(Photo: Helen Pratt)

Blackcap Handicap 2013
(Photo: Jon Lavis)

Spring Marathon Training
(Photos: Helen Pratt)

Sunday Run on the Downs
(Photo: Claire Wells)

Paul Sargent - Three Forts Challenge Winner 2013

Darren Chilcott - L2B Challenge 2013

Sunday Run
(Photo: Niki Roberts)

James Sorbie at the wet Chichester Half!
(Photo: Hannah Watkins)

Mark Craigs & Di Delderfield - Hastings Half
(Photo provided by Mark Craigs)

April Track Night - Snow!
(Photos: Andrew Baillie)

BHR Cake Team at the Burgess Hill 10k
(Photo: Andrew Baillie)

SDWR Teams 2013
(Photo: Jon Lavis)

Race Sec Trevor Symes at the 2013 Roundhill Romp
(Photo: Jon Lavis)

Hannah Watkins at the Dry Hill 10
(Photo: James Sorbie)