Race Secretaries

BHR WSFRL Race Secretary - job description.

 2 weeks before a race……….

  • ·      Send e-mail to club (via google groups) to remind them about the race which includes important info about the race (how to enter, pay, where it is etc.)
  • ·      As names come in they’re added to the SmartRs entry form. (This is a file which can be downloaded from the wsfrl web site)


  • ·      1 week before the race send the file via email to the host club - also found on the wsfrl web site.
  • ·      Also send this file to the BHR google group to make sure that i haven't missed anyone and to invite more to run.
  • ·      If more names come in e-mail the host club with new names for them to add to our file


On race day…….

  • ·      take a cheque along to pay for our team. (The BHR treasurer provides me with signed and allocated cheques for all the host clubs)
  • ·      also take along the BHR Flag and erect it if possible (some venues make it impractical). This gives the club runners a focal ‘head quarters’ to find us
  • ·      Race numbers are then given out as runners turn up.
  • ·      Bring a clipboard to record any changes and payments made.


After the race…………

  • ·      If there are any changes to be made (i.e. last minute arrivals taking up spare numbers, which couldn't be resolved at the race) email the host club with details
  • ·      Record names and any other details on the club spreadsheet which keeps a tally of what people owe for the races.


·      When provisional results are available they’re sent to the club membership via google groups asking for runners to check for mistakes.


·      Any changes are then emailed to the host club.


  • LIason between the West Sussex Fun Run League (WSFRL), including attendance of the AGM  together with any other meetings called half way through the year.


For our Own Races


  • Administration of race entries for postal entries or group club bookings.
  • Details are recorded in our own SmartRs files
  • SmartRs file is sent to race recorder to correlate.