Membership Secretary

Membership Secretary jobs

New Members

·         Aims to speak to new people as they attend their trial sessions.

·         Holds New Runner Forms (completed by all new people coming to the club prior to formally joining).

·         Emails membership forms to prospective members.

·         Makes necessary changes to the various forms as required on an annual basis.

·         Receives completed membership forms from new members, checks details and that correct fees have been paid.

·         Logs on to the England Athletics (EA) database, adds new members’ details generating their EA unique running number. At regular intervals arranges payment to EA of Affiliation fees for new members.

·         Makes each new member a member of Burgess Hill Runners Googlegroup and sends them a welcome message, including a note of their EA unique running number, plus details on obtaining a subsidised running top.

·         Adds new members’ details to the Membership List, Register etc.

·         At regular intervals, makes  the Membership List, Register etc available to the BHR Committee, the Tuesday and Wednesday Beginners group leaders on the Google Drive (via the website manager).

·         Emails quarterly a list of new members’ names, sex, date of birth and age as at 1st Jan of that year, to the SRRGP secretary. 

England Athletics 

·         Sends annual Club Membership fee to EA in April.

·         Updates the club details, totals of adults and various age groups and no of volunteers

·         Liaises with EA to enable deleted names to be reinstated if necessary, when old members rejoin the club.



·         Maintains the membership, adds new club members

·         At the end of April, one month after membership renewal are due, deletes those who have not renewed


Current members

·         Amends the online renewal form as required and according to the fees set at the AGM

·         Send reminders near membership renewal time (1st April) 

·         Collects and collates renewal forms

·         Sends final reminders near to the end of April to those who have failed to return a renewal form and/or payment.

·         At 30th April amends the membership list with any changes to members’ details NB. Currently also amends EA records, however this should be done by each member who can logon to the site and make their own changes

·         Checks (via online banking) all monies received.

·         Deletes ex members from Googlegroups, EA and sends spreadsheet to SRRGP of those to be deleted.