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Mid Sussex Triathlon Club - Collaboration

posted 12 Jul 2014, 02:53 by Jon Lavis   [ updated 12 Jul 2014, 04:48 ]

Due to the close links that we have with the Mid Sussex Tri Club, we have been working together to offer members of both clubs the chance to take advantage of each others benefits.

You may have already seen a link to MSTC on our website but see below a list of options that are available to all of our members 

Email from Pete Harris of MSTC:

We are keen to forge closer links and I've been keeping our committee appraised of developments.  What you have listed below is really constructive and I'm sure some of our members will be interested in taking advantage of the track sessions, pub runs and longer Sunday runs.  We already have a number of joint members and I can only see this increasing.  However, I'm pleased that we are exploring ways our members can make use of each others facilities without necessarily having the expense of joining both clubs.  I can see benefits to BHR members who might have temporary injuries and be unable to run but could still cycle or swim and thereby help maintain CV fitness, and equally there are benefits to MSTC members who might need more intensive run training e.g. those embarking on Ironman distance events for whom your "long runs" would be excellent.
The following are things that Mid Sussex Tri Club can offer BHR members 
  • coached swim sessions/lessons for beginners,
  • indoor turbo bike sessions for anyone that happens to have a turbo trainer (winter period) and our Thursday night spin and body conditioning (stretch) classes held at the Dolphin LC all year round.  We've already had several BHR members attend our spin class (there is a nominal charge of £1 to cover the costs or room hire for MSTC and BHR members alike),
  • we are planning to host a cross country event on a country estate later in the year which may be of interest to BHR members,
  • we run junior "Tri-Hub" training events throughout the year in an attempt to introduce triathlon to younger members in case any of you have kids that might be interested,
  • we do open water swimming in Ardingly Reservoir in the summer months (Tuesday evening and Saturday morning) but you need a wetsuit for these and because of the hoops we have had to jump through with Ardingly Reservoir Activity Centre and South East Water all open water swimmers do need to be a member of MSTC,
  • we could possibly open up our weekend bike rides to BHR members.  These are organised by different members usually via our (closed) Facebook group but I could publicise details to you as these are arranged,
  • we also offer potential members 3-4 freebie sessions before actually joining MSTC in the same way that you do.

Mark Craigs
Burgess Hill Runners

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