Head Coach


Responsible for the performance and development of the members and coaches of the club. This includes the beginners groups, the Performance and Development Squads (PS and DS) and the Academy.

Coaching Organisation

·         Maintaining the Schedule of coaching for PS and DS. Trying to ensure a good balance in the coaching provided, and numbers in each group.

·         Appointment of all coaches including in the beginners groups

·         Monitoring the training and development of all coaches

·         Acting as mentor for the PS and DS coaches

·         Organising quarterly coaches meetings and the agenda for these

·         Developing the coaching provided

·         Liaison with England Athletics (EA) on coaching training and development.

·         Communication with club overall on coaching issues

BHR Academy

·         Book external coaching and facilities

·         Develop internal coaching capability

·         Organise helpers

·         Market the Academy in schools

·         Lobby for financial assistance eg MSDC


·         Discussions with Town and District Councils on club promotion, mid Sussex Marathon, 321 and Green Crescent.

·         Meetings on provision of a track with HHH, Town and District Councils, HH Rugby club, and EA funders.

·         Booking of Lewes track for annual usage on Weds nights PS and DS

·         Liaison with EA and Sussex Network on all club issues generally

Race Director for Downlands Fayre Five

·         Apply for Permit, application form, risk assessment etc

·         Organise BHR marshalls

·         Provide entry, timekeeping and results service

·         Mark out the route on the day


·         Team Manager for Mens and Womens XC teams

·         Drafting of Five Year Plan for BHR

·         Occasional leader of Sunday long runs and Friday pub runs